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John Green talks about his first time voting as part of #firstvote16 John tags Sarah Dessen and Hank Green!

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So my first time voting I was 18. I wish, I wish I had been 18 but in fact I was, like, 25, I am sorry. I was living in Chicago and I was extremely nervous. Like, things that make me nervous include standing in line, talking to strangers, and, you know, filling out ballots.

So I was pretty freaked out. And when it came time for me to go into the voting booth I accidentally voted for the wrong person for president, so I had to raise my hand and then someone came over and I said "I'm sorry but I accidentally voted for the wrong person" and then there was this whole process of spoiling the ballot and getting a new one and I was able to fill that one out correctly and then I successfully voted.

What I learned from this experience is that even if voting goes poorly and you mess up, no-one will be mad at you. In fact, what I've found at polling places wherever I've lived is that overwhelmingly people are just happy to be voting together. As the President recently said "Politics is not a spectator sport" and since I have become a voter it has become one of the great privileges and pleasures of my life and I say that as someone who really, really does not like standing in line.

So I hope you'll register to vote and I hope you'll vote. If, like me, you're anxious about voting I encourage you to do it anyway. You will be very, very happy that you did. So whether you need to register or just make sure that your registration is current, you can do that at

Lastly, I need to tag two of my friends to make videos about their first time voting. I tag one of my all time favorite YA writers Sarah Dessen, and one of my all time favorite younger brothers Hank Green. Thank you for watching. Please vote in November, and as we say in my home town, don't forget to be a voter!