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In which Hank talks about the reading habits of nerdfighters, and his Valentine's Day.


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Good morning, John. This video comes in three parts and I know what you’re thinking, “three parts isn’t very many parts, Hank, and this video isn’t very long.” Well I’m sorry, I really am.

Part one: I just finished 13 Little Blue Envelopes. If you’d like to be entertained while also being educated, and also subconsciously prodded into going to Europe as soon as humanly possible, this is the book for you. Actually went and looked at plane tickets about halfway through. Very well done, if you have not bought it yet, buy it so that you can participate in the blurbing book club as soon as possible. We’ll let you know what the next blurbing book club is before we wrap up this blurbing book club book, so that you can get it in hand and be ready to read it for those two weeks. Next. ‘whoop!’

For those of you who are saying you need an extension because it takes a little bit of time for Amazon to get the book to your house: This’ll go fast, don’t worry, just go get it, and you’ll be fine.

Part two: Is the part where I talk about how I’ve kind of been spying on you, and also stealing your money.

You may not know this, but I decided to put an affiliate link in the Amazon link in the sidebar, so that we’d make twenty five cents every time somebody bought a copy of 13 Little Blue Envelopes. The cool thing is we not only get to see how much money we make- which has been like ten dollars, it’s been amazing- uh, but, we also get to see what people are buying.

And so now you see, because you’ve been giving me twenty cents for every book you buy on and I’ve kind of been checking up on what you guys are buying on But it’s been very interesting, Nerdfighters have some interesting buying habits. But when I say interesting, I, I mean nerdy. For example, somebody bought a copy of Elsewhere by Will Shetterly, which is one of my all-time favorite books; a story about a young nerd who gets taken in by a no-armed woman who runs a book shop, and also a bunch of elves.


Somebody bought the entire original Star Wars series, which is something that honestly we should all own.


Other titles include: Nerds: Who They Are and Why We Need Them.


Probability and Statistics for Engineering in the Sciences.


Solar Energy Projects for the Evil Genius.

Ecogeek Nerdfighters!

The Gifted Kid’s Survival Guide.


And of course Fraggle Rock, The Fraggle Rockin' edition DVD set.


You people when you’re shopping on Amazon, you do not forget to be awesome.

Part three: Valentine’s Day

I didn’t really expect to get any valentines this year, except maybe from Katherine, uh, but, I did. The Boston awesome nerdfighters at the Boston area nerdfighter gathering, also called BANG, made me a bunch of valentines! I wanna share some of them with you.

They also made John some too, and they included postage so that I can send them to him, which I will do shortly, and I have not done yet, and I’m sorry.

This one is from Helen Hunt, but on the back it says actually its from mizumisumitsu, who has been a nerdfighter from the very beginning.

Have an evil lady baby Valentine's day, there’s queen Ranavalona and a (gibberish).

This one just says HANK, love Angela Mini, it’s spelled mini but its pronounced meany, okay?

I love you from Boston. PARTY BLOWER SOLOS!

This may be one of my personal favorites, 'place head here'. Putting your head on stuff is a little bit of a turn around, the putting stuff on your head thing, but it works just the same.

This one’s shaped like nerdfighter fingers and references the valen’s tine joke, from Ashley.


And this one says “I am truly outrageous!” It says “hugs Sarah” and it says V-day 1987. I don’t understand why its 1987, why, why is it v-day 1987, Sarah? Okay.

Thank you Boston Area Nerdfighters, I will treasure them forever. And I made a Valentine for Katherine that I kinda want to share... just in case there are any Jane Austen nerdfighters out there.

That’s all for now, don’t forget to be awesome.