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I feel genuinely sad for anyone who has such an innate need to defensively gate keep their own prestige and their own role in things that they have to be denigrating to other people, that they don't believe there’s enough space for everyone to wing that they don’t want other people to succeed if its not on their terms. like that’s "miserable had energy" is what I call it. and I feel so sad for people who have that energy because its a terrible way to live. Anyone putting themselves out there is opening themselves up to trolls, yes, assholes, yes, but also valid criticism  and people who just don’t vibe with what you’re doing and all of that and that’s inevitable and that never feels good no one ever likes that but at the end of the day truly what is the alternative? to never do the thing you want? to never believe in your own project enough to let it stand on its merits, to never attempt something, to never create something in the world that you’re really proud of? and feel is a part of your identity. like, truly what is the alternative.