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Another Questions and Answers video where I answer the Darcy question that everyone seems to be asking.

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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a Primetime Emmy Award winning series based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.
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Lizzie: Hi, everyone! It's question time. So, how are you doing today? What's your favorite color? What was your favorite book when you were five? What was your favorite book when you were fifteen? If you could be a panda, why? My name is Lizzie Bennet and here are more answers to your questions.

[Intro Music]

Lizzie: From Menecia M. on Facebook: Are you a soup person or a hot chocolate person? Are these mutually exclusive? Soup, I guess, because there are more varieties and it's fun to say. Soup! Soup! Soup soup soup!

From Katie C. on Facebook: What does Darcy really do? Does he do anything? Exactly my point. Who knows?

From Natalie S. on Facebook: Why did you let Lydia make those vlogs? She's so mean to Mary and not half as entertaining as you are. Well, thank you, and to be fair, Lydia did help Mary out. Sort of. But I don't let Lydia do anything. Lydia's a force of nature that cannot be stopped.

From Megan M. on Facebook: What's your best comeback when people say your maths, comm, or English major is silly or not as useful as business or whatnot? I tell them there are a lot of business majors who can't get jobs right now. There are no guaranteed careers for our generation, and since everything is a risk, you might as well take a risk in what you love. But ask me again in ten years?

From Denise D. on Facebook: When will we meet Darcy? Or, from HannaIsAwesome13 on YouTube: WILL WE EVER GET TO SEE DARCY? This question gets asked a lot, and to be fair, I do talk about him a lot. But seriously, when are we going to see him? Hopefully never! In what universe would he be in my bedroom, on my video blog? Come on, guys.

From Nando B. on Facebook: When is Charlotte going to meet someone? I don't know, because unlike the superhero version of Lizzie, I don't have psychic powers.

From Murgly, on YouTube: Bing Lee is an Australian chain of electronic stores. I LOL every time the name is mentioned. Oh my god, it is!

[leaves frame and returns with Jane]

Lizzie: Come here. Have you seen this?

Jane: Oh my gosh?

Lizzie: You realize our mother can never know of this. She'd get her heart set on you being an appliance fortune heiress.

Jane: No. No, that wouldn't be good. Can you imagine what her reaction would be?

Lizzie: Her head would probably explode in a shower of dryer lint. Oh, there's a question for you!

Jane: Really? Oh, how exciting!

Lizzie: From Nicole K. on Facebook: Question for Jane, can she once and for all clear up the witch versus spinster Halloween story?

Jane: What's that?

Lizzie: You remember. When I was seven, Mom dressed me as a spinster for Halloween? I talked about it in my ninth video.

Jane: Oh. Uh...spinster.

Lizzie: Hah! See?

Jane: That can fly and cast spells.

Lizzie: Jane!

Jane: Sorry, Lizzie! Bye.

Lizzie: Okay, so that's it for another round of Lizzie Answers Questions. Be sure to keep those questions and comments coming on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube. See you next time.

[outro plays]