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Jessi introduces the first, one and only, Animal Wonders poster! Then the newest animal ambassador is debuted, a young male sugar glider.

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Things are happening! Well, I mean things are always happening, but new things are happening at Animal Wonders. First things first, look what we have! An Animal Wonders poster! I've been waiting so long for something like this. This was made by the very talented Valerie Rustad (I may have pronounced that wrong; we are only Tumblr friends.) But, she made it, we loved it so much we made it into a poster that you can hang on your wall or you ceiling.. or your refrigerator... do people put things on there refrigerators? Anyway you can find her Tumblr link below. Alright, I want to put it here. I mean the t-shirt is pretty awesome and everything, but it's from 2013 so I think we're ready for a change, I mean change can be scary, but let's face it head on and embrace the awesome! Alright. [🎶 Animal Wonders Theme Music 🎶] There! Isn't that beautiful? You can get your own Animal Wonders Poster on and the first 50 are signed by me! Not an animal, well I am an animal, but you know what I'm talking about. Okay, if you're super interesting in this t-shirt, it's been in every single Animal Wonders video so far. If you really want it it's a medium, adult, e-mail me. Alright, the next thing that has happened is, we got a new animal ambassador. He's right in here right now with his little buddy and he pretty much hates me; he's not very fond. Um, but that's not, that's not what's important right now. What's important is that he is best friends and getting along with his buddy Gizmo the Sugar Glider. There's Gizmo right there. And here's this new little guy and he's not wanting to come out. So, he doesn't really like me, he's in there right now, but that's not really the important thing. The most important thing is that he gets along with Gizmo, his intended companion. We'll get to the bonding part. So, Gizmo the Sugar Glider lost his long time companion a few months ago and when we heard that this little guy needed a home we were really hopeful that it would work out. It can be difficult to introduce two animals, especially when one is older than the other one and it can be even more difficult when you're trying to introduce two males of the same species where that species is territorial by nature. We've been kinda keeping our eye out for a companion for Gizmo, 'cause they are a social animal, so we were kinda hoping for a young female. That would be the best chance at Gizmo accepting her, but we're hopeful with these two and we introduced them very, very slowly for our best chances. Obviously these guys are pretty good buds right now; they get along, but I did catch the introduction process on video, so stay tuned next week and we'll talk all about how we introduced the two and how it went. Oh, and he doesn't have a name yet, so if you feel inspired with a fun name that you want to suggest put it in the comments below. Make sure it's fun and child appropriate. This is still Gizmo, because he's awesome and he knows me. The new little guy is hiding in the bottom. He does not want to come out, he'll get there. So new poster and new animal ambassador; it's a good day to be an Animal Wonder-er-er..-er...-er. Also, super exciting news: I just got hired as a new host for SciShow Kids. It's going to be amazing. First episode airs Monday, so March 9th, check it out! It's going to be awesome! As always, you guys can find me on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. If you'd like to go on an adventure with me every week, subscribe to Animal Wonders Montana or head on over to SciShow Kids, it's going to be great. Thanks guys!

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Welcome back to Animal Wonders. I'm Jessi and I like animals. For those of following us for the last year, you know that my life can get a little intense.

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[Angry Sugar Glider Noises]
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...angry Sugar Glider.