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Today's story is from someone who gets to live out basically every kid's dream of being a marine biologist on a beautiful tropical reef. Meg Malone studies fish behavior on a reef that's located off the shore of Moku o Lo'e, Coconut Island, which is famous in part for being the backdrop for the 1960's show 'Gilligans Island,' but today is better known as the site of the Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology. In this episode she shares her day in the life of a marine biologist, recording and studying how fishes* interact with with their environment and one another. Fish do a lot of stuff in a day! Meg's helping us learn what all they're up to.

For great photos and more information about Meg's research:

*Fun fact, if you've got two fish of the same species, they're referred to as fish (e.g. 'there are two clownfish in our fish tank), but if you've got multiple different species of fish, you refer to them as 'fishes' (e.g. 'there are two clownfish and three other fishes in our fish tank).


Where are you in the world? Give us a listen! Record 30-45 seconds of your environment and email it to us at exploreastory(at)fieldmuseum(dot)org, with the subject line: "OK to share- EAS." Please include your name & location in the recording! By sending us the file you're giving us permission to use it at the end of a future episode or another Brain Scoop-related project, so thank you in advance.


ExploreAStory is written and hosted by Emily Graslie, produced by Sheheryar Ahsan and Brandon Brungard, with music by Jason Weidner, and made with support from the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois.
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