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Literally uploading this from a bathroom stall because there are so many cool people at VidCon I want to talk to but I HAVE TO UPLOAD!

Here are the people in this video:

Toby Hendy (Physics and Hair)

Mike Wilson (Music and Science)

Miriam Neilsen (Climate and Earth)

Joe Hanson

Emily Graslie (Dead Animals)

Destin Sandlin (Physics and Slow-mo)

Thomas Frank (College Prep etc)

Jessie Hendricks (Chemistry and Science)

Kati Morton (Mental Health)

Patrick (Biology via Games)

Diana Cowern (Physics)

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Hank: Good morning, John. VidCon day 2. What am I gonna do in my video today? Well, I got to talk to a bunch of, uh, educational YouTube creators recently, so I decided, hey, you know what? Everybody thinks these folks are so smart. What if I ask them a bunch of trivia questions to see how smart they really are? Turns out, pretty smart because how many trivia questions you know the answer to doesn't really impact how smart you actually are. But regardless, (laughs) my voice! Here's the video of bunch of YouTubers trying to answer some trivia questions. 

Kati: Does this make me smarter?

[On screen - What does USB stand for]

John: United Service Bot.

Dianna: Universal... something... hub. Hu-buh.

Jessie: Ultra Service Burgers, because all B's are now burgers.

Emily: United Service Bureau.

Kati: Utility Saving Button?

Coma: Univeral Serial Bus. (ding) 

[On screen - What's the best bear]

Coma: Talking about bears like (growls) bears?

John: Sunshire bear.

Toby: A teddy bear?

Dianna: Black bear. No, Pooh Bear! (singing) Pooh bear.

Jessie: Oh polar bears.

Joe: Roller bears.

Miriam: Black bear.

Coma: Ursa Major.

Emily: The highland sloth bear.

Destin: A water bear. That's the correct answer.

Patrick: Black bear. Yeah, absolutely. It can thrive whereas every other species of bear has declined.

[On screen - Who became president when Nixon resigned]

Kati: Oh no...

Dianna: Lyndon Johnson.

(Toby smiles while camera zooms in)

Kati: Maybe these aren't making me smarter.

Thomas: It wasn't Johnson. I'm gonna go with Garld Ford and I just don't know... the answer seems to come out of the ether to me.

Joe: Gerald Ford. (ding)

[On screen - What country is the peak of Moun Everest in]

Dianna: Tibet?

Joe: I'm gonna go with Nepal.

Jessie: Uh... India?

Patrick: Tibet?

Miriam: Nepal?

Coma: Don't know this.

Toby: Nepal?

Emily: Is that... isn't it India, right?

Destin: I want to say India? That's why we watch Geography Now.

John: It is in both Nepal and China.

[On screen - What video are you most ashamed of]

Miriam: That I'm in or that exists in the world?

John: There's one where I'm wearing a beanie that I don't think has held up particularly well.

Joe: My first video.

Jessie: This one.

Coma: I made a song called Boogers in My Nose. It's in the style of three six mafia.

Toby: I make physics videos now, but I still have some long hair tutorials on my channel so... 

Destin: I made a video called Spider Versus Penis. It's a good video. I'm not ashamed of that. It's a good video.

Dianna: When I made a shake weight into a generator.

Coma: Boogers in My Nose... that seems to be the issue. (ding)

[On screen - This creepy animal can be spotted in the dark with a black light]

Thomas: Those little glow worms in the caves.

Jessie: My ex-boyfriend.

Miriam: Like a zebra.

Hank (off screen): A zebra?

Miriam: Yeah.

Hank (off screen): Zebras are not creepy!

Miriam: Have you ever encountered a zebra at night?

Toby: Honey badgers?

Dianna: Oh, uh, like a scorpion?

Joe: Scorpions.

Patrick: Oh, scorpions.

Emily: Scorpion.

Destin: Scorpions.

Kati: It's not scorpion. Maybe a scorpion? (ding) Wow...

[On screen - What was Le Petomane known for]

Joe: Is it French? Don't know a lot of French.

Thomas: Cooking good food.

Jessie: Le Petomane was a horse.

Dianna: Oh, that was, um, the the move that you do in order to, um, soothe a dog.

Patrick: Astronomy?

Coma: Sounds like a chemical.

Toby: Sounds like it could be a drug name.

Emily: That sounds like a drug.

John: It's the active ingredient in Imodium. (buzzer)

Hank: I was so disappointed that nobody knew who Le Petomane was. Come on! And then after the last person I quizzed, it was Kati Morton, 
and I was walking out and her husband, Sean, who's amazing, great guy-friend of mine was... here it is. I'll show you.

(interrupting Sean) Wait, wait, wait, do you know who Le Petomane is? You'd be the only person to get it right?

Sean: This is a Frenchman from France who could fart and he was an entertainer. (fart noise)

Hank: So, yay, I can't believe that we forget these amazing things about history. There was a guy who was a professional farter. Anyway, that's all I got. I gotta do VidCon stuff now.

John I'll see you like right after I go out that door or before actually, maybe. Come on over.

[On screen - Everyone is this video makes real good videos | Check them out links in the dooblydoo]

[End screen]