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As Nick recovers from vacation, we humbly offer you our first gag reel to make you smile.

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Host: Dr. Lindsey Doe

Directing/Filming/Editing: Nicholas Jenkins

Titles: Michael Aranda

Executive Producer: Hank Green

Music Used In This Episode: Batty McFaddin by Kevin MacLeod

Nick: Okay, rolling.
Lindsey: Oh, crap.

Lindsey: Then I took on my first sexology volunteer option.  Program.  Position.

Lindsey: I'm gonna burp.

Lindsey: Whoa. The iris of your camera just got very large.

Lindsey: Are you still filming?
Nick: I am now.
Lindsey: But you weren't before?

Lindsey: What's wrong?
Nick: I wasn't rolling.

Lindsey: *claps* Related to gonorrhea.

Lindsey: Doctors believed it would cause a--mmm--see?  This is what happens behind the scenes.

Lindsey: Volunteers, stay connected.  Get connected.  Beaaaah, make connections.

Lindsey: Most importantly, keep your individuality.

Lindsey: ...thought that nocturnal emissions were... smamadateria...

Lindsey: Just take all that out, and we'll go back to..."don't double-bag your condoms." Umm...

Lindsey: French the llama.

Lindsey: *pats lap* come up here.  Oh!  Oh my gosh!  I think you're on the microphone.  Yes, I need you to help me kick it up because I'm not feeling very well.

Lindsey: Physicia--
Nick: Oops, oops, sorry.  My bad.  I f*cked up, so.

Lindsey: Can you please do an ask video, Lindsey?  Can y--hmm.  Can you please do a Lindsey ask, oh my god!  Nick, where am I?

Lindsey: Can you elaborate on the lab--bleblbelble, always UTI's.

Lindsey: Can you elaborate on the dangers to mandering UTI'S--pffft, what??

Lindsey: Can you elaborate on the dangers to the penis during man--during--shise, why?

Lindsey: It's called safer sex because it's believed that no se--safe is--

Lindsey: Ooor um...come, ugh.  Nick, I can't.

Nick: Who do you, who would you, who--
Lindsey: Whooom do you have sex with?
Nick: Whooom.

Lindsey: All of thi--
Aaall of thi--
Aaall of these--

Lindsey: Including...mmm---

Lindsey: Noooooo, Nick!

Lindsey: She bang, she bang!

Lindsey: So, she finds herself some leftover mammoth

Lindsey: I don't want to use my hands.

Lindsey: Intestines, bladder, shells.  What is the third one?

Lindsey: Condom materials expanded--no, they developed.

Lindsey: And now we have all sorts of dams and gloves and...penis thingies.  I need to take this off.  Whyyyyy?

Lindsey: Do I have any bats in the cave?
Nick: Nnno.
Lindsey: Thanks.

Lindsey: But in other instances, it comes out in their sleep.  Through nocturnal emissions.
Nick: Hm.
Lindsey: M-m.

Lindsey: STI stands for sexually trasand--why?  Why?  Why?
Nick: But you are gonna try it again?
Lindsey: I want to.

Lindsey: The infection is incredibly painful.  The infection is incredibly painful.  THE INFECTION IS INCREDIBLY PAINFUL.

Lindsey: You're gonna feel the urinate to pee.

Lindsey: Nnn *sticks out tongue*

Lindsey: No! *laughs* oooh, yay.

Lindsey: Do I look as awkward as I feel?
Off-camera woman: Uhhh, no?
Lindsey: Are you going to tell me the truth?
Off-camera woman: I don't think--

Off-camera woman: *laughs* Oh noooo!
Lindsey: Ooooh...

Lindsey: Thirteen is the typical age *coughs* Oh-ho, wow! *clears throat* And I'm hitting puberty...

Lindsey: Thirteen is the typical age for most--mm.

Lindsey: Thirteen is the typical age for biosex males to begin--berbeber.

Lindsey: Thirteen is the typical age most b--vrrrr.

Lindsey: Thirteen is the typical age for biosex males to begin producing semen.  Many-- *fake cries*
Nick: What's wrong with "many"?

Lindsey: Thirteen is the typical age for many--merp!

Lindsey: Thirteen is the typical age for biosex males to begin producing semen. Sperpiderpiderpiderrrrr.
Nick: Erhmahgerd.
Lindsey: Erdarjidar.

Nick: It was really good now.
Lindsey: Up until the chitchatberber.

Lindsey: Can we move on to another talk and then come back?

Lindsey: Thirteen is the typical age at which biosex males start producing semen.  They'l either masturbate it out or find it during wet dreams.  Ya-hay!
Nick: *laughs*
Lindsey: Goll-y!

Lindsey: And you might take the prescription, surrending--surrererer--this is what happens toward the end when shooting is so much harder!

Lindsey: That doesn't make any sense, that's okay!

Lindsey: *squeakily revving engine* it doesn't want to go now that both of us are on it.  Gooooooo.  *revs*  That's cut!