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Ashley C. Ford shares a poem written by her husband Kelly Stacy.

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Ashley C. Ford:

Adoration by Kelly Stacy

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Hi, my name is Ashley C. Ford. I am a writer, host, and podcaster, and this is a poem called Adoration by probably my favorite poet Kelly Glen Stacy, who also happens to be my husband.


by Kelly Stacy

Let us pay
the bill on time, let us
walk to the grocery store
together, let us order more
shelves for that space
in our living room, between the radiator
and the wall, let's give 
it some purpose, let's fill it
with all our small totems,
let's do brunch
on Saturday morning, let us drop
off the laundry on the way,
let us shop for a set
of new glassware
after, we'll go Williams-Sonoma
in the city, let's do MoMA
when we're done

let us not forget
the rent or the insurance paperwork
or about our friends' cat or to buy
more paper towels or to place
our student loans in forbearance
one more time
and let's stay in, let's watch
the same old show again, and let us twine
our legs together on the couch
and let's order Indian and let's laugh
at nothing and, when we're full
and rested, let us make a five
ten, retirement, life plan
and let us make a list of all
the dreams we have left to live