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In which John plays extra time as the Swindon Town Swoodly-Poopers
Hello and welcome to Hankgames, where I have just discovered that in fact, we are going to extra time here in the FA Cup. you may remember from the last video, in which I talked about Dave Mustaine my ex-girlfriend who dumped me in Alaska, that we were playing Wigan Athletic, a Premier League side in the FA Cup. I thought that drawing meant that we would replay each other, but in fact, apparently drawing means that we will be going to extra time. So, that's what we're doing. We have to win. It means everything to this club financially. 

Oh devastating- (coughing noise) - sorry I had to cough.

So anyway, I don't even think I'm going to tell you a story, I'm just going to focus on the absolute must-win situation in which we find ourselves. We also are in a must-not-go-to-penalty-kick situation because as you may remember from previous episodes of John and Hank play FIFA, I am not so good at going to penalties. That is just not my specialty.

Oh god, Bald John Green has a breakaway. It's everything you wanted. And he scores!

[SWI - #11 J. Green 100'] He passes to Other John Green, he and Bald John Green hug, and there's a goal, there's a goal, it's 2-1! Oh my gosh! Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers are up 2-1 against Wigan Athletic. Oh my goodness! Ohh wow! John Green to John Green that's the best kind of goal there is my friend. Can he do it again? Can Bald John Green? Bald John Green he's so strong! Ah couldn't finish though, he couldn't finish. Now we've just, you know, we've got to change- we need to focus. I'm sorry can you hear my nerves? I can seriously hardly hold the controller. Um, we just need to focus on- I was about to say we need to focus on keeping possession, I did a really good job of that obviously. Um, we need-

That was not a foul! Come on. That was just- that was friendly stuff. Oh! Good well that's, the first half of extra time is over. OK, Manchester United beat Fulham 4-1, that means that potentially we are going to face Manchester United in the FA Cup final. Little Swindon Town in the FA Cup final at Wembley against Manchester United! Can you imagine it? We've just got to stay focused, we can't get ahead of ourselves. We just need to think about the fact that right now, all we can do is get possession and keep possession and not give up a goal. We need to not give up a goal, so that we can not go to penalties, it is- if we go to penalties we lose. That's it, it's that simple. There is no going to penalties. There is only winning, or losing.

Bald John Green, Other John Green, and we got Bald John Green open- Oh he wasn't fast enough! We're up against these Premier League guys and they're just- they're so quick, so talented and they're ah ah ah ah ah- Oh, I'm so nervous. That was a great tackle. Then we're gonna get to Bald John Green, and we're gonna get to Other John Green, and we can't- you just need to- Oh we need to keep possession for a minute guys. Come on. I'm talking to them as if they're real people, and not, you know-

Woo, that was a little scary, any time it goes towards goal I feel nervous. That guy has one of the worst haircuts I have ever seen.

Um, so here we are. Swindon Town, little Swindon Town. Let's- you know what- let's- I wasn't. Oh no. That's not- that was a really bad example of how to keep possession. OK. Here we go, we're in the 117th minute. Why do br- Referee! I believe it only goes to 120 minutes although I'm too nervous to even do math right now. Alright let's just go to the corner. Let's go to the corner and rest. We go to the corner and we rest. Yes! It only goes to 120 minutes we are in stoppage time.All we need to do... All we need to do is not give up a goal. We did it! We did it! We are going to the FA Cup final! Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers beat Wigan Athletic in extra time oh my goodness! This makes up for everything that Dave Mustaine ever did to me.

Thank you for watching, thank you- Oh my gosh! Why are you guys not more joyful? Oh my gosh. Oh what why this- why this level of subdued joy? You're Swindon Town, the Swoodilypoopers! It's unbelievable! So proud of my guys.

Uh, congratulations to Swindon Town, we will see you for the FA Cup final another time. I will not see you and you will not see me, but uh thank you for watching this abbreviated but incredibly exciting episode of John takes Swindon Town to the miracle I don't remember what it's called. Yay! 

[vs. Wigan Athletic: W 2-1, OT

SWI: Bald John Green 63', Other John Green 100'

WIG: H. Radallega 53']