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Today’s problem: a co-worker faking sick. The Wimbly Womblys play Rayo Vallecano.
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Hello! And welcome to a brand new season of the AFC Wimbledon wimbly womblys. I just want to bring you up to date on a couple of different developments. We've lost uh Dominic solanke uh and also uh Ben Woodburn who were on loan with us from Liverpool. But we've replaced him, don't worry with this fella, Omarsson uh who is now going to be probably our our main backup striker at least to start and potentially our only backup striker because Will Grigg wants to be sold but my my contention is that with Omarsson and Will Grigg we've got ourselves a great team. Uh also we're zero games into the season and ralpho is already complaining about playing time so thats eh uh exciting and and welcome. Um we're gonna be playing in this European international cup competition. The idea here is simple, its a made up competition where we try to win 5 million dollars. We need 5 million dollars really badly because we've got big big teams coming in for the likes of John Green and John Green and I am nervous. I'm going to solve somebody's problem today guys. Uh in addition to solving my problem of never having played at Wanda Metropolitan problem solved. I'm gonna solve Merrys problem. I like the way Merry spells Merry's name. Its like merry Christmas. I've always preferred that spelling, but I feel bad because I know most people don't use that spelling. But I had a friend in uh middle school who used that spelling and I've always been partial to it. Merry's problem is as follows, 
" I have a friend oh no a coworker who is consistently calling in sick to work, then later I find them posting Instagram stories of themselves at concerts even though they should have been at home sick. I rely on this person to help me on different projects throughout the year, I don't want to go to my boss and rat them out. How do I politely tell them about their behavior? 

So I mean...I..I.. I have a somewhat unusual perspective on this Merry and I suspect that maybe perspective is gonna be impopular if there's somebody at your office whose not working...

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Whose not working, and your boss doesn't know about it, it might be because your boss depends upon people like you to let them know when people aren't working.

And I know its uncomfortable. I know its awkward.

Also, I don't know the specific rules of your company. Like is this this really - are they taking sick days or are they taking like PTO days because it all goes into the same bucket. I mean, I assume that they're not taking their FMLA family medical leave time to go to concerts.

Um - and anyway in the US that's unpaid I believe, for most companies. So, I don't know if they're taking sick-sick days, or if they're taking like PTO days and then they're pretending to be sick, but it doesn't really matter because its the same bucket as vacation days.  That's off the post. We've had an awful start to our 2021-2022 season.

Guys, I need you to focus, alright. Roffo,(?~2:03) if you're gonna complain about playing time, you gotta play better. that's how - that's how it works. That's a great ball.

That's really phenomenal. It's great stuff. It's John Green, I mean he's a comeback specialist and then he just puts the ball in the absolute top corner, you cant stop him, you can only hope to contain him.

And, hes gonna do a little macarena thing.  I mean, its not the best celebration but it's the one that I happened upon. And we're up one - nill, we've got every opportunity to win this five million dollars which would be very important because i'd like to give John Green and John Green a raise in an attempt to make them happy, so that they don't leave because they are literally irreplaceable. 

Even if someone pays me 150 million dollars for John Green, it's not like I can go out and get Mosala(?~2:03) for 150 million dollars, like I have to get somebody whose worse than John Green. Because none of the clubs like - oh god - none of the clubs will sell me their - its off the post - will sell me their Mosalas(?~2:03).

Wimbledon doesn't have the - yet - its doesn't have the champions league pedigree that those best-of-the-best players are looking for.  So, I think that you should - I mean - it's, I guess really the choice is between doing nothing.

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Doing nothing, um, which I think is an acceptable thing to do in this situation. Um, you can do nothing. But then if you're gonna do nothing you can't let yourself simmer in resentment, because that's not bad for them, right, it's bad for you.

Like, when you're not getting the support you need at work, that's bad for you. Um, and when you're just merely resentful about it, like that doesn't actually make the situation better, or anything like that, all it does is make you miserable. 

Get it John Green - oh John, Green, it's one touch and then shoot in that situation. It's not sit on the ball and see what happens. I know I shouldn't complain, since you've already given me a goal and I also really don't want you to leave, but, it's still a little frustrating.  Oh no. Panic. Panic stations. Panic stations!

And everything worked out better than expected, Roffo with a completely unnecessary save. Roffo, you're not allowed - how does a 16 year old have that strange of a hairline? Uh, you're not allowed - Roffo, you're not allowed to get excited about a save that you didn't have to make and that resulted in your team giving up a corner kick. 

I'm critical of him - for those of you who are critical of my criticism - i'm critical of him because he's young and he still has a lot to learn, and he knows that he's very gifted. And so I don't need to like, be encouraging to him because he is well aware of his manifest in many gifts.

Right, so the three choices are, you do nothing but make a deal with yourself that you're no longer gonna simmer in resentment about this - oh no , I just knocked over one of my players with one of my other players. I mean, that's the worst defense i've ever seen in the history of FIFA.

And yet, it all worked out.  Option two is that you talk to your coworker.

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