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The Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin exists as a witness to history. For 200+ years its scientists have pursued research in the face of WWI and bombings in WWII, political turmoil, and an ever-changing planet. We were invited to share the Museum's past, as they look toward the future.
This is the first of three collaborative videos we're making with the Museum für Naturkunde! Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more adventures in Berlin.

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Special thanks to Juliane Röhner and Manja Voß for their generous help and guidance through this process.
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Producer, Writer, Creator, Host:
Emily Graslie

Producer, Camera, Graphics, Director:
Brandon Brungard

Producer, Camera:
Sheheryar Ahsan

Interview with:
Dr. Johannes Vogel, Director General- Museum für Natukunde, Berlin.
This episode is filmed on location at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin, Germany, and the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois.
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