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In which Hank discusses Old People and Death in Englewood Florida


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A Bunny
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Okay, I'm going to think about it this time before I actually say it. Good morning John, it's Thursday, February 8th. (nods) It is.

It's very hard to make a video blog in this house because there's nowhere private at all and I have to talk very quietly or else people will look at me funny. They're looking at me funny! (makes a strained noise) I'm kind of hiding in the corner in the living room, which is the room that I sleep in, in a sofa bed, which is right here. (pokes pillow) To start out today's video, I'm going to give you a tour of the place where I am right now.

(now standing under a flag/telephone pole) I am officially in Inglewood Florida. It's a very very nice day; there's cars coming, which is really unusual for this street. (as two cars pass in the spot where he was standing) They would've hit me at the exact same time; that would have been painful! Yeah, see, now there's not going to be anymore cars for another two or three hours. And if you look around you'll see a normal Florida, 50's style ranch house neighborhood. Very nice place, lots of citrus, lots of flowers and cacti. Lots of American flags. (shows a statue) This is a donkey with a cactus in it that miraculously survived Katherine throwing her Calculus book at it.

(shows a sundial) According to the sundial, it is 11:00. this is remarkably accurate. (shows a weird looking pink flamingo) Katherine's mom has non-traditional pink flamingos. (standing in front of a tree) Behind me now is an orange tree; aahhh over there are two more orange trees, and I think a tangerine tree. I'm going underneath some banana trees now, and then there's the canal. It's a very nice place!

Moving along. Katherine's parents just took me to a very interesting event. (shows footage of the event) There were about four hundred old people watching about thirty old people playing banjos badly. It turns out that Charlotte County has actually the highest age of any county in the country. There are a lot of old people here. They played patriotic songs, they played "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," they played more patriotic songs, and they played some military songs.

Anyways, whereas I've been thinking a lot about babies lately, you know, the beginning of life, this made me think about something entirely different. I started to wonder, were any of them going to die while I was watching them? So, I've done some BoN calculations; I love BoN calculations, back of napkin. Assuming that the average age of people there was 70 and assuming there were around 400 people there; and using Census data that says the average age of death of a 70 year old is 83, I have calculated that the probability that someone would die at the event that I just attended. Because the average age of death of a 70 year old is 83, half of the people at the event will be dead in 13 years; that is 113,000 hours. Now, because I was at the event for three hours and there were 400 old people there that means 1,200 total old people hours. You put that number over the total half-life of an old person at the age of 70 and then divide by two and get a .53 percent chance that someone would die within eye shot of me this afternoon. While that's not a very big number, it is probably the biggest that number has ever been in my life.

So, now you know how bored I am!
I accept your challenge and will answer my survey; the three minute and thirty second time limit is going to be quite a barrier, but I will do my best. And I very much enjoyed your children's book, I'm considering doing the illustrations for it myself. I'll see you tomorrow.