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In which John describes his Top 10 favorite moments from the epic weekend that was Vidcon. Thanks to everyone who came to Los Angeles for Vidcon; we had an awesome time, and we hope you did, too.

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Actually, it's Wednesday, but I did get 1400 people to say 'hello' to you at VidCon, which isn't nothing. So Hank, we're just back from VidCon, and for your edification I have compiled my top ten VidCon moments. Number ten: Dancing to the All Caps song, "Don't Unplug me".

Now Hank, as you know, I can't dance, but I am very passionate about it. Same way I felt about French kissing in high school. "Don't unplug me, or-or-or just shut me down! Please, just love me with-with your steel heart!" Number nine: meekakitty's Velociraptor. "Rrrawrrr, rrrrwaarrr!" Eugh!

Scary, but also alluring. Eight: Dan Brown's announcement of Dan 3.0. "For one year, I am very literally putting complete control of my life in your hands." Hank, I think Dan 3.0 will be a fascinating social experiment, although I fear that if we did it, people would just make us put unicorns on our head all the time. Number seven: hiimrawn asked me to dress up as a turkey for his big musical production, and I was puling on the turkey costume, and I was like, "Ron, that's fine, I'm happy to do it, but I don't know, am I supposed to dance?

Am I supposed to get on stage? When do I--" Whereupon he turned to a guy dressed as Batman, pointed at him, and said, "Batman, I'm going to need you to be a leader in the situation." Number six: Hank, singing on stage with you for the first and last time in my life. ".. Put stuff on your head," "Put stuff on your head.

Oh, it could be blue, or it could be red. The color doesn't matter if it's on your head!" Number five: Mass hug at the nerdfighter gathering involving hundreds of nerdfighters. Four: I suppose at this point I should be used to it, but Ze Frank gave the most astonishingly brilliant keynote address I think I have ever heard, reminding us that we don't make or watch videos for money or subscribers or views, but because we wanna feel what it's like to be other people, and let others feel what it's like to be us.

Number three: Just how nice everyone was. I mean, given the fact that Youtubers are mostly introverted nerdy people who like to spend their free time with editing software, everyone was incredibly nice! Everyone hung out, famous people didn't act like they were famous, and the whole vibe of the event was so wonderfully supportive and collaborative.

Number two: Two words: Double rainbow. The Gregory Brothers have auto-tuned the news, singing a song they had written mere hours before. "This is a song that goes out to all the rainbows. Also the ladies, but mostly the rainbows." "--double rainbow all the way across the sky! yeah, yeaahhh!

So intense. Double rainbow all the way across the sky! Wow, wow, ohhh my God, look at that rainboww!" And Number one: Seeing my little brother sing about particle physics in front of a thousand people who loved every second of it. "A quark is a fundamental constituent of matter observed in 1968 through deep electric scatter.

We found that protons are more complex than we thought, we thought they were solid particles, but they are not." Nerdfighters! Hank, thank you for all the thousands of hours you spent making VidCon as awesome as it was, it felt like my favorite parts of the internet existed in real life for three whole days. Nerdfighters, if you were at VidCon, whether in real life or on Livestream, please let us know what your favorite parts of the conference were, and let us know, if Hank is crazy enough to do this whole thing again, who and what you would like to see at VidCon 2011.

So Hank, thanks again, and I will see--Hey listen, I'm happy for you, and I'mma let you finish, but the Vlogbrothers have one of the most subscribed Youtube channels of all time! That's right, the Vlogbrothers just broke into the top 100 most subscribed. Thank you all for subscribing, particularly thanks to RayWilliamJohnson, charlieissocoollike, and meekakitty, but thanks to everybody, you're so awesome!

Hank, I'll see ya on Friday!