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I had to cut these because they took up so much spaaaaaace.

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Why do nuanced opinions seem more rare than one-sided opinions.

A bunch of reasons, I'm going to go into two.

First, because we want to win and nuance lends credence to the opposition. If I say "I want the world to be this way," I can't be like and "I understand that there are lots of reasons why other people would want it to be another way." No, we need to stand firm and to cast those other people in the most negative possible light so that we can win.

Second, because there are so many things that we're supposed to have opinions about these days and nuance is hard and complicated and it requires a lot of independent research because nobody is out there trying to like shout out a nuanced opinion because they're all out there trying to win. And who's got time for that? To do that for every single of these thousands of issues we're supposed to care about.

Again, there's lots more to it than that, but I've tried to make some like more nuanced opinion-ey... things. I find that very hard to do because I, in doing that, I'm basically saying "yeah, the people I disagree with, the people who are wrong, they're actually right about some stuff."

And I don't ever want to say that. You don't want to say that, you don't want to lose. Because I think it's important that we win! Ugh.

I just got into my dream school but another school is offering me sixty four thousand dollars. Sixty four thousand dollars how much to school cost!? Oh my god! If they're offering you sixty four thousand dollars, you better like come out in the black, like you better make some money off that. I cannot answer this question for you, but I can say that as humans it is very difficult to know what we will enjoy the most before we actually do it. I don't think that you can know for sure which school you're gonna enjoy more, though I do think you can have an informed opinion... so that is your decision to make.

What's the hardest part of running a company? Well it's not having employees who are also close friends. Though maybe that's a part of it. It's the fear is the hard part. The blasting through the uncertainty, the anxiety, and the fear. I try not to let it hold me back because I think my fear is based in my values and I think that my values are good and I should hold onto them. But as you're building good teams to do good things. there's always that chance that it's not going to be sustainable and you're gonna have to tell a friend that they don't have a job anymore. and that... oh no I hate that idea! I haven't had to do it yet, but I have a healthy respect for the fear that I have that I will someday have to do it. Because I need it to help motivate me to always be working to keep these things sustainable!

How do you feel when you find yourself using your white male privilege? I want to be clear: I have a lot more than just the white and the male privilege, I have all of the privileges. I've had economic stability my whole life, I don't have any serious mental health or physical health problems, I'm tall, I'm well-educated, I've never had student loans, I'm moderately attractive... my advantages are piled up in a big beautiful bag that I was very lucky to receive. How do I feel when I'm using those advantages? Like I should be using them to do the best possible thing for the world. And not always am I doing that, but I try to do that because I think that I have a responsibility to because I've been given great gifts and I hope that I am worth them.