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Join Jessi, Squeaks, and a special guest to celebrate the seasons changing by making paper snowflakes!
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Jessi: Hi Guys! Today we're doing something a little different. My friend Caitlin is here, and we're celebrating the seasons changing by making some paper snowflakes. Hi Caitlin!

Caitlin: Hi Jessi! How are you?

Jessi: I'm so glad you're here!

Caitlin: Me too, thanks!

Jessi: Welcome to the fort.

Caitlin: Thank you, I love it. I'm so excited, hi guys!
So you ready to make some snowflakes?

Jessi: I am so excited! So what do we need?

Caitlin: OK, well, we need some paper

Jessi: K

Caitlin: So I brought you a square piece of paper

Jessi: Thank you

Caitlin: And then we have some scissors here, and then I also brought some pencils because some people can just cut away, and do it, but I like to draw it out.

Jessi: Yeah, a planner.

Caitlin: Yeah, yeah.

Jessi: And make sure if you are using scissors, that your parents know about it.

Caitlin: So we have square pieces of paper.

Jessi: OK.

Caitlin: One for you one for me. 

Jessi: So we have to cut them into a square?

Caitlin: Right, yeah this was just regular office paper that I folded over and then cut off the edge.

Jessi: OK.

Caitlin: So then go ahead and fold the corner over to make a smaller triangle.

Jessi: Little triangle. So when we do snowflakes is his always how we fold them?

Caitlin: Well you can make paper snowflakes lots of different ways, but I like this way because it gives you the six-sided snowflake like you've talked about before.

Jessi: Oh, the Dendrites that's right. These are one of my favorite types of snowflakes, the big frilly ones.

Caitlin: Yeah, yeah. So you have your little triangle, so go ahead and unfold it so we have this crease as a guide for later.

Jessi: Got it.

Caitlin: And then you're gonna take the lower corner and fold it over, and this is were you're gonna use that crease, you're gonna fold it to that point, and then overlap it.

Jessi: OK, I see. So I see that little crease right there so I fold right there, and then go up

Caitlin: Perfect, yeah.

Jessi: OK, in the upper part. Got it. That's a good crease. K?

Caitlin: And then you're gonna flip it over and do the same thing on the other side

Jessi: Oh, so I got my crease again and my point, and go right up. Oh and it makes almost like a little, another little triangle point there.

Caitlin: Yeah, I like these because if you don't have perfect folds it's still gonna work

Jessi: I kinda like wonky

Caitlin: Yeah. So it should look like a little tulip or a fox face.

Jessi: Ooh, yeah.

Caitlin: Yeah. So then, we're gonna take this side, I have folded it up here, and then I'm, So I have this fold here, and then fold it around this way

Jessi: All the way over, OK. So I have my big fold on the top and I take the whole thing and fold it over

Caitlin: Perfect. yeah.

Jessi: All right. It looks like a little arrow.

Caitlin: Yeah! So then yeah so you have your fold. And this is where I use my pencil to draw.

Jessi: OK

Caitlin: So this part here is gonna be our main arm or branch of the snowflake, and so we need to keep that solid

Jessi: Oh, so if we cut into that, then we'd be cutting our main branches off. So we don't want to, so we want that big thick fold

Caitlin: Right. And so this is where some people can just cut away, but I need my pencil to remind me where I want to go.

Jessi: This is where you can get really creative. Ah, science and art, I love creativity!

Caitlin: Cool! That looks awesome. OK, now its time for the scissors.

Jessi: OK.

Caitlin: This part. So warn the adults around you that you have scissors. And I'm gonna cut out this part here and leave my big branch.

Jessi: Sure. And make sure you keep that branch there

Caitlin: And this part, if you have little hands, you probably need little scissors. Or you can have somebody to help you cut. This is the hardest part.

Jessi: How are you doing Squeaks? Got yours too? So what if you make a mistake?

Caitlin: If you make a mistake you can start over, if you accidentally destroy your snowflake. But, if you make a mistake you probably just make a cooler more unique snowflake, so it's a really fun project

Jessi: Oh that's right. And that's what would happen in nature too because you know they'll form and then they'll be going around, bumping around, doing their thing and they could brake branches off. So you're just a force of nature.

Caitlin: Yeah, you are! Now is the reveal where you get to unfold. This is the careful part when you're unfolding.

Jessi: Yeah, mine are all kinda stuck together a little bit. I'm gonna be really careful.

Caitlin: All right, here's mine. It's got six sides.

Jessi: I love it! Good job!

Caitlin: Thanks! Oh, I love yours look at it!

Jessi: Ooh, mine's all prickly.

Caitlin: Yeah so you can see it has the six branches coming out and six sides to make a hexagon

Jessi: That's right. One, two, three, four, five, six. The Dendrite has the six sides. So, are these really snowflakes?

Caitlin: They're snow crystals

Jessi: That's right. Good job. And guess what? They get super frilly like this when it's extra cold.

Caitlin: Yeah I like, I like the frilly cold whether ones.

Jessi: I do too! So what are you gonna do with yours?

Caitlin: I think I'm gonna put mine on a window at my house.

Jessi: Oh, nice.

Caitlin: What are you gonna do?

Jessi: Well, me and squeaks really like hanging them on the walls, and then sometimes dangling from the ceiling, or we put them on the fridge.

Caitlin: Well, thank you for making snow crystals with me Jessi.

Jessi: Oh, thank you for coming and teaching us how to do that! So now that we have our snowflakes, we hope that you send us a picture of the ones that you make. Thanks for joining us, and we'll see you next time.