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The crew takes on the Plasm Wraith.
Hello and welcome to Hank Green plays Pikmin 3. We have successfully navigated the labyrinth, now we shall enter the labyrinth and uh- [Reads] Day 36 for me on this planet. I was so excited to explore this place, but now I just feel homesick. I miss my big sister, especially. She always shared her food with me, even when it was scarce. I can't wait to pay her kindness back when we show up with a ship full of seeds.

Uhm, yeah, so uhm. I've seen a little of what this thing can do. It seems to be able to morph into different shapes that require different Pikmin so I will make sure to not uh, I guess I should probably try and get equal numbers of all of the different Pikmin for this final battle, which is about to occur, I assume. We're going to go down. We're going to get Olimar. Everybody's just going to walk through the maze together, with Olimar and we're not- everything is going to be fine.

Maybe have a little more of those and fewer of these because I don't want to run out. Oh my- don't want to run out.

Uh. What? Because that's not- nope. Oh my god. Okay. Boy, do I wish I could control more than 100 Pikmin at a time.

Alright, we've got 24 juices. It's the thirthy-seventh day. Things are going to be fine. So we got all the way through the labyrinth. We saw the light of day. We just were not able to carry Olimar all the way through. Uh, my Pikmin were a little slow, and that's too bad. Yup. Yup.

Yeah, how's it going Brittany? Everything's fine, except it's not. Everybody, we're going to go together this time. What? Oh man. Speed you up a bit. Oh jeez. Now we've got 10 of 5. That's good. Uhm, and we're gonna go this way. Right. This, over here. That's what we want to do. It's not that far, actually, which is good. Because I wouldn't just want to be walking for fun.

Let's try and not leave behind Olimar though, so, everybody stop and wait for these slow carrier Pikmin, who are so slow. So slow. Where you at, carrier Pikmin? C'mon through.

No. No. No. Not allowed. He is not allowed to be in trouble. They better be moving. Are they moving? I'm just watching to see if they're moving. They are moving. He's not in trouble. Everything's fine. They're just a little slow. Here they come. Good job, you little Pikmin. You're hard workers. Maybe I should have flower-heads on them... on Olimar, I mean. It's not gaining on you. Everything is fine. I'm losing a Pikmin because... just because.

You guys are so slow! It's infuriating. Yes. You have arrived. Alright everybody. Catch up. Alright. The good news is, the blob does not seem to be gaining on the flying Pikmin and that- they get to fly. They're flying over that. That's a good reason to have them be fliers. Excellent.

Alright. Let's go through the hole together as one group of Pikmin who are happy and pleased to be about to fight a battle that I most certainly will not win the first time. Because that would be no fun.

Yay! Everybody run to the ship! Let's get into the ship as fast as you can and do not let the blob thing catch up to you! Oh, wow. Yup. There it is. Oh, we just got there... and then he ate Olimar. Oh, Captain Olimar. Oh gosh, it's dance- walking like a little, what is it even? Get it! What are you guys doing. Why aren't you attacking this?

Oh jeez. Did it shrink a little? I don't know. Ahh! Run away! Get it! I don't know what's happening. It's regenerating? What does that mean? Plasma Wraith. Oh, it has a name, everybody. I don't know. It just keeps getting smaller. Smaller is good. I like smaller.

Oh, we have to smash those before it reabsorbs them. Okay! What? How do we do that? Oh jeez! We get yellow Pikmin. That's how. Oh man. Get up there! Oh that's- I got hit. I got hit hard.

Oh it hit me again. 82 Pikmin. 82. Get it. Go get it. Go! It hit me again! Stop hitting me! Okay, I feel like it's at like half. It's half. 

Oh jeez. Oh jeez what's that one? It's water. Good job. Good job, Pikmin. Good job. Kill it! Kill it! Let's go get it! Don't worry about dying. It keeps hitting me and it's really annoying.

What's that one? What is it? I don't see... Oh, it's on fire. Oh man. Oh man. I don't like when it's on fire.

Alright everybody. Let's regroup. Let's have a regroup session here everybody. There's only 41 of us left, so that's not ideal.

Where are you going? You have to attack him. You have to attack him, you lazy buggers. No! That was wrong! That was the wrong thing! Oh shh- what's that? Fire. It's fire again. I don't have anymore- Oh, I do. I don't know what that means. What's it doing?

Your orders are kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill. It's not that complicated. Everybody. Everybody, there's a golden play button, gonna try and we're going to get it by standing in its feet. If it starts flying, send in your winged Pikmin. I have like 6 of those left, so that's not ideal.

Oh jeez, why are you guys even trying? No! You're not fire Pikmin! You know that! There's 5 of them left. Did you get it? Or not. I don't know. Attack! Everybody run away. Everybody run away from whatever those things are. Oh- what? I got hit! I got hit!

No, it stepped between me and the thing. Good job, Pikmin. Good job.

Go get it. Okay. Oh my gosh. What is it? It's electric! It walked right in! It walked right into the electric bubble with it... with all my Pikmin on it. I keep going too far. I did it again!

Oh jeez. Run away! Run away! Run away! Ow, ow. God. Oh man. This is going to be awfully hard to kill now that I don't have any freaking Pikmin. Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. What am I supposed to do? Just keep them away from that? I don't know anymore.

I don't have anymore fire Pikmin, so seriously? What am I supposed to do? Are you... no, you're a flier. I got one flier. There's one in the field. So maybe that one... is that fire? It is! There is one fire Pikmin left. Attack. Seriously though. Actually attack. Everybody get away from the blobs. Water. No! I just threw the wrong things in!

Run away. Alright. Good job, water Pikmin. Kill it. Just kill it. It can't be that hard. We have a situation. I agree. We have a situation. It is a situation that I am not a- oh wow. Finally, we get something for the rock Pikmin to do. Unlock. There's just not very many of us. Like, I am much more in control now, but there's a lot less to do.

Oh man. We were down to a quarter of its life at one point, but I just don't feel like it's going to happen. Can I go back to my ship to pick up more Pikmin? The answer is yes. That's crazy. But I don't want to lose all of them.

Alright. Let's do this, guys.

You knock me over, and that causes all of my Pikmin to not be in my group anymore. Where you going? Where you going?

It's not that bad. It's better than it was. Kill him. Kill him! Away from the fire! Okay. Let's just run away. This is- but I don't want to run away. I want to kill it!

Ah! It hit me again. Attack! There are three of them now? He knocked me over again. Yellows.

Oh no. I died? Oh no! Brittany is down! Brittany is down! Oh man. This is terrible. Get it! Kill it hard. Kill it harder! Everybody, come with me. Oh man. Oh, ten... Oh nooo. Oh man. It killed... Oh jeez. I... now I have to go back. I have to go get more Pikmin. Oh, this is not... I agree that it is not good. Brittany's down and it's killing them. I'm out of luck. Ah! No! Do not fight! Do not fight! I do not want to lose you. Ugh. I went the wrong way.

Agh. The music is so happy! Oh my god. Thank you for watching this... ugh. I may have to get more Pikmin on some other planets, but I promise I will not show you that, but you will see me next time when I beat this thing. And I will do it. I guarantee. Thank you for watching. Goodbye.