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HANK - Hello and welcome to Games with Hank I am Hank and this is Katelyn!

KATELYN - Hello.

HANK - We are in the middle of our series of Super Smash brothers tournamenting for Super Smash Brothers Wii U, um --

STEFAN (?) - (in background) Semifinals!

HANK - This is the semifinals I've made it to the second to last round, this is, uh, Katelyn is my opponent. I don't really expect to beat her. I've seen, I've seen what she's capable of, but we're gonna see. Uh, Donkey Kong verses Kirby there's a lot of Donkey Kong to hit with a giant falling cheese.

KATELYN - I also have my lucky remote (?)

HANK - She has, (mumbling) at least I'm worthy of the lucky remote.

STEFAN (?) - Hey.

HANK - Unlike some people.

KATELYN - Well, now it's just you and me and this flat land.

HANK - Ooo you - whooAH!

UNKNOWN (?) - There's no where to run!

KATELYN - Oh - oh no!

HANK - How did I not hit you just now?

KATELYN - Don't throw that at me.

UNKNOWN (?) - Donkey Kong's steaming right now.

HANK - I am steaming - uh oh Bullet Bill!

KATELYN - Get away!