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Caterpillar of the southern flannel moth also called the pus moth, which isn't great, and also called an ASP.

When you're a caterpillar, you're just like a bug old bunch food, so birds want to eat you, but you don't want that and you evolve ways to avoid that like being super poisonous or painful to touch.

Sensation has been described as staggering and intense, one person said it felt like she broke her ankle.

Right now I'm gonna show you like the 8th worst I found of a flannel moth caterpillar sting, so just know that there's ones that are way worse than this. I don't want to show those ones to you because they're real bad.

Basically, if caterpillar tiny hamster, no touchy. Toxin at the end of those little hairs works by exploding your cells.

Other symptoms include headache, nausea, vomiting, lymphadenopathy (which is like swollen lymph nodes), and sometimes shock or respiratory stress.