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For our 10th anniversary, we worked with Claire Emery, a Missoula-based artist, to create a series of wood-cut prints celebrating Nerdfighteria. I've been a fan of Claire's work for years and when we were trying to figure out an exciting and one-of-a-kind way to celebrate this moment, she was the first person who came to mind.

These images are created by hand-cutting a piece of wood with the image, painting on some ink, and then running it through a press. After a a certain number of runs, the wood starts to break down and the prints can never be made again, so these will be very limited.

The color ones are hand-colored by Claire (which is why they're so expensive.) We aren't making any money on these, the entire cost goes to the artist for her time and materials. We wanted to make these little pieces of art as accessible to Nerdfighteria as possible.

Thanks to Michael Aranda for editing this! Shot by Tyler Grutsch
So my name is Claire Emery, and I'm an artist. I work in a lot of mediums and my favorite is woodcuts. There I was, looking at my computer, and I discovered I had three weeks of emails that had not come through, and I'm like, "Oh no! What's going on?" So I figured that out and they all came in at once and in there was an email from Hank, and he said, "Hey, I've been looking at your work for the past few years, I'm a fellow Missoulian, do you want to do some commemorative pieces for me, like, based on inside jokes?" And I was like, "Well, who are you and what do you do and what, what is all this?" So l have discovered there's a very vital parallel universe existing that I really wasn't aware of.

I started to do a little research on the web to find out what is this, you know, thing, the Nerdfighteria, what's DFTBA, you know, French the Llama, what, what... You know, I was, like, "What is this about?" So I was researching and I discovered that I had, I felt I had enough that resonated with my values in what the Nerdfighteria is all about that I really wanted to work on this project. My hope would be when someone takes home one of these prints, that they would feel really connected to what the Nerdfighteria is about. They would also sense the depth of the process that goes into making this work. I hope that they would really get the sense of what it means to be a maker in the world and to build and make things that make a difference, and I would hope that people would get inspired to do their own work in the world through that.