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The best dish from each state would be impossible to say. Determining favorite food in each state would be nearly as difficult. But we can say that 50 dishes featured in this episode of The List Show have strong fandoms in their respective states.

Regional foods of the USA teach us something about history, culture, and deliciousness.

In case you forgot, The List Show is a trivia-tastic, fact-filled show for curious people.


0:01 Alaska
1:06 Alabama
2:20 Arizona
3:00 Arkansas
3:50 California
4:19 Colorado
5:03 Connecticut
5:42 Delaware
6:26 Florida
7:20 Georgia
8:29 Hawaii
8:52 Idaho
9:39 Illinois
10:25 Indiana
10:47 Iowa
11:14 Kansas
12:08 Kentucky
12:50 Louisiana
13:23 Maine
14:14 Maryland
14:39 Massachussets
15:13 Michigan
16:01 Minnesota
16:44 Mississippi
17:18 Missouri
18:15 Montana
18:48 Nebraska
20:03 Nevada
20:52 New Hampshire
21:31 New Jersey
22:32 New Mexico
23:16 New York
24:31 North Carolina
25:00 North Dakota
25:31 Ohio
26:32 Oklahoma
27:08 Oregon
27:32 Pennsylvania
28:24 Rhode Island
28:58 South Carolina
29:51 South Dakota
30:23 Tennessee
31:09 Texas
31:50 Utah
32:28 Vermont
32:53 Virginia
33:31 Washington
33:54 West Virginia
34:34 Wisconsin
34:57 Wyoming
35:33 Washington, D.C.
36:23 Puerto Rico
36:49 U.S. Virgin Islands
37:17 American Samoa
37:34 Northern Mariana Islands/Guam

CC 2.0
Hollywood cafe (Visit Mississippi)
Sushirrito (Jennifer 8. Lee)
Sushirrito food (jen)
Sushirrito2 (Becky Lai)
Slopper (atsamom)
Slopper2 (Kim Singdahlsen)
Green chile stew (stu_spivack)
Gray's coors tavern (CaptCuervo)
Steamed burger (Connie Ma)
Ted's burger sign (karmacamilleeon)
Yard Goats (Amy Meredith)
Scrapple festival (Amanda Hirsch)
Cobbler (Ralph Daily)
Cobbler2 (Mrs. Gemstone)
Cobbler3 (Mrs. Gemstone)
Cobbler alt (Bob B. Brown)
Ice cream potato (m kasahara)
Ice cream potato2 (Melissa Baldwin)
West-Side Drive In (Jimmy emerson, DVM)
Leland hotel (Ins1122)
Hoosier pie (Sarah Stierch)
Boston cooler2 (David Silverman)
Vernors (Allen)
Toasted ravioli (Timothy Boyd)
Huckleberry patch (sporst)
Patch2 (Jim Handcock)
Runza location (Tim Vrtiska)
Runza quote (germanny)
Taylor ham (KayVee Photos)
Pork roll (istolethetv)
Pork roll2 (Alex Handy)
Enchiladas christmas (Jeremy Noble)
Garbage plate (Eugene Peretz)
Compost plate (Jeff Schuler)
Garbage2 (Eugene Peretz)
Garbage3 (J. Stephen Conn)
Junkyard plate (rchappo2002)
Tahou Hots (Eugene Peretz)
Livermush quote (Aaron Headly)
Kuchen (Jimmy emerson, DVM)
Kuchen2 (Jimmy emerson, DVM)
Buckeye candy2 (Steven Depolo)
Red rice quote (holycalamity)
Apple stack cake (
Apple stack2 (
Walking taco (Benny Mazur)
Brunswick stew (Joe Loong)
Pepperoni roll2 (Paige Shoemaker)
Pepperoni roll3 (Richie Diesterheft)
Chugwater sign (Thomas Hawk)
Chugwater chili (Justin Smith)
Chugwater2 (mswine)
Mumbo sauce (justgrimes)
Mambo sauce (Kate Davidson)
Mambo quote (Johnny Silvercloud)
Making palusami (NeilsPhotography)
Kelaguen (photosbybonbon671)
CC 2.5
Arthur Bryant's (Americasroof)
Fluff (Wikibofh~commonswiki)
CC 3.0
Akutaq (Matyáš Havel)
Borring lunch (Nightscream)
Hot Brown (Shadle)
Golden gate shrimp (Bobak Ha'Eri)
Chislic (Gomboc2008)
Frito pie bag (Leonard J. DeFrancisci)
Sugar on snow (SimonP)
Aplets and cotlets (Glane23)
Akutaq2 (Matyáš Havel)
CC 4.0
Sonoran dog (SZeltzer)
Sonoran2 (Mudwater)
Christmas Style (Nurban)
Burnt ends2 (Gatorfan252525)
Huckleberry quote (Bruno.karklis)
Bierock Kansas (InDefenseOfToucans)
Taylor roll (Austinmurphy)

Getty Images
Brownie (rudisill)
Muffin top (Kanok Sulaiman)
Trillin (Yvonne Hemsey)
Dancing quote (Topical Press Agency)
Derby (Andy Lyons)
Gumbo (Lara Hata)
Beignet (Steve Korn)
Fried alligator (Nancybelle Gonzaga Villarroya)
Alligator (Bruce Bennett)
Lobster roll (Justin Sullivan)
Whoopie pie (Photo by Brian T. Evans)
Whoopie pie2 (Lori Andrews)
Amish market (Wayne Eastep)
Whoopie pie3 (Alexandra Grablewski)
Blueberry pie (Tetra Images)
Crabs (Lacey Ann Johnson)
Cod (Creativ Studi Heinemann)
Fluffernutter (C Squared Studios)
Fluff ingredients (Paul Marotta)
Tater tots (Su-Lin Lee)
Hot dish (Brent Hofacker)
Ketchup and seasoning (Henrik Sorensen)
Mayo (Jeffrey Coolidge)
Chili sauce (Sergio Amiti)
Oil (Audrey Saracco / EyeEm)
Lemon (Yagi Studio)
Sauce quote (James Balgrie)
Gooey butter2 (Mike Coppola)
Missouri (benoitb)
Huckleberry pie (Charity Burggraaf)
Catherine (Leemage)
Volga (Heritage Images)
Fremont shrimp (Ethan Miller)
Shrimp cocktail (Chris Schneider / 500 px)
Golden gate casino (George Rose)
Apple cider donuts (Matt Champlin)
Apple cider frying (Matt Champlin)
NH Orchard (John Greim)
Pork roll day (Bobby Bank)
Peppers (Wolfgang Kaehler)
Chile colors (Firdausiah Mamat)
Chile on vine (GomezDavid)
Bagels (Tetra Images)
NY Slice (Robert Nickelsberg)
Pastrami (Sebastian Kopp / EyeEm)
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