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In which the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers miss goals.
It's Merrick Maric. Good looking cross but no. It's all for nothing.

Doh, we almost got it in there.

Goh! What are you doing!? Everything until then was ridiculously amazing.

Oh, that's a nice looking cross. Nope, no. But it was nice looking though.

I will say I think it's OK to pray... Oh, McGoldrilocks, I needed you to, like, swing that in like Other John Green would've.

Come on. Merrick Maric! Oh, he was almost in. He was almost in and our dreams almost lived.

He's coming. Oh! Get it in! Oh, what a save from Atlético Madrid.

Oh. Golly garshgabarg. Wasn't it clear that that wasn't where I wanted to get it. I wanted to get it to Bald John Green on the far post.

Oh. Bal... Other John Green is really, he's goal hungry, which is great to see, but what's frustrating to see is that he doesn't seem to remember where the mouth of the goal is.

Oh! We almost just had 40 seconds of silence. Gah, that was painfully close for Merrick Maric.

He's going to Other John Green! Other John Green! Oh, somehow he can't put it in the net. It's infuriating.

Back into the box. We're relentless. No. Other John Green ran in the exact wrong direction.

I believe in you like I believe in the S... Oh.

Aaah! Off the post! Off the g-g-d-go-g-g it's cleared off the line! Are you kidding me!

Oh. That was almost good. that way. Oh! Doh, it had to be but it wasn't.

Oh it's gotta be. And somehow it isn't.

And there we have a guy. He was open. Oh, I didn't get it to him in time. I should've, I should have crossed it earlier. I apologize to my friends and family.

Settle, shoot. Oh, it's saved! Oh, everything was perfect except the save was there! Let's bring up everybody.

McGoldrilocks! McGoldrilocks! Oh, he can't finish!

Bald John Green in the box! Bald John Green somehow can't get the ball on net.

We are only going to meet... Oh ho ho ho ho. I mean how did you miss it?