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Help! VlogBrother Hank Green has kidnapped me and it turns out he might be a murderer!

I'll promote his YouTube channel just so you will be able to recognize him if you see him:
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Guest Starring Hank Green!

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Wha? Hey beard lovers, check it out! I'm in Vlogbrother Hank Green's office, it's awesome! (except I'm being help here against my will) I'm totally geeking out! (and I'm disturbed and I'm scared and angry) Yay! 


So remember in my previous video, I made Hank Green clone and then I totally reasonably sent him to the alligator pit to his death, well apparently real Hank Green didn't like that very much. Flashback to a place I wasn't at.
Wheezy: A good story has conflict, even Hank Green clone agrees with me. Right Hank Green clone? 
Hank: Yup. 
Wheezy: Could you go to the alligator pit? Right there.
Hank: DFTBA!!

So, the obvious solution was to go to Chicago, kidnap me, fly me back to his hometown of Missoula, Montana, and lock me in his office. Not a logical thing to do at all which is what I've been trying to imply here with sarcasm. Another flashback to the part when Hank locked me in the room.

Hank: You stay here forever!
Wheezy: What are you doing?
Hank: I'm revenging at you hard.
Wheezy: If I stay in here how are you going to make your videos?
Hank: I don't know!
Wheezy: You're not making sense.
Hank: You killed me...kind of.
Wheezy: What are you saying now?
Hank: You kind of! You stole me from me and then you killed me!
Wheezy: Uh
Hank: You're a fart sniffer!
Wheezy: What abou-
Hank: You love Lindsay Lohan!
Wheezy: I don't know her!
Hank: You're foul I-
Wheezy: What?
Hank: You foul, undigested lump!
Wheezy: Wha?
Hank: But it ki-it's like stuck in the back of your throat and it comes out and it's like this big, and it's been there for like, weeks, and it smells really bad. That's you!
Wheezy: What?
Hank: Hrrrg! Hrrrrg! Now Wheezy and Hank are both making those sounds
Hank: Now, now I'm gonna go sing Huey Lewis in the news in the living room.
Wheezy: Ok.

Looks like I'm not going anywhere for a while and there are no Snickers here so what should I do? How about I close my eyes, grab a book, and make a pun out of the title.
Louis de Bernières' Birds Without Wings. More like birds, stingers...stings, cause they're not bees. This isn't working. How about we do an update about what's going on in the Wheezyverse assuming I get out of here and I can continue with these things.  This Monday, new episode of The Good Stuff coming out with the theme 'Miniature'. Click there to go subscribe to The Good Stuff so you can watch that and other previous episodes, we worked really hard to, tah. 
Next remember last week I did the charades thing and I was gonna give away a 100 dollar gift card to the person who got it right. Well, the answer was 'Abridged'. Many of you got it right. Now I have to choose one of you to win the 100 dollar gift card. I'm going to grab a book, and the first letter of the title of the book will be the first letter of the winner. Scott Pilgrim, S. 'Kay.
And the winner chosen completely at random by me: Sorceress966! Hooray! You win the 100 dollar Starbucks gift card yay! No no no flack back no. Oh also, Hank is not going to be happy about all the confetti on the floor. Hmm, what else should we talk about - is that cloning machine over there? That looks an awful lot like my cloning machine, did Hank steal my cloning machine plans? Hmm.
Thirdly, the contest for the  free iPod is still going on over at the WheezySoup Facebook page if you wanted to go check that out. That's going on until the 24th - what's the project we're working on - we still haven't revealed it - maybe we'll reveal a little if we get to two thousand likes. Now what? Maybe bobblehead John Green can tell me what to do. What should I do? 
BH: Bobbleheads don't talk idiot. 
Wheezy: Well then whose talking?
Unicorn: A Unicorn, moron.
Wheezy: Unicorns don't talk either?
Giraffe: Ok you got me, it's me the Giraffe.
Wheezy: Oh that makes more sense.
Giraffe: Use the unicorn horn to pick the lock to get out of here.
Wheezy: Oh, got nothing better to do.

Wheezy: Oh, actually, it just unlocks from the inside. 
Giraffe: Hey, could you, could you close the door? It's Giraffe-dy in here. Get it? Giraffe-dy...heheh. Don't no don't really close the door, I just wanted to do a pun.

Hank dancing and singing beautifully

Wheezy: I'm gonna run away now.
Hank: Oh, a murder cord.
Wheezy: Is this a land line?
Hank: Land lines are dead, so are you! 
         Don't forget to breathe air.
         Looks like he forgot.
Wheezy: Oh! Looks like you killed one of my clones, I shall now make my escape.
Hank: Oh, eh, just go out ahead. One murder a day for me.
Wheezy: Ok...that's really disturbing.

(Closing Theme)

Hank: Hrrrg! Vrrrrg!
Wheezy: Ahh! Bwuhh!
Hank: Hrrrg! Hmmm!
Wheezy: Ahh! Huhh!
Hank: Hmmm! Drrrrg!
Wheezy: Bwuhh!
Hank: Hmmm! Hmmnn!
Wheezy: What?

Girl with glove-beard: *wink*