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The official livestream of 'The Fault In Our Stars' Live Stream Concert.

Get the soundtrack now featuring exclusive music from Ed Sheeran, Birdy, Grouplove and Charli XCX!


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Song Order:
Charli XCX - Boom Clap & Superlove
Grouplove - Let Me In & Shark Attack
Ed Sheeran - Sing & All Of The Stars

The Fault In Our Stars Live Stream Concert featuring - Ed Sheeran, Grouplove, Charli XCX and appearances by John Green, Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort and Nat Wolff.

Hosted by Tyler Oakley.

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 Intro (0:05)

(Music and cheering)

Tyler: Hey everyone and welcome to The Fault in Our Stars live stream event at the YouTube Space LA. (Cheering) Hey! Look at everybody here, so cute. I am your host Tyler Oakley and I could not be more excited because the genies granted my wish and for the next hour, we will have our little infinity. (Cheering) The stars of the movie Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Nat Wolff, and John Green are here. Charli XCX, Grouplove, and Ed Sheeran are going to be performing. And we've got an exclusive clip from the movie that you can only see here tonight. Right now, please welcome our Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster, Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley.

(Cheering and Music)

 Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley (1:21)

TO: Good to see you guys.

SW: Hey.

TO: Look at all these beautiful people.

SW: Yeah man.

AE: What's up guys?

TO: So, I think in typical fashion of live shows, I think we should do a selfie. Would you guys be down? Can we do that? With all of you guys here in the background. Ready y'all? Can we do this? Okay. So I am going to be tweeting this with the hashtag #TFIOSmusic, so if you're watching from home, be using the hashtag because we are going to be taking your questions and seeing you guys trend live. We are already trending live, right now. We're trending on Twitter. But thank you guys for coming.

AE: Thanks for having us.

SW: Thanks for having us.

TO: It's so great to have you because The Fault in Our Stars I would say is not your typical love story and it's incredible to watch two amazing actors come together to celebrate life in the face of death and I just want to know. What have you guys taken from your characters. What lessons have learned?

AE: I'm thinking, you know. The biggest thing is about enjoying what's in front of you and appreciating every moment that you have.

SW: Yeah. It's true. I mean, one thing that I learned from Hazel is that at 16 years old, she recognized and realized that it's not about who remembers you in life, you know. I think a lot of us, myself included, at that age you want to be remembered or you want to do something or to be validated by anyone else and Hazel doesn't need to receive validation from anyone else because she sees her own colors and she drives her life from those, which I think is incredibly special. 

TO: Totally. And, Shailene, you fought for this role is what I hear. Um, what was that process like for you?

SW: Yeah. You know, it was more about me just wanting to make sure this movie be made because, it's kind, it's hard to make a movie about two kids who fall in love and have cancer and the female lead has a cannula in her nose the entire film. It's very rare for studios to make movies like that. So, for me, it was about, you know, sort of thanking Fox and being a supporter of the entire story because the story is so healing and it's so cathartic and therapeutic and what not.

TO: Yeah. The representation is really important, and um, Ansel. I hear a rumor. Are you a DJ? (cheering) Is that true?

AE: Yeah. I'm a producer first. So I like to, I make the music.

TO: Well I heard that you're a DJ

AE: I DJ as well.

TO: So you must appreciate music.

AE: Yeah.

TO: How important is the soundtrack to a movie when it comes to the whole, you know, delivery of the movie itself?

AE: It's so important because music makes you feel things and I think that, you know, ideally, you want the movie to make you feel things but the music should make you feel things too. And when you watch a movie, the music should supplement the movie. I feel like, without music, you know, you'd be missing something very important. 

TO: And what do you think about the soundtrack for this movie?

AE: It's great. Perfect.

TO: Great.

AE: Yeah. Because it's timeless and it just is super appropriate and you never hear it and are like, that sounds wrong, why is this song playing right now. It always just supplements the movie and that's what you want. 

TO: Perfect. Well, we will be hearing a lot of the soundtrack tonight but we will also be talking to Shailene and Ansel in just a few. But, right now, it is actually time for our first performance. Can you guys actually help me out and help me introduce the performance? Right there's the script, right there. Can you introduce them for me?

AE: Yeah. Straight from The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack, performing Boom Clap.

SW: Give it up for Charli XCX.

 Charli XCX Performance (5:25)

(music- Boom Clap)

Thank you. How you guys doing? You good? Cool. Okay. Uh, this next song is called Super Mario.

(music- Super Mario)

 Ansel Elgort, Shailene Woodley, and Nat Wolff (12:24)

TO: Let's hear it for Charlie XCX! We will be chatting with her in a little bit, but right now I am back with Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort from The Fault in Our Stars. And joining us is Nat Wolff, who plays Isaac in the film. Thank you for joining me.

NW: Thank you. [To Charlie XCX:] You guys were awesome.

SW: Yeah, that was amazing.

Everyone: Yes.

NW: That was unbelievable.

SW: That was incredible.

TO: Okay, so Nat. You play Gus's best friend Isaac in the film. And you guys have some incredible chemistry, I gotta say. How did you build up that rhythm? Cause you guys honestly, you seem like bros. Like you go way back.

SW: Oh, it's real. It's real.

NW: We are bros.

AE: It's real.

NW: Yeah. Ansel and Shay are two of my best friends, it makes it way easier if you don't have to like, pretend to be friends, you know, you can actually just, you know, be friends.

SW: Like, we're legit homies.

NW: Yeah, we're, we're homies.

TO: Homies.

NW: Or we're just really good actors.

TO: That's- see, I don't know! That's the

SW: Speak for yourself buddy.

NW: You're not supposed to know.

TO: How did you build up the rhythm? Did you guys like, have nights out...

NW: You know, we did, we went to a lot of dinners.

SW: We dance a lot.

NW: Ansel and I, you know, especially cause we're supposed to have this- I mean, it wasn't just because of this, we just liked hanging out with each other- but we're supposed to have this friendship since we were kids, you know, and so- but we lived in apartments right next to each other, and he would play me some of his EDM music, and I would play my music that I do with my brother, and we'd go back and forth, and uh, but mostly we hung out in his apartment, cause I'm super messy and he's really clean.

TO: Are you grody? It that what that is?

NW: Yeah.

TO: It happens.

NW: Yeah. Just

TO: Well cool. It really shows that the chemistry is there, and, the two of you- Shanza, I mean Shansel, I mean that's kind of your ship name.

NW: That's awesome.

TO: That's kind of your ship name. Shailene and Ansel.

AE: Shansel.

TO: Uh, you guys have chemistry, but you guys go way back too. How was it to-

AE: Way back. All the way, like, two months before.

SW Two years ago.

AE: To Divergent, yeah.

TO: I mean that's pretty way back. What was it like to carry on the chemistry that you had before into this film?

SW: Um.

TO: I'm not going to ask you the brother-sister question.

AE: Thank you so much.

TO: Cause I feel like you get that all the time.

AE: Yeah, we do.

SW: Just a few times. A day.

NW: I was just wondering, what was it like- I'm just wondering, it's just my question- what was it like, like you guys played brother and sister in that other movie, and now you guys play girlfriend and boyfriend!?

SW: Well, it's like what I always have said, I've always wondered what it would be like to make out with my brother, so now we know.

TO: You know, I saw a GIF of you saying that on Tumblr, I honestly did, and I'm like "yeah".

AE: That's like how she answers the question now, cause it's like so ridiculous. 

SW: It's like the only response.

NW: No, I mean listen, we're- we're actors and like also, I think us becoming friends, us doing that first, it made it easier, because it let us, it let us be really comfortable with each other, like playing characters like August- Gus and Hazel, we have to be super comfortable, cause we're best friends and lovers and everything, so it's like, you have to be able to be comfortable with each other. 

SW: In the movie. Live broadcast.

AE: I said Gus and Hazel, yeah.

SW: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, it's really special, it's such a gift, actually

AE: Yeah.

SW: to work with somebody that you know so well and that you do love outside of this industry, though, and who really care about and someone that you can share genuine moments with that aren't fabricated and aren't sort of surface-level materialistic and we have that bond, that really special bond. All of us do, and that's really 

NW: I kind of got excluded on 

TO: No!

NW: Yeah.

SW: But you weren't in Div- I mean, that's, that's

NW: Yeah yeah, no.

SW: Actually you were, weren't you? Didn't you have a small role in that?

NW: Oh yeah yeah, I was the guy with the tattoos that said- oh actually, I was Maggie Q, I was the one that gave you the test that said you get into- yeah.

TO: Okay Shailene, what was it like being on set with these two every day, were there a lot of antics, are there any secrets you can spill?

NW: Don't.

SW Um, yeah no, I mean nothing really too- too, uh, crazy happened- you know, it was just fun, like we all goofed off so much, none of us take, take- obviously you have to take it seriously, but at the same time, don't take ourselves seriously.

NW: Yeah, we take the movie seriously.

SW: We take the movie seriously because it's, you know, movies are art, but we don't take the whole, you know, maybe the process, or being an "actor" quote-unquote seriously, it's just like a different art form, you know, like a musician who goes up on stage and gets to perform, and then once you get offstage you're yourself again, and some of it's really un, we definitely laughed our way for a month like through this movie for a month and a half, which was really nice to counterbalance the really emotional subjects that are involved in this film. We were really lucky cause we had John Green there and um, yeah.

TO: Awesome.

SW: Yeah.

TO: Yeah, no you can really tell that the chemistry is there and the respect for the film is there, um, and the people at home are feeling it too. Everyone is tweeting along with the hashtag #TFIOSmusic, I think we can. If you're watching at home, keep tweeting along BUT Shailene, abbye_long would like to know: If Hazel had a theme song, what would it be and why?

SW: Oh goodness. Um, I don't know, the Star Wars theme? The, the Star Wars score? I don't know, what d'you- I mean, I feel like Hazel, Hazel'd wanna do something like- yeah, right? Or like,

TW: Something epic.

SW: Something different or epic, yeah. Or something really chill, like the Barney theme song, or... I don't, I always think, I always think of soundtracks or like, theme songs.

AE: The Barney theme song!? How does that go again?

SW: I love you...

Everyone: You love me
We're a happy family

AE: I can't believe we're singing this right now.

TO: I don't know if

AE: Do we have like the rights to that?

SW: From me to you...

SW & Audience: Won't you say you love me too?

AE: That was beautiful.

NW: How much Barney do you guys watch?

TO: This is the Barney generation, apparently. That's beautiful. Great to...

NW: I love your hair so much. [touches]

TO: Thank you! I love... your hair.

AE: Can I just... [touches Tyler's hair]

TO: Okay, well I gotta go... This has been fun. We have another Twitter question from... now I'm, like, giggly. assshhllley would like to know: "How did you guys feel when you first found out you got roles to be in The Fault in Our Stars?" I mean clearly, you were happy, but what were your emotions?

SW: I cried for a long time.

AE: Um. I was like kind of scared and like, nervous, and I didn't want to mess it up, and I was like, "I don't know if I can do this", and... it was a lot of mixed emotions, yeah. It's a big responsibility. [To audience] You guys, I'm sure you guys right, like if you were entrusted with being Augustus Waters, wouldn't you be scared?

Audience: Yeah!

AE: Yeah.

TO: That's terrifying.

AEl: Oh, thank you so much.

TO: All the love. Feelin' it. [To Nat] Well, what were you thinking of?

NW: I was thinking, "Man, why am I not blonde?" It would be easier, I'd get a lot less Twitter questions about why am I not blonde.

TO: You can go any color you want. I am living proof.

NW: You are proof.

TO: Yes.

AE: You can do anything. Whatever you want.

TO: Set your mind to it. It's fine. Okay so

SW: Or your hair to it.

TO: We're gonna have, uh some more time with Shailene, Ansel, and Nat, later in the show, along with some epic performances from Grouplove and Grammy nominee Ed Sheeran. But right now it is time to sit back and check out this clip from The Fault in Our Stars. Take a look.

 First Clip: Introductions (19:44)

Augustus: What's your name?

Hazel: Hazel.

Augustus: No what's your full name?

Hazel: Hazel Grace Lancaster. Why are you looking at me like that?

Augustus: Cause you're beautiful.

Hazel: Oh my god.

Augustus: Let's go watch a movie.

Hazel: What?

Augustus: Hmm?

Hazel: Huh? Um, I'm free later this week.

Augustus: No I mean now.

Hazel: You could be an axe murderer.

Augustus: There's always that possibility.

 Charli XCX Interview (20:15)

[boom clap intro music]

Tyler: Hey everyone, this is The Fault in Our Stars livestream event at YouTube Space, LA. I am Tyler Oakley and we are on a rollercoaster that only goes up, my friends. We just saw an amazing scene from the movie where Hazel and Gus introduce themselves, and for those of you who are just now joining us, we'll have more with Shailene, Ansel, and Nat in a bit, and for all of you Nerdfighters out there, John Green is here too. Yeah. I'm so excited. Okay so we want you guys to be a part of this conversation, all of the livestream we want you guys to be tweeting along with the hashtag #TFIOSmusic. Let's get it trending, and we're going to be taking your questions, live right here in the studio. And actually, for the people that are tweeting along, we have a special prize for one lucky person who submits a question with the hashtag, we have a one-of-a-kind book of all of the original art that is in Ed Sheeran's music video for All of the Stars, okay. Literally one of a kind, and not just that. It is signed by all the actors here tonight, all of the artists here tonight, and one of you gets it. So keep tweeting with the hashtag, uh because one of you is going to go home with something real good, okay. Now after giving us an amazing performance of her songs Boom Clap and Superlove, please say hello to Charli XCX!

Charli: Hi. Hi.

Tyler: Thank you so much for joining us.

Charli: Thanks for having me.

Tyler: You were incredible.

Charli: Thank you.

Charli: You're like my queen. Um, so I gotta tell you, I am such a fan. I told you earlier, but I was actually in Brighton this past weekend, where you were performing at Great Escape.

Charli: Yeah! That was cool.

Tyler: You were incredible.

Charli: Thank you. I nearly fell over, like, a lot of times.

Tyler: I could never tell. It was all full of grace.

Charlie: Good. I styled out. I'm glad.

Tyler: No, it was all good. Um, let's talk about the fact that you are in one of the biggest soundtracks of the year.

Charli: Yes.

Tyler: How does that feel.

Charli: Um, amazing. It feels really cool to be part of it, especially like being here right now and like seeing how much all of these people care. It's like- it's like Beatlemania just kind of stuff going on right now. It's just really cool. And um yeah, I mean I feel like this movie is a film that's gonna really speak to a lot of people. Cause not only is it about a really kind of serious and sentimental matter, it's also, like an epic love story.

Tyler: Right.

Charli: And I feel like everybody connects with that.

Tyler: Yeah. No when I saw it, I literally was just in tears.

Charli: Oh my god I cried so much. Like the whole

Tyler: LITERALLY the whole thing. 

Charli: I just like sat down and I cried. For like an hour. That was it.

Tyler: I was like- yeah. I was gross. 

Charli: It was great. I love crying. It's awesome.

Tyler: You left- did you leave, and you were like, disgusting,

Charli: Totally.

Tyler: Like, don't look me in the eye?

Charli: Yeah. It was "Don't look at me!"

Tyler: That was me. Well, you have had a very busy couple of years.

Charli: Yes.

Tyler: We need to talk about everything. You wrote Icona Pop's I Love It.

Charli: Yes, I did.

Tyler: Incredible. Uh, they're amazing. And, not just that, but you were also just on, um, Fancy.

Charli: Yeah.

Tyler: My anthem. And it's like climbing the charts right now, it's like

Charli: It's #3 on Billboard.

Tyler: #3?

Charli: Yeah!

Tyler: See, I just saw on your Instagram you said #7 but it's already #3, oh my god.

Charli: Yeah, it's cool.

Tyler: What is it like this year for you, do you ever sleep, what is next?

Charli: Um, I don't sleep much/ever

Tyler: That's fine.

Charli: But it's cool, like I'm kind of like running on adrenaline right now, so it's good. And I'm just working on my record now, which is going to be out this year. So yeah.

Tyler: And you, like I said, you don't sleep. You are everywhere and you just shot the video for Boom Clap.

Charli: Yes.

Both: In Amsterdam.

Charli: Woo.

Tyler: Was that your first time in Amsterdam?

Charli: I went there when I was 18 with my two best friends.

Tyler: Uh huh.

Charli: For my 18th birthday. It was very PG obviously.

Tyler: Oh OK OK. Sure.

Charli: But uh yeah. So it was cool to go back there. And we like did, like, all of the Amsterdam stuff. We went in a disco taxi, which is like...

Tyler: Okay...

Charli: Okay, so it's like a taxi with like lasers, and strobes,

Tyler: I'm here for that.

Charli: And like disco balls...

Tyler: That's like Cash Cab but ten times better.

Charli: It's very cool. And then we went down the canals, which was like so beautiful. It's such a beautiful city.

Tyler: Yeah.

Charli: It really is.

Tyler: Did you have vlaamse frites?

Charli: Who?

Tyler: Do you know what that is? It's like French fries in like a cone... anyway, go to Amsterdam, you'll get it, it's delicious.

Charli: Okay, next time I'm there I'll check it.

Tyler: They put like mayo all over it...

Charli: Oh.

Tyler: It's everything. But did, when you were uh, filming all the stuff around Amsterdam

Charli: Yeah.

Tyler: Did people see you, were people watching, did people know what was going on?

Charli: Yeah. I mean people knew something was happening because everyone was just like stopping, and like staring, and watching me sing, and it was like, " Okay cool, here we go"

Tyler: That's fun though.

Charli: And we were like riding down the river, and there were like people following us, like along like the sides of the river, which was kind of weird, but uh, it was cool, like it felt really special shooting there.

Tyler: Oh cool. Awesome. Well I cannot wait to see the video, and here is something cool: later in the show, we have an exclusive sneak peak of the Boom Clap video.

Charli: Yay.

Tyler: So yeah. Stick around if you're thinking of logging out, leaving, do not, don't, that's rude, and also don't forget that when you pre-order The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack, you get an instant download of Charli's song, Boom Clap.

Charli: Yay.

Tyler: So they should do that right now, right?

Charli: Yeah, do it.

Tyler: if you're watching at home, pre-order, it's gonna be good. So thank you so much Charli for taking some time to chat with us.

Charli: Thank you.

Tyler: Another round of applause for Charli guys. Give her some love, come on. Thank you. So stick around because we'll have more from the stars of the film and John Green is in the house. Right now it is time to introduce our next performers from The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack performing Let Me In, let's hear it for Grouplove.

 Grouplove Performance (26:12)

(Music- Let Me In)

Hannah: Thank you so much, you guys. This is awesome. What's up, YouTube watchers also. What up out there?

Christian: What's up for Grouplove?


H: We're gonna play you guys one more song.

C: What's the song called?

H: It's called Ways to Go.

C: It's called what?

H: It's called Ways to Go.

C: Oh, okay.

H: Yeah. You wanna play that one? 


C: Yeah.

H: All right.

C: All right. Thanks for watching.

(Music- Ways to Go)

 John Green (12:45)

TO: Give it up for Grouplove! You are watching The Fault in Our Stars live stream event at YouTube Space LA. I am Tyler Oakley and we'll be chatting with Grouplove later, plus Ed Sheeran will be performing right here in our studio. So keep sending those Twitter questions with the hashtag #TFIOSmusic. And you guys, I just heard, we are literally #1 trending worldwide. What? Yeah, so if you're tweeting along at home thanks, that's cool. The Fault in Our Stars, I mean, it's undisputed that it is a huge phenomenon and it resonates with everyone, obviously all of you guys here tonight, obviously guy- the people watching at home, including a lot of the artists on the soundtrack, even Lykke Li cried her eyes out reading the book, and I'm so excited that her song No One Ever Loved is on the soundtrack. And quoting Lykke Li herself, she said, "It feels like the universe made this happen." I couldn't agree more. And right now I am sitting with the guy who made Lykke Li cry. The man who single-handedly upped the sale of tissues across the globe, let's hear it for the man behind The Fault in Our Stars, my friend, John Green. Hi.

JG: Hi Tyler.

TO: How are you?

JG: I'm good. We've been friends for so long. Usually we don't hang out in this way though.

TO: I know, well I- we always see each other at like conventions and stuff, and this is like, this is weird for us.

JG: But I've been an admirer of Tyler since 2008

TO: Stop.

JG: So this is so special.

TO: I- wait- look-

JG: I mean Tyler, I have to pause- oh that says, yeah

TO: That's literally, I said

JG: I just took his line, but I just have to pause really quickly to say that, you know, knowing Tyler since 2008, watching what's happened to your career, watching the person, the man you've become, the person you've become is such an inspiration to me. Thank you.

TO: Stop!

JG: It's been such a pleasure to watch- to grow up with you, to watch you grow up

TO: I- you literally watched me grow up.

JG: I'm so proud of you.

TO: Sto-op, thank you. Uh, likewise, it's great to see you finally grown up too, I'm kidding. Um, you literally took the words right out of my mouth, we've known each other since 2008 and that was before The Fault in Our Stars was ever published, any, like, I dunno, were you writing it then, or...

JG: Yeah, I mean I was- I was actually writing Paper Towns then, my previous book. [screaming] Thank you!

TO: They love it.

JG: That's going to be a movie starring Nat Wolff.

TO: Yes.

JG: Uh, but yeah, it's been such a crazy journey and the great thing about it was that it was all documented on YouTube because I've been making YouTube videos with my brother Hank since 2007. [screaming] Thank you guys.

TO: Nerdfighteria is here.

JG: And it's just been so special, um, to uh, to share that all with y'all, and to share this with you too, it's so special.

TO: Did you ever imagine that The Fault in Our Stars would become what it's become?

JG: No!

TO: Really?

JG: No!

TO: Really? It's so good!

JG: I wouldn't have even known how to imagine that like, you know my- my book would inspire

TO: This set?

JG: people like Grouplove and Charli XCX and Ed Sheeran, I mean it's just, it's amazing, and I still can't get my head around it. I'm just trying to be grateful and uh,

TO: Just live it.

JG: ride the train. Live it.

TO: Live it. And you actually had unprecedented access to the movie. You were there on set every single day. Is that true?

JG: Yeah I was really really lucky to be part of the movie and to get to be such close friend with Shailene and Ansel and Nat and Laura Dern, who plays Hazel's mom and gives an amazing performance in the movie. Um, it's such, those relationships are so special to me and the whole process of being on the set of the movie, it was just like watching your dreams come to life

TO: I can't imagine.

JG: It was so wonderful. I'm just so grateful to everyone who shared their talents with the story.

TO: Was there, um... yeah, totally. Was there one scene in particular that was, like, the most exhilarating to watch come to life?

JG: There were but they're pretty spoiler-y, so instead I'll tell you about the first day on set.

TO: Yeah, do it.

JG: Hazel- you know, it's almost impossible to make a movie where the main character is wearing oxygen tubes in her nose for the entire movie, that's almost impossible.

TO: Yet you did it. You did it.

JG: I didn't do it, it was mostly

TO: They did it. Everybody did it.

JG: It was actually, yeah. It's- it's a testament to the supporters of the book that it happened, and also the producers, Wyck and Isaac, and the director Josh Boone, but when I saw Hazel walk out of her house, the first thing they filmed was Hazel walking out of her house with um, her parents. And I saw Hazel with her parents and it was- it was like my imagination. Shay had become my Hazel, her parents- you know, Sam and Laura had become her parents, and I just- I'm not that emotional of a person, despite what the cast will tell you, and I just burst into sobs. I was so grateful to them for sharing that with me and it just felt so real and became- you know, they became the characters to me.

TO: That's beautiful. Uh well, I cried the whole time I watched it. I told you about it but I was like

JG: Me too.

TO: Right. Yeah. It's- I was a mess.

JG: It's sad but it's also kinda like, at least when I left the theater I didn't feel just sad, I also felt grateful, I felt kind of lifted up.

TO: Yeah, well I mean every, every single bit of it, when you guys see it, you are just- it's not going to be pretty, in the best way possible. But um, was there a moment where you realized that like, this is going to satisfy the fans. Because your fans have big expectations for this

JG: Yeah.

TO: and was there a moment when you were like, "Okay, they're gonna like it"?

JG: Yeah, um, I pretty much knew from the time I saw Shailene and Ansel together, I was like, "This gonna work".

TO: Yeah.

JG: They're so special together, they have so much chemistry, they have become- you know, Ansel understands Gus so deeply, Shay understands Hazel so deeply, that they just become those characters and it's a really- yeah, I mean about 2 or 3 days into shooting I called Sarah, my wife, and I was like, "I think this is gonna be pretty good."

TO: I mean it is. It was. It's amazing. We are taking some Twitter questions also, the people at home would like to know a lot of things.



TO: I'm gonna put you on the spot.

JG: Bring it.

TO: Uh, ___m_m__ would like to know

JG: That's a great username.

TO: It's amazing.

JG: I can't believe that wasn't taken.

TO: Well, yeah, ah, well look at it. It's very stylistic.

JG: Beautiful.

TO: John, what scene do you think best portrays your interpretation of the book?

JG: I mean, it really is the m- one of the most faithful adaptations I've ever seen. I mean it captures not just the story of The Fault in Our Stars, but it captures the tone so magnificently I think. Ben Richardson, the cinematographer, the director Josh Boone just found ways to use light to make it look like the book feels. Um, but there is one scene pretty early on in the movie where Gus and Hazel are on a swing set together that just um... it looked like I imagined it.

TO: Good. It looked like that.

JG: It was a little bit like that.

TO: There's a swing set here.

JG: That's not quite the same swing set but it's in the neighborhood.

TO: It's close.

JG: It's close, it's close.

TO: It's close. Uh, sabiha646 says: Who or what dead or alive has inspired you to try to become the person you want to be.

JG: Oh that's a lovely question. I mean I can speak for both my brother Hank and myself when I say that really what we want, everything that we've wanted in our careers and in our professional and personal lives is to make our parents proud of us. We love our parents so much, we're such big fans of our parents and that's really what I wanna do.

TO: And I'm sure they're watching right now.

JG: They're not because they're in the Galapagos Islands so they didn't see me say that. Now I'm bummed out.

TO: Oh no! Wait, rude!

JG: I love you mom!

TO: Well yeah, somebody let them know. I'm sure they'll

JG: Sorry you don't have wireless in the Galapagos!

TO: They're very busy right now with like a turtle or something. Um sydpez96 says: How do you feel the music really tied into the movie?

JG: You know I saw this movie for the first time without any of the soundtrack in it because they had like placeholder music while they're cutting it together and everything and I really loved the movie and I remember thinking like "This is so so good", but when I saw it with the music in it, it's a completely different movie because the music carries you through it, carries you through the funny times and the happy times and the sad times, it sort of... it's with you, the music is sort of your accompaniment as the viewer of the movie and it's so important and I'm so grateful. I mean these are extraordinary musicians who share their talents with the story and I just- I like the soundtrack so much, I'm so proud of it, I'm so excited about it, I can't believe Ed Sheeran is going to play a song. 

TO: I know I know I know. But we will get to that, okay. And so John, thank you so much for hanging out with us. 

JG: Thank you Tyler.

TO: You're the best. And we- we will get some more, don't worry. And we have a lot to thank you for. Thank you for Hazel, thank you for Gus, like honestly, thank you.

JG: Thank you Tyler. Thank you guys!

TO: Right now


TO: It is time to put on your robot eyes and watch the world exclusive clip from The Fault In Our Stars. Check it out.

 2nd Clip: Egging

Hazel: So how are your eyes, Isaac?

Isaac: They're good. They're not in my head is the only problem.

H: Have you heard from Monica?

I: Nope, not a thing.

H: She hasn't even texted you

I: Not once.

H: To make sure you're okay?

I: Not once. I hate that girl.

Augustus: Hazel Grace?

Hl: Hmm?

A: You happen to have $5?

[New scene, outside]

I: Is it there?

A: It's there.

H: Mhmm.

I: Can I have an egg?

A: Hazel Grace? Egg me.

I: All right, here we go.

H: You got this.

I: Mm [throws egg].

A: Yes!

H: Yes!

I: What? Now I know exactly where to line it up.

A: You got it.

I: That was so exhilarating.

A: Keep going.

Monica's Mom: [almost gets hit] Oh!

A: [To Isaac] Oh, stop stop stop stop stop 
[to Monica's mom] Hello. Are you Monica's mother?

Monica's Mom: I am.

A: Hello ma'am. Your daughter, she's done a great injustice, so we've come here seeking revenge. We may not look like much, but between the three of us we have five legs, four eyes, and two and a half working pairs of lungs, but we also have 2 dozen eggs, so if I were you, I would go back inside.

 Grouplove Interview (44:49)

TO: You just saw an exclusive clip from The Fault In Our Stars. I love that scene. So good. Who knew that egging a car could be so liberating? Earlier in the show they performed Let Me In from The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack and their song Ways to Go. From Grouplove please welcome Hannah, Christian, Dan, Ryan, and Andrew!

Ryan: Hey everybody!

TO: Hey guys. You guys doing good? You doing good? We're doing good? Yeah. Congratulations, that was so good. You guys were amazing.

R: Thank you.

Christian: That's the first time we played that song.

Hannah: That's exciting.

TO: Really?

C: Yeah. You guys heard it for the first time, yeah.

TO: Okay, so I have got to ask: who here has ever egged a car, show of hands? [Hannah, Dan, Ryan, and Andrew raise their hands] Wait, really? I thought it was going to be nobody. I've never egged a car. I'm like a simple boy with no- I'm like too afraid to get in trouble. Who has egged a house? [Dan, Ryan, and Andrew raise their hands] We're really bad kids. Are you- were you a bad kid?

Dan: Yeah. We're- I'm still a- we're still bad, yeah.

TO: Have you ever egged a bandmate?

D: Not yet.

H & C: No.

TO: There's still bad to be done, okay. Good. So, it's undeniable that Let Me In is an amazing anthem. Congratulations. Uh, I would play the song for the love of my life, I'm pretty sure, like hold it up, stereo style. But um the music video, let's talk about it. [To Hannah] You actually got to lay in the grass, very Hazel Grace Style

Hannah: Yes I did.

TO: Talk about the music video, because it shows a lot of the most important scenes from the movie in it.

Dan: Well. Um it's a really beautifully shot, really performance-based video from our aspect and the first time we've really had an outside narrative of scenes from a movie in one of our videos, and so you know, the movie itself was guiding the narrative of the video and the song and the performance is sort of setting the tone along with the emotions that are filled in the movie, so it was really cool to be a part of that.

TO: Very cool. Uh no, it's great to see and it makes sense with the music video, it makes sense with the movie. I love it. And can you guys talk about your album, Spreading Rumors? Let's talk about it.

H: Yeah.

C: Spreading Rumors came out in September

TO: Yes.

C: And we've been touring on it since. We just came home from a 2 month US tour, and we're doing another full US tour coming up this summer, which we're really excited about. Doing a lot of festivals, and stuff so yeah, it's been going really well. 

H: But if you haven't heard the album it's very eclectic and there's something for everyone on it.

TO: Awesome.

H: Yeah.

TO: So if you're watching at home, check it out, it's incredible.

Band member: Who here has the album?


TO: Uh, hi. Everybody.

H: Yeah.

TO: So yeah, check it out, you'll love it I'm sure, and where are you most excited to go when you go back on tour? Do you have a favorite stop?

C: Everywhere is really special for us, cause you make beautiful memories there when you play shows, but I'm excited to go back to Europe in 2 weeks about.

TO: Amsterdam.

C: Amsterdam.

H: yeah.

C: We finish in Amsterdam, so that will be nice.

D: Maybe hit up some spots from the movie.

TO: Fun fun fun! Yeah, totally. Okay, one last question: you guys obviously, have you seen that all of the characters have really great chemistry and you guys have some chemistry yourselves, um how do you maintain that while you're on the road?

C: Woo-ooh.

TO: I mean...

H: Well...

R: Manicures.

C: Manicures, uh...

H: We do all get mani-pedis together.

TO: That's beautiful.

H: I know.

C: Andrew always says keeping a sense of humor, you know. Not taking each other too seriously if we can help it. Just kind of have fun.

H: We all have this tattoo, which means we're kind of branded to the band forever.

TO: What, you all have that tattoo?

H: Yeah.

TO: That's so cute... I was about to swear, that is really cute. Ah, wait, I love that! It's amazing. Well thank you guys so much for joining us today. Let's give it up one more time for Grouplove!

C: Thank you so much.

H: Thank you.

TO: Coming up, we have got more clips from The Fault In Our Stars, we've got more interviews with the cast, and if you're watching along at home, tweet along with the hashtag #TFIOSmusic. I think we're still trending worldwide. But let's give it up for our next performance. Shall we do that? We have the one, the only, Ed Sheeran.

 Ed Sheeran Performs Sing (49:19)


Ed: So uh, I need your guys help in this otherwise it's not gonna sound great. So uh, repeat after me. [call & return part] Scream it out a little louder, sing it out!


TO: Let's hear it for Ed Sheeran! Incredible.

 Shailene, Ansel, Nat, and John (54:11)

TO: Please welcome back Shailene, Ansel, Nat, and John. Okay, so we just saw an exclusive clip of the egg scene. You guys were all there. I have to ask, how many eggs do you guys think you broke that day?

NW: A lot.

SW: I think it was about 137 and a half.

NW: And a half. The half one was really weird.

AE: We wasted a lot of food. It was really bad.

SW: The half one was a quail egg.

JG: Shailene insisted on cooking all of them.

NW: And boiling them, so they hurt. They really hurt.

AE: She froze them.

NW: She broke a car window.

TO: Who has the best aim?

SW: Probably me.

NW: Well I was blind so I probably had the worst.

JG: Nat was at a massive disadvantage because he was wearing blinding contacts.

SW: Yeah. I'd say both of you guys. But did you throw an egg?

JG: I did not.

SW: I didn't either.

TO: You didn't throw an egg?

JG: No, it's just not who I am as a person.

TO: Why were you there?

JG: Well because when Bieber did it he got arrested. 

TO: I mean...

JG: It's true.

SW: He threw an egg?

JG: I don't know. I don't keep up with the news really, I was just trying to be topical.

TO: Yet somehow you knew.

NW: That's kind of a dated reference John.

JG: It is?

NW: Little dated.

AE: It was like a month ago dude.

TO: Call him out. That's fine.

AE: I used to throw eggs off my roof because I live in New York City.

SW: Which is dangerous.

AE: Yeah, we were really bad.

JG: Shailene, tell your story about egg throwing at boys you liked.

TO: Way. Yeah.

SW: Did you guys ever do this? I grew up in a suburban town outside of this area and uh, in middle school we would, it was the weird reverse psychology, 12 year old, 13 year old, "Oh I like you but I'm not gonna tell you so I'm gonna throw an egg at your house". What is with that?

AE: It must be different for girls because I throw an egg at people I don't like. 

NW: Good flirting.

TO: Did that work out for you?

SW: I don't think it worked out very well.

JG: You're an amazing flirt, Shailene, you're so talented at telling someone you like them.

SW: So classy.

NW: So if Shailene Woodley throws an egg at your face,

TO: Now you know what that means.

NW: You might get a date.

SW: It means I really like you.

TO: Okay so regardless of whether or not you threw any eggs John, you were still on set. How important was it for you guys to have him there on set with you?

AE: It was so important. You know I always tell this story but, this is important. It was so important to me because Augustus Waters has such a unique voice and the way John writes is so unique. So uh, it wasn't actually until I hung out with John that I was like, "Oh, this is someone who actually talks like this. This is how I can relate Augustus Waters to a real person. And uh, hanging out with John was really helpful. Yeah. You guys who like "You're Augustus Waters, you're gonna like John".

JG: Go on.

NW: Mostly your sexy, crinkled smile.

TO: I'm feeling

SW: That's why it was important for you to be on set for Nat.

JG: You guys

SW: Moral support of the smile.

JG: Oh I mean I just, I just love the movie so much, I love their performances so much so I just got to professionally root for them which was a great job. I wanna always be professionally enthusiastic because it's much more fun than my usual jobs.

TO: No, you got a fun job, you make videos.

JG: Actually come to think of it I don't have a terrible job.

TO: Yeah, don't even. Stop that. Um, Shailene, I got a question. the story is all about having your moments along your journey in life and seeing those moments and recognizing those moments. What is a moment during the film that you are going to take with you?

SW: It sounds so crazy to say but honestly every moment. There wasn't- that doesn't always happen in films, there's generally one or two scenes or days that felt really special or you know, different than the other ones, and every single day of this movie felt like completely... like it just kept getting better and better and better and better. We had like what, how many days did we shoot?

JG: 38.

SW: So we had 38 days of the best days ever. Yeah.

JG: Yeah, I mean for me too it was really 38 of the best days of my life. I mean these kids gave so much of themselves and of their talents to the story and... I always thought that when you make a movie it kind of uh, gets watered down somehow because so many people come into it, but the truth is that when it's at its best, people come into it and they make it better, they make it stronger, you know, Shay brought things to Hazel that I'd never seen, Nat brought things to Isaac that I'd never seen, and Ansel brought things to Gus that I'd never seen, and the more people who come into it, it gets better and better and better and I was just watching the movie for the first time and hearing it with Ed's song at the very end in the credits, and I felt like again, someone had given a tremendous gift to my story, and it just, I'm so grateful to all of these people for coming together and really being passionate about the story and sharing their talents with- with it.

 Special Announcement (58:39)

TO: Totally. And you've got a huge event coming up that you want to talk about, hopefully. Do you want to talk about it?

JG: Yeah. Yeah.

TO: Tell everyone about the Night of- or, the Night Before Our Stars.

JG: Yeah, so, uh, we get to announce something today that we, uh, are really excited about that no one has ever heard about before.

SW: I've never heard about this.

TO: What, you've never heard about it?

JG: Including possibly Ansel and Shailene.

NW: I know about it.

SW: Are you lying? Because I really have never heard about it.

AE: I don't know what it is.

NW: No.

JG: They don't know what it is, so I'm excited to tell them as well as you.

SW: Is there a bounce house? What's going on?

JG: There is not a boun- wait.

AE: Hold on.

KG: I think if we just announce now that there will be a bounce house, they might have to do it.

AE: They have to. 

NW: There's gonna be a bounce house.

JG: There will be a bounce house. Sorry Fox, you can afford it.

AE: There's gonna be an ice cream truck too.

JG: Here's the thing- ice cream truck?

AE: Yes.

NW: Paul McCartney's gonna be there.

JG: Yeah. Free Prada suits for everyone who comes, um. All right. So here's my announcement, I'm really excited about this. The night before the movie comes out, the movie comes out on

NW: TWO bounce houses!

AR: The joke's over.

JG: The movie comes out on June 6, but the night before the movie comes out there's going to be a special screening around the country at more than 500 theaters on June 5th at 8:30 PM Eastern, 5:30 PM West Coast time. Fans who go to the screening The Night Before Our Stars will be the first to see the movie and they will also be part of the largest simulcast in the history of movies. Shay, Nat, Ansel, myself, the director of the movie, Josh Boone, will all be doing a live show, a live Q&A that will air immediately after the movie and you can only see it by going to one of these first showings. Uh, tickets are going to go on sale tomorrow at 10 AM on May 15th, tomorrow morning 10 AM Eastern Time, at, that's where you can get all the information and get your tickets, we're really excited to talk to people around the country. Yeah. And also to hang out one more time before the mo- I guess when the movie comes out. So the first showing of the movie, again, will be Thursday, June 5th at 8:30 PM Eastern Time, 5:30 on the west coast, and if you get your tickets at tomorrow morning at 10 AM Eastern Time, you can be part of this. I'm so excited. Oh also, everyone who comes is gonna get like a poster and something. I don't know.

TO: Yeah!

JG: The main thing is we get to do a Q&A with you which we're very excited about, so thank you and uh, go to tomorrow morning!

NW: Bounce house!

SW: Yeah.

TO: That was a lot.

JG: Bounce house!

NW: Bounce house!

TO: And there will be bounce houses.

JG: They didn't include it, but we promised.

NW: Bounce house!

SW: We're actually going to be doing the Q&A as we're bouncing.

JG: From a bounce house! From a bounce house!

SW: We're going to be bouncing answering questions.

JG: From a bounce house! We're going to be doing it from a bounce house.

TO: While we're celebrating the bounce house, okay, we also have another performance tonight. Are you guys ready? Performing the new song All of the Stars from The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack, for the very first time ever, please welcome back Ed Sheeran.

 Ed Sheeran Performs All of the Stars (1:01:50)

(music- All of the Stars)

 Ed Sheeran Interview (1:05:42)


TO: Tonight we have been lucky enough to see Ed Sheeran, Grouplove, and Charli XCX perform their songs from the soundtrack, which also features new songs from Birdy and Lykke Li, along with tracks from Jake Bugg, M83, and I already pre-ordered the soundtrack so you should too, it's available everywhere May 19th so get it, pre-order it, right now, and, we gotta do this, the guy who just gave us the amazing performance of All of the Stars, say hello to Ed Sheeran!

ES: Hey.

TO: Hi!

ES: Hey.

TO: How are you?

ES: I'm good, how are you?

TO: I'm good. You are impeccable. Like, that was amazing. I'm like

ES: Thank you.

TO: It was amazing. Thank you for chatting with us.

ES: Thank you for- for having me. Thank you all for coming out as well.

TO: All these amazing people. So clearly, your song All of the Stars is resonating with everybody. Everybody at home is tweeting- it's trending still, everyone loves it. The- the video, we need to talk about it, because it features some amazing fan art made by people who love your music, who support you... what was it like to see all the creativity that went into the final products?

ES: It was cool. It was kind of a- it was the second music video I shot that day, even, even though it's me just making a cameo. But I kind of wandered in and just, there's a wall covered in art, and I'm like "ah", and they're like, sit down and sing the last line, and then you're done. So I was literally there for about a minute but the, the finished product, they put a lot of work in that video, both the fans doing the art and the creative directors and directors who put it in so it looked, it looked fantastic. Simple, but effective.

TO: Totally. Well, ah, as I said, there is actually a one-of-a-kind collection of all of the fan art that was compiled for the video, and we, ah, we promised that one person who's been tweeting along all night tonight is going to be winning that, and it is signed by all of the actors

ES: You need to make sure they're not on the other side of the world cause it's gonna cost Fox a bit of money.

TO: That's fine. Who cares? So do you want to do the honor of announcing who the winner is?

ES: Yes.

TO: I have the person right here.

ES: Is it- is it one of these Twitter names that you can't pronounce though?

TO: No, it's very easy. Let's first, uh, here, let's show the book...

ES: Like #DisneyPrincess

TO: Don't say just yet.

ES: Oh.

TO: This is the book. Do you wanna show the people a little bit of that?

ES: Yeah, so this is the book.

TO: And this is actually all of the art that was all over the wall.

ES: And it's signed.

TO: By everyone. Did you sign that?

ES: I haven't signed it.

TO: Okay, he'll sign it, trust me.

ES: Who's got a pen, have you got a pen, have you got a pen?

TO: Somebody's got a sharpie.

ES: Chuck us a sharpie, come on.

TO: Oh here we go. Throw it up.

ES: Throw it. Throw it this way, come on. 

TO: Let's sign it right now live.

ES: Look at that, you see that?

TO: What a throw, what a catch.

ES: All right.

TO: He touched that sharpie.

ES: Oh, I should sign it on the inside actually, shouldn't I?

TO: I'm gonna keep that sharpie.

ES: All signed.

TO: Okay, so let's make the announcement, who is the winner?

ES: The winner. I'm going to do it letter by letter. So it's @-C-A-S-S-Y-UNDERSCORE-X. So Cassy_X. Congratulations.

TO: Congratulations Cassy_x.

ES: We're gonna, we're gonna give you the card as well. We're gonna stick it in there.

TO: Beautiful. Yeah. We will be in touch. No matter where you are in the world, we'll send it to you. Uh, so Ed, we also have to talk about your next album Multiply. It drops on June 23rd.

ES: I mean, if we could, if we could just get the key things and then we'll get back to talking. So yeah, June 23rd, single's out now, please pre-order and everything. But anyway, this, we're here to talk about this.

TO: I mean you don't want to talk about it at all?

ES: I don't want to come and brew on myself when we're trying to promote this film.

TO: I mean...

ES: So go, go and watch this film, it's stunningly beautiful, the soundtrack, the soundtrack is amazing, they picked some really great stuff, I think, I think the Birdy songs on it are perfect, but

TO: Yeah, let's talk about the soundtrack.

ES: Yeah. So the soundtrack comes out on Monday. May, May, May 19th.

TO: But they can pre-order it right now.

ES: Yeah, you can pre-order it right now.

TO: So they should.

ES: If you want to pre-order it right now, it doesn't actually make any difference to when you buy it, as long as, as long as you do, to be honest.

Audience member: You're beautiful!

TO: They also wanted me to ask you about Multiply Day, did you wan to talk about that?

ES: Mult- oh yeah, Multiply Day. Let's talk about that here.

TO: Well I don't know, you're like, we don't want to talk about anything, but talk abut Multiply Day.

ES: No, it's just I feel awkward talking promoting my thing when I'm promoting this thing. 

TO: But I'm curious. They're curious.

ES: Multiply day is uh- it's June 9th, isn't it? It's either June 9th or June 16th. I'm in New York both those days, I know that.

TO: It's in June.

ES: So it's just playing- we do it in every single country, where you play a 20 capacity show then a 200 capacity show and then a 2,000 capacity show in succession in a day.

TO: Oh that's cool.

ES: Yeah. should be fun.

TO: Very cool.

ES: Should be fun.

TO: Well, I can't wait to hear the new record,

ES: Thank you.

TO: I can't wait to see the tour, 

ES: Thank you.

TO: Are there any stops in particular that you are excited to go to? I know you want to see everyone, you want to go everywhere, but any stop in particular?

ES: I lived in Nashville for a bit of time, so we're going back to Nashville to play at the Bridgestone. Should be all right. But anyway, Fault in Our Stars. June 6. Go watch it.

TO: Okay. Everybody, go see the movie, get the soundtrack. Thank you so much.

ES: Thank you.

TO: One more time. Round of applause everybody.

 Boom Clap Sneak Peak (1:10:40)

TO: And now, just for you guys, we have an exclusive world premiere sneak peak of Charlie XCX's new video for Boom Clap. Check it out.

(video plays)

 Big Goodbye (1:11:25)

(lots of screaming)

(Boom Clap starts playing in the background)

TO: Thanks you guys. Oh! It's working now! Keep checking next week for the full video premiere. You guys. It's over. I'm so sad but the world is not a wish granting factory so we have to say goodbye, but isn't this more than most of us get? I want to thank Shailene, Ansel, Nat, John, and our fabulous performers, Charlie XCX, Grouplove, and Ed Sheeran for being here tonight. And thanks to you guys. Thanks to everyone at home for sending in questions and watching, and for making it trend worldwide. And a special thank you and shout-out to each and every one of the fans for loving the book, the movie, and the soundtrack. And don't forget The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack will be available everywhere May 19th and The Fault in Our Stars movie comes out June 6. Go to tomorrow at 10AM Pacific Time to buy your tickets for The Night Before Our Stars. Okay? Okay. I'm Tyler Oakley. Goodnight.