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Hank: Hello and welcome to Hank and Katherine and Stephen plays splundge burbergerscoll.
Katherine: Splundge burbergerscoll.
Hank: You know what the game is.
Stephen: We're not even close to the actual name.
Hank: We've moved way beyond that.
Stephen: Mimicking and hiccuping!
Hank: Pants!
Katherine: Let's do it!
Hank: Slide lift tower! So, we got to the flag last time- Katherine: Everybody relax!
Hank: and we actually got to the last guy and we got two hits on him.
Katherine: Uh oh, my batteries are running out again.
Hank: Aww. Don't you dare!
Katherine: I can't- there we go.
Hank: Why did you jump over your-
Stephen: Oh! Oh!
Katherine: It's because my remote was off.
Hank and Stephen: Oh.
Katherine: It wasn't-
Hank: It wasn't on yet.
Katherine: I didn't do it intentionally.
Hank: They do turn off.
Katherine: It was in power save mode.
Hank: We were eating cookies.
Stephen and Katherine: Arghh!
Hank: Where you going toad?
Stephen: I was bouncing that way!
Hank: Nope. I didn't make it.
Katherine: I hate you. Wow cool!
Stephen: Oh shoodypoody.
Katherine: Did you all see how Toad just sabotaged me?
Stephen: Did you all see how we got in the bubbles at the end. I didn't do anything.
Hank: Oh, shoodypoody.
Katherine: I was like standing there timing my jumps so perfectly and as soon as the time came and I jumped.
Hank: And Toad just jumped right on your head.
Stephen: No I was just making them amicably.
Hank: Shoodypoody!
Stephen: Shoodypoody!
Hank: Don't go over there. There you go. No Katherine. Katherine: Yes. Yes Hank.
Stephen: Incorrect. Incorrect.
Katherine: It is not hit points that are going to get me through this. It your-
Hank: Co-operation?
Katherine: Buffoonery.
Stephen and Hank: Oh.
Hank: Alright Katherine, you go first. Whatever just happened was not what I intended to happen.
Katherine: Okay. Whoopsie!
Stephen: Okay!
Hank: Okay. Just go on in the carousel.
Stephen: Bouncy! Bouncy!
Hank: Oh, man. I-
Stephen: Bouncy! Bouncy! Ooh, such a good time. Bouncy! Bouncy!
Hank: How are you supposed to do that without losing a hit point? Bubble bin, bubble!
Stephen: Weee!
Katherine: Noo! Ooh, I want to come to.
Hank: Only toad gets to be a squirrel.
Stephen: That’s because I'm a- Look at my skills!
Katherine: Get out of the way! I want it so bad.
Stephen: Oh, God! I don't even-
Hank: Panic! How are you not a squirrel anymore?
Stephen: I got hit!
Hank: I'm hit!
Katherine: Come here. Oh, I missed.
Hank: What?
Stephen: Oh, jump! Okay.
Hank: From behind. Yes.
Stephen: Good. From the downward thing.
Katherine: A good pounding-
Stephen: A good pounding?
Katherine: From behind.
Stephen: Downward dog.
Hank: Downward dog. Wait! Both of us bubble. Go to toad. Go to toad.
Katherine: Wait Toady wait.
Hank: Wait Toady.
Stephen: I'm waiting. Oh my God!
Hank: Wait! Wait! We've found a treat.
Katherine: Our bubbles were getting in each other’s way.
Hank: Wait! Go up.
Stephen: Oh, there's another one. Don' get in the way.
Hank: Go!
Stephen: I'm going!
Hank: Get up that. Get up that pipe. Get up that pipe. We get up that pipe.
Katherine: Is this the secret place?
Hank: It's the secret place.
Stephen: Oh, it's the secret place. The secret place.
Katherine: I'm not sure how I feel about it. It seems kinda dangerous.
Han: No turns out no.
Stephen and Hank: Wow, wow, wow, wow.
Stephen: Is this the side I want to be on?
Hank: No it turns out no.
Katherine: Oh goody!
Stephen: Holy moly.
Hank: Squished. Okay guys, that's worse.
Katherine: Nope it would have been fine.
Stephen: We're not doing very well.
Hank: What? If I had not been as bad at the game as I am? You died! You died! I died! Everybody died! It was worse.
Katherine: Yeah I died. It's true.
Stephen: Let's not focus on who died.
Katherine: I'm not happy talking about who killed who.
Hank: About who shot who in the brain.
Katherine: That's a thing, right? That's a thing, right?
Hank: Yeah.
Katherine: Let's not bicker and argue about who killed who.
Hank: Hey, where's that from?
Stephen: Monty Python. It's the father of the bride in the one with the castle.
Katherine: Yes, the Swamp Castle.
Hank: Oh, yes.
Katherine: The castle of the swamp. Not the castle argh...
Hank: Alright. Katherine, you did it. Somebody had to do it and it was you.
Stephen: We all need one.
Katherine: This time it was me. Wow! That was weird though.
Hank: I don't know. I spent a lot of time just then trying to get out of my muddle and failing.
Katherine: Get it toad! Get it.
Stephen: Get it. I got it. I got it.
Hank: Alright, let's go kill that man.
Stephen: Oh, shoodypatoody.
Hank: Shoodypatoody
Katherine: Oh God!
Hank: What's wrong? What are you trying to do? Is there something I was missing?
Stephen: Is it bad that I like angering Katherine?
Hank: Yes. Yes that is bad.
Stephen: Oh, I died!
Hank: Oh, you died. You were not paying the attention.
Stephen: I was so pleased with myself.
Katherine: That was amazing.
Katherine: Oh my God! I hate everyone!
Stephen: The secrets. The secrets.
Katherine: Everyone’s always in my way.
Hank: You’re going back up in that thing?
Katherine: Why not?
Hank: Because of how terrible it was!
Katherine: It was tough. Just stay away from me.
Hank: Okay. Well, I will just bubble and see how you do. Is that what you want? I'm not going anywhere.
Stephen: I’m going this way.
Hank: Katherine told me to stay away from her. It's really complicated.
Stephen: Yeah but you can come with me. I'm okay with that.
Katherine: Oh, sonofabitch.
Stephen: Sonofabitch.
Katherine: That was unanticipated.
Stephen: Umm Hank?
Hank: What!?
Stephen: Come.
Hank: You want me to come?
Katherine: Come to me baby. Come, come.
Hank: Well I died, so great. I am so happy that I came. That's-Stephen: You're my butterfly.
Hank: definitely better.
Katherine. Shut up!
Hank: Sorry, sorry,sorry. The rage? It is present.
Katherine: It's present. I know. Sorry. I didn't know that that's what that was. I was just following away. You know, the eightfold path.
Hank: That's what I bought really. It was clear to me.
Katherine. Oh, God. It's impossible not be in each other’s way.
Hank: Yes, it is a random act, the entire game. Bubble, Katherine, bubble. Or not, suit yourself. Oh, somehow I got squirrel. That was cute. Oh, come on. That is impossible.
Stephen: Baby, a baby.
Hank: You got what I need.
Stephen: Oh, baby.
Hank: You say he's just a friend. You say he's just a friend.
Katherine: Oh baby you! You got what I need.
Hank: Bubble.
Stephen: I might die.
Katherine: Get here bubble. I bubbled. Oh fu...Is the pipe?


Stephen: Yeah
Hank: Yeah that's okay. Oh, that was a fireball.
Stephen: Here we go. Kill this-
Hank: Man.
Stephen: It’s not a man.
Hank: Kill this strange turtle being.
Stephen: This lovely gentleman.
Hank: Oh, jeez. Oh, jeez!
Stephen: That's a big sword.
Katherine: There's no way to avoid it either. I really don't understand.
Hank: Ah, wait for me to come back. Seriously, wait for me to come back before you go over there.
Katherine: No go. No go! No go! No go! No you need to go faster than that.
Stephen: Jump down.
Hank: Face to the net.
Katherine: You need to go faster than that.
Hank: Faster than that. Stay now stay.
>Stephen and Katherine: Go, go, go! Up, up.
Stephen: Next level!
Katherine: Do not run into things.
Hank: Yes! Okay.
Katherine: Get that mushroom.
Hank: Come to me mushroom. Come to me.
Stephen: Ahh, mushroom.
Hank: Come to me.
Stephen: Come on. Come on.
Hank: No seriously. Okay, I really wish we could get forty coins right now.
Katherine: No, I wouldn't be any help.
Hank: Argh, but it was so hard last time.
Katherine: I'm not any help. I just fell off the hedge last time.
Hank: You did more than that.
Katherine: I mean there was a tiny hole and I fell through it.
Hank: Ugh! I do not like this thing.
Katherine: Just get as high as you can.
Stephen: If you miss a jump it's over.
Hank: It is. Yeah, sort of.
Stephen: Here we go.
Hank: Oh, God.
Katherine: Just get as high as you can and wait.
Stephen. Sonofad, sonofad.
Katherine: Don't try and get there- you know what I mean.
Hank: It's not too bad and we both got two hit points that's a good start.
Katherine: Get up there. Get up to some high level. Wait. Get Hank: Yeah! Okay one.
Katherine: Look out cheerio’s.
Hank: Cheerio’s. Oh, man. I am focusing hard right now.
Katherine: That was good. You got him to shoot at the same place for a couple of times. So you didn't get quite as many cheerio’s.
Stephen: Yeah it wasn't as bad. I'm not going to jump on it right there though.
Katherine: Now, now! Yeah! That's right.
Hank: Oh, jeez!
Katherine: Patience! Patience!
Hank: Wow, wow! I wasn’t paying attention.
Katherine: That is a lot. That is a lot of cheerio’s you guys.
Stephen: The cereal is expanding.
Katherine: It's going to be all cheerio’s at the end.
Stephen: Okay I can't even. I can't.
Katherine: Get 'im!
Hank: Oh, jeez.
Stephen: Come on. Too many. Too many things.
Hank: Okay.
Katherine: Good, good. Look out tiny Goomba.
Stephen: Okay.
Hank: Wow, that was fast.
Stephen: He's not letting them last as long and there's a lot of items there.
Katherine: Look out! Tiny Goomba!
Stephen: This is not good.
>Hank: I wasn't even paying attention this time.
Katherine: No you weren't,
Hank. Oh, I fell on your head. You're going to fall off.
Hank: Get it!
Stephen: Oh, ai, ai.
Katherine: Uh oh! Uh oh! Take your time. Take your time. No!
Hank: Argh! It's super hard!
Stephen: This game is so hard.
Hank: And my wiimote doesn't have its cover so it's cutting into my hand. It hurts. Where is the cover? I can just stick it on.
Katherine: It's backwards.
Stephen: It is backwards.
Hank: It's fine.
Stephen: Okay.
Hank: Oh, my God. Argh, okay. Let’s do it again.
Stephen: We're going to win.
Hank: We're going to win. This is hard guys.
Stephen: It's just so hard. No don't eat that one.
Hank: Thank you for saving that for me. Okay. That was my fault. It's hard.
Stephen: Oh, jeez.
Hank: Okay.
Stephen: Are you trying?
Katherine: I'm just trying to remove myself from the equation but you keep running into me so it's kind like-
Hank: Oh, gosh.
Katherine: I didn't do that at all.
Hank: Where's everybody at? Toads gone. Double bubble! Bring toad back.
Katherine: I was just letting Hank maybe give it a shot but he didn't want to do that.
Hank: It's better if we have three people.
Stephen: I get better.
Katherine: It’s better.
Hank: Yeah, at the end.
Stephen: We going to get all up in each other’s grills.
Katherine: And then a kick in the face with a golf shoe.
Hank: Yes.
Katherine: Anyone? Anyone?
Hank: Yeah.
Stephen: I got kicked in the face with a golf shoe.
Hank: Is that jerk?
Katherine: It's better and then a kick in the face with a golf shoe.
Stephen: I don't remember.
Katherine: No, it's not the jerk
Hank: What is it?
Stephen: Sleepless in Seattle.
Hank: Don't you freakin' dare get my mushroom.
Stephen: I wasn't even- I didn't know that I got it.
Katherine: No, no. Not so much, you know... aggression.
Stephen: You know I ugh-
Katherine: It's just not necessary. You know?
Stephen: Everyone chill. Everyone chill.
Katherine: Yeah, You've just got to chill. 
Hank: Somebody just died. 
Katherine: Oh, sorry Toadles. 
Hank: Toadles? That's cute. 
Stephen: Toodles Toadles.
Hank: I don't know how but I'm a squirrel. I don't know how that happened. But I'm not a squirrel anymore. 
Stephen: Now you're not.
Hank: Oh, boy. Oh, boy.
Katherine: Why did you bubble? Why did you bubble?
Hank: Because I thought the Toad was safe. 
Stephen: Safe in the heavens. 
Katherine: Safe in the between world. The between. 
Hank: Oh, man. This is a hard one.
Katherine: Evil. 
Hank: I guess it is level seven. It's supposed to get hard now. 
Katherine: Yeah, this has taken us quite a while to do. 
Hank: Yeah, we are now on the thirteenth minute of this episode. 
Katherine: And we didn't finish the level. 
Stephen: And this is the second half, right? Of his level. 
Katherine: Yeah. 
Hank: Yeah but like, we-
Katherine: We got the flag last episode too. 
Hank: Yeah, it's not like we haven't like, worked hard this episode. We've done lots of work. This is just impossible. I don't know how you do it.
Katherine: Timing?
Hank: Like you. Yes. Alright Toad, get up here. You ready? 
Katherine; Blergh! 
Hank: Yeah double!
Stephen: Squirrel. 
Hank: Wow, I am also big. 
Stephen: See? I planned that.
Katherine: Sonofa-
Hank: Yeah kill 'im.
Stephen: Jump.
Katherine: I know. I was waiting until he was in a place where I could get him. 
Hank: Oh, come on!
Stephen: No don't. Don't ugh... okay.
Hank: Come here. Come here guys. Friends? Come with me.
Katherine: Yeah well... you know.
Hank: I know, I know, I know. 
Katherine: Timing.
Hank: I don't wanna do it. Make Katherine do it. 
Stephen: Boing, boing, boing. 
Hank: Stop jumping on my head. Bubble. Oh, wow. You just did what I had to do. 
Katherine: Oh, man.
Stephen: Okay this one's-
Hank: This one's the hard one.
Katherine: You got it. That's great.
Hank: I missed. 
Katherine: Good job. You can just wait here until, for as long as you need, really. 
Stephen> Jump down! Or up. Well-
Hank: Panic
Stephen: Oh, you did it. We did it.
Hank: Well there's three of us. We don't have lots of hit points but there are three of us. 
Stephen: We have a couple of lives. 
Hank: Oh, man. I'm like my heart, my heart.
Katherine: You don't think that if we hung around there long enough I'm not sure we'd have gone.
Hank: My heart, my heart. 
Stephen: Alright.
Hank: Oh, man. 
Stephen: We got this. 
Katherine: Right chill, chill. 
Stephen: This is it. 
Hank: I feel like-
Katherine: Just maintain focus.
Hank: Focus. If we don't do it now we'll have to do it later.
Katherine: It's going to be harder.
Hank: Good job.
Katherine: That was excellent. 
Hank: Well done.
Katherine: Excellent work.
Hank: Focused. 
Stephen: Focused.
Katherine: Right.
Hank: Okay. Where's the ground? Yeah Katherine!
Stephen: That's nice.
Hank: Watch out cheerio’s. Good job. Good job. Talent. Much talent. 
Stephen: It's hard to get on these things. 
Hank: Did we do it? Did we get it? Yes! Yes!
Stephen: Nice.
Hank: Yes!
Katherine: Focus.
Hank: Focus.
Katherine: Determination.
Hank: Determination!
Hank, Katherine and Stephen: Tequila! 
Katherine: That was exactly what I was thinking. 
Hank: We both that was agreed. That was good.
Stephen: That was good, man.
Hank: Thank you for watching this episode of Hank and Katherine and Stephen play super Mario.
Katherine: Did you just cancel the save? 
Hank: Did I cancel the save? It's possible.
Stephen: Hank... How can we save? Can you save? 
Katherine: Can you?
Stephen: Hank? 
Hank: Quick save. 
Katherine: Quick save? 
Hank: Suspend your game and return to main menu. You can resume your game from this point only once. 
Katherine: No. 
Hank: Yes it's fine. Thank you for watching this episode of Hank and Katherine and Stephen play super Mario. You will not see and we will not see you but you will hear us next time good bye.
Katherine: Good bye!
Stephen: Bye.