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Learn about the oceans with some of Jessi and Squeaks' favorite ocean videos!

You can find this playlist and more from SciShow Kids in the YouTube Kids app! Download it for free:

Executive Producer: Hank Green
Producer/Writer: Caitlin Hofmeister
Chief Editor: Blake de Pastino
Hosted by: Jessi Knudsen CastaƱeda
Associate Producer/Animation: Sarah Gullickson
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Hi guys, I'm Jessi, and this is Squeaks, and we love science. We love experimenting and learning and then sharing what we learn with you. Right now we're learning about the five oceans: the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian, the Arctic, and the Southern Ocean.

Our friends at YouTube Kids invited us to make a playlist of our favorite ocean videos. There's so much to learn about the oceans, it was hard to pick our favorites, but we're excited about all these videos because they're fun, interesting, and they helped us learn even more about one of our favorite subjects. We hope you like these videos too, and let us know what you want to learn more about in the comments below. Anchors away!