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We take a look at our first ever videos and do a LOT of cringing.

And it's Monday, which means we'll be checking our answer machine to see what messages you've left us.

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Charlie & Jimmy

  Intro (0:00

Charlie: Good morning.

Jimmy: I'm Jimmy.

C: I'm Charlie.

J: And today, we unlock some top secret Charlie and Jimmy videos from yesteryear.

C: We're gonna say our thingy now. Are you ready? I'll count us in.

J: I'm ready.

C: 3, 2, 1.

Both: It's Cereal Time.


J: Ah! Okay, we're here, we're doing it. Wow, I'm nervous. I'm excited. Good morning.

C: Good morning. Welcome to Cereal Time. What is Cereal Time? Well, we uploaded a little teaser earlier in the week, last week even. Saw some comments from you. We've got Anais Rzr here, left a comment. "I really want to know what this is now! Plus, it'll be the perfect time, we'll eat breakfast together (hopefully-please be it cereal reviews)" Are we gonna do cereal reviews, Jimmy?

J: I can't confirm there'll be cereal reviews. Maybe once or twice. I think that... I mean we're here every weekday, I think that'd get quite boring quite fast.

C: Is there enough cereal in the world? Don't know for sure.

J: I don't know. I don't know if we're the people to take on that challenge. Hello to orestesandpylades. Orsesun.. That's just a group of letters, isn't it? She says: "This starts on my birthday! I'm so excited". Happy birthday.

C: Happy birthday oresterusun.

J: Uzbuzztubuzten. I would sing happy birthday, but can't pronounce your name. So...

C: Neafcy says, "I would be super excited if I was ever conscious at 7 am". Neafcy, it's a YouTube show, right? We'll upload at 7, the video will be there forever. You can watch it whenever you like.

J: This is something that seems to have confused quite a few people, though. Loads of people were saying, "Oh, I'll never be up at 7." You can watch it anytime.

C: We are not a live show. Clearly, we would not be too good at doing live.

J: No, I mean it's a breakfast show, but you can watch it whenever.

C: That's a pretty good explanation of what it is, really. That's what Cereal Time is. We're, we'll be here doing challenges, playing little games, talking about hopefully interesting topics. And we'll be here every single morning while you're still in bed, while you're eating cereal hopefully, it's in the name. Even while you're doing your morning poop.

J: Not in bed.

C: Not in bed. Hopefully. Whatever it is you might be doing in the morning, we will be here, trying to entertain, trying to wake you up.

J: Yeah. It's exciting. I mean, we don't know what we're doing yet, but it's been a long time coming. So, it's just good to be here with you.

  Watching first videos (2:17

J: This week, it's all themed around beginnings 'cause this is a new thing for us. So we thought why not take a trip down memory lane and revisit our first ever YouTube videos? 'Cause, we've been doing this for quite a while, we're what you might call YouTube veterans.

C: Old fogies, I'd say. Yeah, whatever.

J: Yeah, I think that YouTube years are a lot like dog years. So in the YouTube world we're OAPs.

C: We're pretty much dead.

J: Yeah.

(Both laugh)

C: Which is why we're starting a new channel.

J: Yeah, that's what people do, isn't it? So we thought we would watch our first videos that are on our channels to kind of go back to where it all started for us. This sounded like a great idea when we came up with it. I'm scared.

C: Not looking forward to this. So, we're starting with me, as well. So this is the first video that's still on my channel. So, vaguely proud of it, but... Let's take a look, shall we?

J: Let's go for it.

C: Hadn't had a haircut in quite a while. Apparently.

J: Your hair's so long!

C: Yeah.

C: Charlieissocoollike is changing. Vlogs may disappear. Points may be thought out.
C: "Points may be thought out". That never happened. Never.

(Heartbeat noise)
C: I really really went for it-

J: This is very dramatic.

C: -with those, like, Windows Movie Maker, like, pans across.

J: I love those. People don't use those enough now, I don't think.

C: Be prepared for changes! But most of all, be prepared to laugh. See you next time.
(Sounds of thunder)
J: Very good. Very good. I liked that.

C: I don't know. I put a lot of work into that, so I don't feel like it's too cringe worthy. It's okay, you know. It's... (sighs)

J: I like it!

C: Yeah, it's not bad.

J: I like it! I think it's good. I think good use of effects, I couldn't do that now and I've got Premiere.

C: *laughs* I was making the best of what I had. I feel okay that that's still on my channel.

J: There you are. If you wanna go and watch it for yourself, go way back in time on Charlie's channel and you'll find it. So, we're gonna watch one of my videos now.

C: Yeah. How you feeling?

J: I'm not feeling great, because yours was actually quite good and you looked kind of the same. Just, just you wait until you see this.

Charlie: OK, let's have a look.

J: Right, hi. Yeah, cool.
(Jimmy whimpers and Charlie laughs)

C: So I did see this once before, right? And that intro is still, like, "Right, yeah, cool". I don't know what it is I love so much about that. (Jimmy laughs) "Right, yeah, cool."

J: There's a lot going on guys, yeah? Oh, just play it.

J: Revealing myself a little bit. Let's just... Come on, we're all friends here. Let's all get naked. If you're watching at home, take your clothes off! Come on!
(Charlie still laughing)

J: It was a different time.

J: Lately I've been so conscious of the fact that I've got all these new subscribers, and I get all these views.
(Charlie still laughing)

J: I probably had less than a thousand subscribers at this point.

C: I just love your face that's like "All these views".

J: Really surprised all the time. I think it comes with the accent. 'Cause I used to have a much stronger accent.

C: Mhmm.

J: And I think maybe it had an effect on my facial expressions.

J: Especially after my last video, people didn't like it, alright. "Ooh Jimmy, who do you think you are? You know, you're being an arse."

J: Can we please fast-forward to the end.

C: If you want.

J: I can't...

C: I mean, I don't know if I can sit through this whole thing, I've got to be honest.

J: Alright Charlie!

J: Sorry for not making very regular videos. As I say, this should change hopefully now because, um, I don't know.

(Charlie laughs)

J: Why am I doing this?

J: So yeah, see you all in a bit. Bye.

C: There we go.

J: Oh. I just need a moment to compose myself.

C: So that video is still public on your channel for whatever reason.

J: Don't know why. A mistake, it shouldn't be public.

  Game (5:54

C: But we're gonna play a little game now because we do both have videos still on our channels that are private.

J: Yeah.

C: Like really old stuff that we are not proud of.

J: So we thought, "Why not? First show, first ever Cereal Time, let's throw a bit of jeopardy in there right away." We're going to play a little game now. The loser of the game, forfeit will be to make their first video which is private live for 24 hours.

C: 24 hours is okay, but I feel like my first video ever is kind of similar to that one. It's just...

J: Oh.

C: It's just kind of dire.

J: Mine's about a million times worse than that so I'm terrified at the moment, I'm absolutely terrified.

C: So we're going to play a game, right, to pick whose video is going to go public and it's can you guess the other's, not first tweet, but one of the first tweets?

J: Yeah, we thought first tweet would be too easy.

C: Yeah.

J: So we've got some multiple choice options. Shall I go first?

C: I think you're going first, yeah.

J: Shall I read my options for you?

C: Yeah, go for it.

J: So Charlie's got to guess which one is a tweet from me.

Option 1: Alright then, who wants to see my new tattoo?
Option 2: I love a good sneeze, me.
Option 3: The thing about cheese slices is, they aren't even cheese really.

C: Oh God. This is quite hard. They all do sound like things you would say.

J: I genuinely can't remember what the answer is. So good job Josh, writing these tweets.

C: I think I'm gonna go for number 2.

J: You're gonna go for "I love a good sneeze, me"?

C: Yeah, I feel like that's the most Jimmyish. I got it right?

J: Oh, what!?

C: Josh is saying I got it right.

J: No!

C: Thank God. (Laughs)

J: I do not remember tweeting that. I don't know why I would, it's a pretty pointless tweet.

C: That was so random. Okay, good.

J: OK, pressure.

C: So if you guess this then I think we just have to watch both of our videos and they both go live.

J: Yeah, if it's a draw both of our videos go live.

C: OK, great. So here are my three tweets.

J: It's all to play for, guys.

C: Number one: I succumbed to peer pressure and now eating a chocolate finger.

J: Okay.

C: Number two: I just had a little nap on a bus and now it's night.
And number three: I've missed lunch. I was wondering why I was so hungry.

What do you think?

J: Oh. That's really difficult. Um.

C: I can't remember either with this.

J: I don't think it's the bus one. And the third one just seems too banal so I'm gonna go with option one, the chocolate finger.

C: No! Number three!

J: Oh, it's option three! It was option three!

C: I'm not proud of that tweet at all.

J: Sorry for criticizing your tweet there.

C: Yeah. No, that, it's fine. It's a rubbish tweet. But that does mean that I win so we're gonna... *laughs*

J: No!

C: We're gonna watch your private video now, Jimmy.

J: I'm going. I quit.

C: And you're gonna actually make it live, just for 24 hours, but...

J: OK, this is my first ever video that is private but will be live for the next 24 hours.

C: Let's do it.

J: Right, hello.

(Charlie laughs)

J: Just, there are no words. To quote the internet, I can't even.

J: Just got in from work. It's a lovely day outside. Been working the day shift.

C: Just a... When did you invest in a tripod, then? When did you... Did you watch this back and you were just, like, "Actually, this is not... I can't really see. I'm looking more at the corner of my room than I am at myself, so..."

J: I think it was a good three or four years later. (Both laugh)

J: You know when you're trying to stop yourself laughing so hard that you think you're actually about to explode.
J: I'm cringing so hard I feel like I'm gonna explode.

J: This old woman comes hobbling over. "Um, do you mind if I squeeze your bananas?" Sorry? What!? Do you mind if I squeeze your bananas? Sorry, just 'cause I work there doesn't mean they're my bananas.

J: Pacy, isn't it.

C: *laughs* Yeah. Really just whizzing through this.

J: So, I mean I said "No, you know, why do you wanna squeeze them?" "Oh, it's alright. They're usually a bit soft here. I love something hard in my mouth."

(Both laugh)

C: That was gold.

J: Oh, wow!

C: It was pretty to the point. What was that, just, like, a minute ten seconds?

J: Yeah.

C: It could have been worse.

J: I mean, also it was a sentence that I could say in ten seconds. But if you want to see the full version of that video, I can't believe I am leading you to this, but go to my channel. That video will be un-privated for the next 24 hours.

C: We're not gonna link to it, though. You've got to find it yourself.

J: No, I'm not mad!

C: I'm gonna put an annotation down here.

 Answerphone Mondays (10:32

C: So every Monday is Message Monday? Voicemail Monday?

J: Answerphone Monday?

C: Whatever it might be. Basically we're gonna take a listen to some of the voice messages you've sent us. I asked you to do some reviews of Cereal Time, what you think of the show, how it's going so far, bear in mind that no-one has actually heard or seen the show yet, but we'll just see what people think anyway and...

J: I'm excited that people have left voicemails for us. I love this.

C: (Laughs) It is quite fun.

J: It's like opening up post. OK, so we'll start with Nicole shall we. What's Nicole saying. Nicole, are you there?

Nicole: Cereal Time is my favorite show out there. It's literally the only thing that's getting me through today.

J: (Laughs) Wow.

C: Thank you very much, Nicole. I feel bad about the fact that maybe you haven't got up, gotten up?

J: Yeah, up till now.

C: Before now.

J: What have you been doing? You must have been having a terrible time up to now, Nicole. I'm glad we're here to get you out of bed. We've had loads of these, by the way, so thank you for sending these in.

C: Yeah, thank you very much.

J: Next up, it's Joey. What's Joey saying?

Joey: OK, so Cereal Time is a great show and I hope it's all about cereal.

J: Thanks very much.

Joey: No wait, it is about cereal. Yes. Um, this is awkward. Charlie, why are you making us do this? Um, nyee. Okay, uh...

(Jimmy laughs)

C: I think we're gonna stop that one there, Joey. Maybe just think about what you're gonna say before you say anything, maybe.

J: Before you hit record. It's fine. (Laughs)

C: That one goes on quite a bit longer as well. That's, like, multiple voice messages. Well thank you very much for that one, Joey. It means the world.

J: This is Joel.

Joel: This show is amazing.

J: (Laughs) Wow. Well don't get too carried away, Joel.

C: Is that the whole thing? Yeah. OK.

J: That's the whole thing, yeah. Six seconds.

C: Thank you very much, Joel, for that glowing review.

J: I feel like we got the full spectrum there of enthusiasm with those messages. Thank you very much for sending those in. If you want to leave us a voicemail then probably the best thing to do is go to our Facebook page which is

  Outro (12:44

J: There we are, we have reached the end of the first ever Cereal Time.

C: I hope that was good enough. (Laughs)

J: Thank you so, so much for watching.

C: Thank you.

J: It's so exciting to be here, finally. I mean, we're gonna have some fun, we're gonna have some fun.

C: And we're gonna leave you now on the Twitter Thought of the Day. This is gonna be a reoccurring thing at the end of every episode. We'll give you an inspirational quote that we'd like to take from you from Twitter to set you off on the right foot. Obviously we don't have anyone watching yet, so what we're gonna do is we're gonna come up with the inspirational quotes off the top of our head. Jimmy's gonna go first today.

J: OK.

C: I'm gonna give you some words to include in your inspirational quote that you will now come up with. Are you ready?

J: OK. This is pressure, I'm essentially inspiring the world with this.

C: Yeah. Your words are: admiration, soul, and photosynthesis. Off you go.

J: Oh g... Photosynthesis!?

C: Yeah.

J: OK. "If you've got soul, then admiration flows from me to you. Plants survive using photosynthesis". That's...

C: (Laughs) And if that didn't inspire you then I don't know what will. See you tomorrow.

J: See you tomorrow.