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Watch the Full Interview Here:

In which Hank takes you on a trip to Washington DC and into the White House. The President makes a similar journey, though in his own private helicopter. A beautiful, gigantic helicopter that I saw through 2-inch thick glass.

I didn't do any thoughts or analysis in this video, but I've done some on my Tumblr:

I am exhausted, but also pretty euphoric. Thanks to everyone who was a part of pulling this off. Working with the White House can be pretty intense, but they did a fantastic job. To everyone who was awesome and supportive. To Bethany and Glozell, who were fantastic and very fun to hang out with. To everyone who has made YouTube such an interesting and diverse place. And to Paul Janssen, who first synthesized the active ingredient in Immodium, without whom none of this would have been possible.

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Hank: Good morning, John. Yesterday I interviewed the President of the United States at the White House in Washington, D.C. Let's take a look at how my day went.

I'm very late for my flight right now.

I made it!

Is Obama going to see the questions? This, this is a Google employee. Is Obama going to see the questions before this happens?

Steve Grove: Nobody in the White House, even on the President's staff will see these questions beforehand.

Hank: These two people are just basically my editorial consultants to make sure that I don't say anything truly dumb. It's not all theater! I'm gonna surprise that man, at least a little bit, I hope. A little bit.

I officially have an outfit.

Julie, GloZell did it!

GloZell: You act like you ain't never had no new clothes before.

Hank: She pulled the tag off. I was worried about hurting my pants. Say Hi to people.

GloZell: Hi to people! This is GloZell. We freezing in the White House. I'm just letting you know, it's cold.

Hank: This is Frederick. He's been playing Obama in our rehearsals.

Frederick: I have.

Hank: Hey!

GloZell: Her face is like, perfect-

Bethany: What're you talking about?

GloZell: So I just came over here to off balance...

Bethany: I'm like checking my teeth. I just ate a cookie.

Hank: Alright. Got my Pizza Bowie John shirt on. I'm getting ready to go to the White House. The problem with this is that we now are gonna be at the White House for, like, hours before this happens. And I'm going to spend all that time panicking. Ughhh.

Do you mind being on camera?

Makeup Artist: I don't mind.

Hank: I'm getting pampered now.

We're on our final drive to the actual White House for the actual interview.

Woman: Three hours to go.

Hank: Three hours to go. These are very long hours.  

That's a big White House. Now we're in the independent holding pen between two gates.

Very close. I'm walking on the grass. I feel like that's wrong.

Viewing the set now. This is where we're- oh yeah, this looks exactly like the other room except much nicer.

We're having a pre-visit from some ambassadors. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah!

I recognize that there's a lot of anticipation in this video. That's because there's a lot of anticipation in this process.

I'm in a bathroom at the White House and I can't figure out how to turn on the light.

This presidential interview brought to you by Imodium AD.

Secret Service just came in. It was very obvious that they were secret service.

I just noticed that this, this glass is very, very thick.

I've been told that there's a helicopter. It's going to land right there.

So he got on a helicopter to come see me.

Final bathroom break before the thing.

They're taking my camera away from me, which means it's really real now, so I have to go.

President Obama: Hey, great to see you Hank.

Hank: President Obama.

President Obama: Thank you so much for having me.

Hank: Thanks a lot for doing this.

President Obama: It's cool.

Hank: I don't really feel like I'm having you. This is your house.

President Obama: You know, well, it's the people's house. I'm actually leasing, and my lease runs out in two years.

Hank: Alright, I did it. It happened.

I'm gonna take this. I'm also going to take this copy of TFIOS, cause it's mine now. I did it, it's over. I can go to sleep. I can't; now I have to talk to press.

I don't mean to brag, but I've got an ear thing.

Alright, I did it. I wonder what Hilary thinks. Bye White House! Thanks! Goodbye. Ah, that one's locked too.

I'm having a Cuban sandwich in an American restaurant with Josh Sundquist.

I'm back in Florida now. Dad and Katherine just picked me up at the airport. Oh hey, thanks for turning the light on!

How'd I do?

Katherine: Amazing!

Hank: What would you have said if I had done terribly?

Katherine: Amazing!

Hank: I got a good night's sleep. I had a dream that I was a road. I'm feeling good. Now I gotta edit the video-

John: Ohhhh Hank!-

Hank: And my brother's here-

John: You did such a good job! I'm so proud of you!

Hank: Thanks.

John: You were so awesome! It was so great! Is that the copy of The Fault in Our Stars the President touched?

Hank: It is. John, I'll see you on Friday. That's today. 'Cause it's right now.