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At the very beginning of Sexplanations, eight years ago, I stood in front of a dry erase board in one of the first classrooms I'd ever taught in. It was this delicious experience for me that also that ended up really popularizing Sexplanations. People got to learn for the first time about the clitoral hood, crura, and smegma. They realized how awful so-called sex education is in most of the world and how valuable it can be to stay curious.
Here's that video:
Now Sexplanations is into its ninth year and I thought it would be helpful to remake this episode. Not only are most of the original viewers through high school and college, it's something I've been asked to do by those of you who support the channel. "Remake some of your earlier stuff!" It's a great idea! It's like starting a new semester, inviting a new class and cohort to learn with us.
For those of you who are 2021 Sexplanations first years, welcome. There are over 400 videos on all sorts of topics and usual another added each week. We're happy to have you. Stay curious.

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