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A bit of video from our travels to northern Montana, a note about the awesome band ( ) who did our intro music, and my FIVE THINGS YOUTUBE TAG response.

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Hank [while sledding down hill]: Good morning, John.

It's January, which is something that I never thought I was gonna say again. And how did I kick off the new year? Same way as I did last year - sledding.

Except this time, if possible, the place we were at was actually more beautiful. Anyway, you know it's gonna happen, I know it's gonna happen... Let's just have it happen - sledding video montage. [Montage shows Hank, The Katherine, and friends sledding while Hank sings "Sledding video montage" repeatedly.] Hank: I love sledding.

Winter sports are the best! Especially when they require no skill at all! I'm not a skier, not a snowboarder - I like to sit down and go down.

None of this...balance, I don't need balance... I don't got balance! I just sit and I go!

First order of business - gotta take care of this - the intro, not entirely my doing. The music was actually done by a Nerdfighter named Ben who is very obviously made of awesome. It's a band called Center Course.

There will be a link to their band over in the sidebar. Awesome band. Thank you guys so much for doing that.

It's really great. It works perfectly; everybody loves it. Pretty much the best part of the intro, so thank you!

So my main order of business today is that I have been tagged. I have been tagged twice actually - possibly more than twice. Once by charlieissocoollike and thoughtsinmyhead tagged our channel so I'm just gonna do both of those.

And, John, if you wanna do one, I think actually you specifically got tagged by Nerdfighter Natalie. You can say thoughtsinmyhead tagged you if you want to but you got Natalie. The tag game basically means that I have to say five things about myself that you didn't already know.

So... Number One! I am one of the millions of Americans who, despite having the money to buy health insurance, and a very strong will to have health insurance, does not have health insurance.

One more reason why I'm leaning very strongly toward the Left in the upcoming election. And Two! I hate sesame seeds.

And I hate sesame seeds for the same reason that I don't have health insurance. Because I have a disorder in my colon and sesame seeds irritate my disorder. I don't know what this means [makes weird finger gesture].

So the doctor says I can't have sesame seeds and, while I like sesame seed flavored things, generally sesame seeds are just a garnish. And now I can't eat like half of the sandwiches in the world because they all have sesame seeds on them. And it's not because sesame seeds taste good on buns, it's just like a little sign that says 'Hank, you can't have this hamburger because somebody decided to put sesame seeds on it'! [Makes calming gesture] Okay, Number Three.

For an entire summer during college I didn't pay for any food. Now this has a name - they call them "Freegans". Yeah, I ate mostly out of the trash, but I also would go to friend's houses and eat their food or go to Katherine and mom's house and eat her food.

I wanted to live a "zero-impact lifestyle", except that I played video games all the time. Four! I was the mascot at my high school.

I dressed up in a wildcat costume and I danced at all the games. That's what I did! Willy...

Willy the Wildcat. That was me. And, finally, Five.

John Green is not actually my brother. I am a paid actor. Uh, I was hired by his publishing company to try and help him sell books, and I just, I don't think that it's right to keep lying to you guys. [Laughs] Did you see the YouTube Drama report that said that we weren't brothers and that I was an environmentalist wacko?

And that my first name is actually William? Ohh, Trevor [Laughs], I don't know where you get your news. Yeah, John and I are actually brothers.

It's not a metaphor. It's not like we're in the same organized crime thing. [Dramatically] You are my brother! Kind of brotherhood.

We're not half brothers, we're not adopted - we are of the seed of the same man and we came out of the same woman. That kind of brother. Maybe that other one should be my thing.

My name is William Henry Green the second. I'm named after my grandfather and my mom wanted to call me Hank, which I'm glad of. I really like the name Hank, but it's also sometimes a huge pain in the ass when the bank is like "But this check is made out to Hank!" "Well, I'm Hank." "No, no, no.

You are William! You're William!" "No. I'm...

Well, I'm Hank... I'm, I'm William and I'm Hank. JUST GIVE ME MY MONEY!" So now you know those five things and I get to tag people too. melissajenna, ransriggs, maureenbooks, Nerdfighter international, and priscillaandpathos - you've all been tagged!

John, I'll see you tomorrow. [End]