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Beckoning Lovely:

In which John discusses Amy Krouse Rosenthal's The Beckoning of Lovely, the Project for Awesome, Youtube's captcha codes, and his new book Paper Towns.


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A Bunny
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You wanna know how I know I'm grown up? My favorite thing about Christmas: Christmas pants!


Hank, today's video comes to you in four very special parts. Part one, The Beckoning of Lovely. You may remember that on 8/8/08, you and I and a bunch of Nerdfighters made a movie called "The Beckoning of Lovely" with my friend and mentor Amy Krouse Rosenthal. By the way, Christmas tree, you are no longer seasonably appropriate.

It turns out that that the movie "The Beckoning of Lovely" was the first part of an ambitious and amazing project by Amy, called "The Beckoning of Lovely." For more information, check out the link in the sidebar.

Part two, Hank. I don't know about you, but I'm still kind of reeling from the Project for Awesome's awesomeness! Hank, Nerdfighters lobbied for literally hundreds of great charities, but in the end, I chose 5 that I'm giving 200 dollars each to. I mean to which I am giving 200 dollars each. UGH, prepositions, you always get me!
1. Save the Children, Bangladesh
2. The Wounded Warrior Project
3. The Susan G. Komen Foundation to benefit breast cancer. Wait; it doesn't benefit breast cancer, it detriments breast cancer.
4. MS research
and 5. Save Darfur.
Where's your money going, Hank? And Nerdfighters, if you were inspired by the P4A to give money to charity, where'd your money go?

Part three: CAPTCHA Dictionary. By the way, if you wanna know what a CAPTCHA code is, you can always comment five times on this video and then hit refresh.

So YouTube's CAPTCHA codes are not usually English words, but they are almost always sets of consonants and vowels organized in such a way that they could be words. Now Hank, during the P4A, Nerdfighters commented on YouTube videos more than 200,000 times; no joke. And that meant a lot of CAPTCHA codes, some of which sounded like made-up words, that Nerdfighters then invented definitions for. UGH For which Nerdfighters then invented definitions! PWND! So Hank, here are a few entries from the Nerdfighter CAPTCHA dictionary:
*Comilinkta- The euphoric state in which a Nerdfighter can comment on fifteen videos in one minute.
*Nipyhat- A little hat, you put on your nips, to keep 'em warm.
*Rapito- The speed at which Nerdfighters comment.
*Brucula- Vampire Brussels sprouts.
Hank, there can be no question that the Brucula are very beautiful, but if you eat them, you will almost die. Although in the end, you will live happily ever after, even though the Brucula are sort of emotionally abusive.
*Hypocoso- An endangered and possibly mythical sub-species of ninja koala.
And finally, *Cootyoping, which means "knowingly transmitting cooties."

Cootyoping is a great word. It reminds me of our beloved grandmother's word for "making out:" Skoodilypooping. Hank, one time I brought one of my high school girlfriends over to meet Nanny of Papa, and we got a little bit lost on the way, so when we got there, I was like
"I'm sorry! We got lost!" and Nanny said
"Are you sure you weren't skoodilypooping?" And my girlfriend was like
"What the heck is skoodilypooping?"
And Nanny just looked at her and said
"As if you don't know..." God bless her.

Part four: Paper Towns questions.
Hank as we wrap up the Paper Towns edition of the Nerdfighter blurbing book club, I'm going to do two videos in which I talk about the book. Ideally, I'd like to do this by answering questions that you and other Nerdfighters may have about the book. If you have any questions about Paper Towns, Leave 'em in comments. Hank, I'll see you next week.

Merry Christmas, Willy!