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In which John discusses what happens with the revenue generated by the advertisement you just watched.


The Project for Awesome web site has lots of helpful info, including thumbnails you can use for your video:

More info on The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck and the charities that have received grants from us:

Applications for grants to fund the creation of freely available educational content:

Hank's video on how to make a great p4a video:

The 2017 Nerdfighter Census:

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Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday, and I'm wearing a suit, which must mean it's time to talk about money.

So since 2014, all the ad revenue from this YouTube channel has been evenly split between our charity, The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck, and a fund that sponsors online educational content. And through that fund we've been able to give grants to dozens of projects over the years. I'll link to a few of the recent ones below.

But I mention this because submissions are now open for the next round of grants. So if you know of a great edu creator who needs a few thousand dollars to become an even greater edu creator, or if you are such a person, there is a link to apply in the doobly-doo below.

Quick pause to note that Hank and I don't do this because we're oh so noble or whatever, we do it because we can afford to. We have other jobs that pay well. Like for instance did you know that my new book Turtles all the Way Down is available in bookstores everywhere and the New York Times just named it one of their favourite books of the year. Back to charity!

Right, so the other half of Vlogbrothers revenue goes to the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck, which despite its silly name is a real charity. It is federally sanctioned, your donations are tax deductable, all that stuff. And despite the so called adpocalypse on YouTube and broader challenges faced by the advertising funded parts of the internet, Vlogbrothers has had a really good year. The foundation has about 125 000$ in the bank right now, 15 000 more than we did at this time last year, largely thanks to the money we made helping distribute the excellent documentary Kedi.

But soon, we will have nothing in the bank because it will all be given away after the 11th annual Project for Awesome. A 48-hour, livestreamed, charity extravaganza that begins at noon Eastern time on December 15th.

During the 1st half of Project for Awesome we raise money for pre-selected charities, this year they are Save the Children, which we have worked with extensively over the last decade and also Last Mile Health, an amazing nonprofit that trains and pays community health workers in Liberia.

During that part of the P4A, every dollar you donate will count as much more than 1 dollar because Hank and I will match every donation up to $250,000. And donors to both charities will also match your donation so your money will go a long way. And then During the 2nd half of the Project for Awesome, we raise money chosen by Nerdfighteria and this is where you can help raise money and awareness for your favorite charities.

Make a video about a charity you think should receive a grant, upload it at noon Eastern time on December 15th and then people can vote for your charity at

Now, you might be thinking I don't have many subscribers, no point in me making a video. But every year, charities get grants thanks to brilliant videos made by creators with a few dozen or even zero subscribers. Making a P4A video is also an excellent way to support a charity even if you can't afford to donate to it.

As to how to make a P4A video, I highly recommend Hank's guide, which you can find in the dooblydoo below. In the past, grants have gone to organizations from the Trevor Project to the Against Malaria Foundation. It's all up to you, your videos and your votes.

Over the past 5 years, the Project for Awesome has raised more than $5.8 million for charities and we're hoping to make this the best year yet- no pressure or anything... little bit of pressure. It occurs to me now that "No pressure or anything- little bit of pressure" is kind of my approach to everything.

Ok, 4 last things: 1 I will be in comments to answer any questions you have. 2 let us know who you'd like to see as Project for Awesome Co-hosts. Let us know if you have any perk ideas that would temp your dollars toward charity, and lastly, if bny some chance you would like to donate a lot of money to the Project for Awesome, like, say $1000 or more, and you want to join the matching donation fund, e-mail me with the subject line "Matching" at

Thank you, Hank.
DFTBA, I'm going to take off this suit. I will see you on Friday.