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In which Hank talks about VidCon, the Oil Spill, Punishments, Shane Dawson and his balls.

Some of my favorite VidCon Re-Caps:


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A Bunny
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Good morning, John.

I just slept for four days, and I'm feeling pretty good. I suggest you try it sometime. Here's how it works: Ya lay down, and you don't get up for four days.

We--I-a-most people aren't like me. They-they literally feel as if they have to get out of bed sometimes, and-and mmmmno! I don't feel that!

Especially not after VidCon, a time in which I did not sleep at all and probably caused a global epidemic with whatever disease that I was carrying in my body while I hugged all of those hugs and shook all of those hands. Big, significant apology. Big one.

I hope you don't die. John, to be totally honest, I kinda felt like all of Youtube was going to hate us after Vidcon. Either they were going to be one of the hundreds of thousands of people who were sick of hearing about it and weren't able to come, or because I or you or we did something that was so epically fail that no one would ever forgive us.

And at this point no one will be saying anything about VidCon except for how lame it was and how horrible the Vlogbrothers are. But here we are, after VidCon, and I think-I think it's safe to say that no one-no one seems to hate us! In fact, a lot of people seem to like us more.

We are in the three 300,000 subscriber club. We are in the top one hundred most subscribed of all time on Youtube which, y'know, has been a long time comin', and I have a playpen ball signed by Shane Dawson! Hehehehe!

In fact, I have two of them, so I can technically say that Shane Dawson, uh, inscribed his name upon my balls. Aw, this one is starting to r--hey, kitty! What are you doing?

What are you doing, kitty? Oh, you're such a pest! Oh, look a that fuzzy foot.

Fuz-zy foot! Kitty accordion? I play this game it's called kitty accordion.

She's an accordion! It's not torture if she's not running away; if she didn't like it, she'd run away! I have been very impressed by everyone's amazing VidCon recap videos.

Thank you to everyone who's making those, I'm gonna put a link to a few of my favorites down in the doobly-doo. But John there are things in the world, and this may surprise you, that are not VidCon. As you undoubtedly know BP has managed, after all of these months, to put a cap on the broken well at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

This will actually mark an end to the outpouring of millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. At east until, uh, it happens again. Speaking of horrible things, John and I both neglected to make a video last week, and many people have been saying, "Oh, but guys, we totally forgive you because you were working so hard on VidCon!" That is not how this works, friends.

We made an agreement. Brother to brother, nerdfighter to nerdfighter that we would make videos on schedule, and we failed, and thus we both must be punished. I have activated the Youtube moderator module below this video on the Vlogbrothers channel,

Please go there! You can suggest punishments, or you can vote on punishments that have already been suggested. Now, we can't guarantee that we'll take the #1 most voted punishment, but we can guarantee that it will be something unpleasant.

Remember, the best punishments are embarrassing, but not illegal, and painful, but not dangerous. Seriously, thank you to everyone who has supported VidCon, whether you were there or not. People keep telling me that it was a huge gigantic success, but really I think that what we had was, uh, low expectations, and really, really amazing people as part of this community, and without those things everyone would've just laughed at how silly the whole thing was, but instead it became what I think is a really, really important thing.

So thanks everyone for that, thanks for being a part of this community, and, uh, John, I will see you on Friday.