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Hello there. Nobody's here yet, but I'm going to see how this goes. Mmm.

Is there a way-- can I do anything? We'll that didn't do it. Maybe I should have-- I'm sure if I turn it this way now it won't do anything. [Echo in background] It's like no don't do that. You can't do that, Sir. That is, that is not a thing. That's not a thing, yeah. It's going to have to be this way. [Echo in background]

[Mouse and keyboard clicks]

Alright, we're live. Let's just start rolling. Let's, let's play a song.

[Keyboard clicks] [Sigh]

Um, let's play a song. I don't know what song to play. What song, what songs do I really like. Hey, there's three people here now. Alright, so it matters. Suddenly matters.

[Plays guitar]

Alright. I'm taking requests. If you got any, leave a request for me. I don't actually know how to look at the chat. I don't know if it shows up on the screen somewhere. Um, nope. I don't, I don't know. Where's the chat? Is there a chat? Is there a chat? I don't know. [Echo in background] I don't see any way to chat. There's no way to chat. That's a surprise. Seems like there, that would be a thing that was built into the system. Maybe I turned it off accidentally. It's possible that I did do that. Well, that makes this less fun. Can't turn it on now. Cancel. Yupp, can't turn it on now.

[Mouse clicks]

I was gonna take requests for songs that I might play. Oh, I disabled the chat, says the people on Twitter who are here to tell me that, ah, that the chat doesn't work. Did I do that, for real? Hm, maybe I'll just, maybe I'll just finish and I'll start another one. See how, see how this goes. OK, goodbye.