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Butterflies have wings, but they still need habitat bridges. But they can fly! So what's the problem? Butterflies are being banished from their homes into smaller and smaller areas because we are developing the land for our use. So scientists recruited people just like you and me. Citizen scientists to observe and collect data from areas across the UK to figure out how that's affecting the butterflies. And they discovered that some species are dying out. So scientists came up with a solution - managing landscapes to make connections between small areas where butterflies can live. Kinda like bridges. And these bridges let the butterflies travel back and forth between areas instead of being stuck on one piece of land with fewer food and mate options. This can help out butterflies that generally don't fly over 100 meters at a time, giving them a wider range. Like the Hamearis lucina, whose population has grown by ninety percent since starting conservation efforts.  So by studying which populations are shrinking, and building bridges for them, we can save the butterflies.