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Hello! It's... it's Vlog Every Day in April. Except, I keep missing days! It's the twentieth-fifth day of April and the twenty-second day of me vlogging every day in April. That... that's just not good.  Man! Yesterday was a crazy day in which I was not in my house at all, so I was not able to vlog — like that wasn't... I don't know! I guess I should have expected, I should have known, and I should have made something beforehand but I just didn't do it. And then I was like "well, I pffft".

Katherine and I spent almost all of yesterday either taking care of Lemon, who was still sick with hookworm, or... uh, we dug up our whole community garden pot, and we got it ready to plant stuff. And that is a long job, if you've ever done that.  Lots of weeding, lots of digging and moving compost around and such. And then it was a good friend of mine's birthday last night, so we went over there at like six, and then I was there until way after midnight. And then I got home. It was today then. Anyway, it wasn't yesterday. So it was too late!

Anyway I have exciting news for you if you live in Seattle. I don't know how likely it is that you do live in Seattle, but if you do live in Seattle, then you should — if you want to see me play a show you should go buy and buy a ticket to w00tstock. W-0-0-T-S-T-O-C-K.

w00tstock is a geek slash music slash nerd thing. It's put on by Adam Savage and Wil Wheaton, who are two of the awesomest geeks in the entire world. Depending on how well you know me, you know that I am kind of obsessed with Star Trek: The Next Generation. So this is pretty exciting for me.

But a bunch of people get together at this thing. And then there's like people play music, and they do like educational, stand-up, fun, cool stuff, and it's really awesome and it's like three hours long. And I will be there playing and it's going to be super amazing fun. So you should come. I don't know how many tickets are left. There are probably not very many though, because it's been planned for a long time and obviously, this is a little last minute that I managed to squeeze myself into the schedule. Sccchedule.

I am so freaking excited about this. That is exciting. I am pretty sure that I am going to meet and talk to Wil Wheaton. Which interestingly enough, John just called me and he was like "Hank, I just talked to Wil Wheaton!" And I was like "Wow! I am going to play a show with him in a couple of weeks!" And John was like "Thank-you for completely stealing my thunder. I thought I was delivering the awesomest news ever. But I guess not. I guess you're just gonna be playing a show with him."

So, yes! That is exciting. Seattle people, I hopefully will see you at w00tstock. Everyone else, I'm sorry about that. That is all that I have to talk about today. Sorry about that. It is still a busy day. Uh — because I'm catching up on all the work that I haven't been doing. So, I will see you all tomorrow. I promise I will see you all tomorrow.