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Jessi takes the holiday to just enjoy the animals and hopes you enjoy watching the enjoyment happen.

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Welcome back guys. Today, we're just going to have a relaxed time enjoying the animals. Things have slowed down around Animal Wonders because it's the holiday season and everyone is cosied in, spending time with their families and so are we and our family includes a lot of animals, about 80 of them. And I want to just enjoy their company and I thought that you guys might enjoy enjoying me, joining me, enjoying the animals.


I am searching for the armadillo right now and she is somewhere in these blankets. Ah, I've found her. Aw, she's so cosy warm. Hey sweetheart, here she is, I know, sleepy time. One of the things that I really enjoy about taking care of all the animals is just the time that I get to spend with them and she is, is fairly new we've only had her for a couple of months and so spending time with her actually serves a purpose. It lets her be calm around humans, desensitizes her to, I guess the fear that humans might put in her and allows her just to be calm and comfortable. And I get to see how adorable she is. What's it smell like? Oh belly rub, armadillo belly rub. Oh good girl. And just little, quick little visits with her is really good, not overstimulating. Just enough that she's curious, she's trying to dig in my hand right now - that's not so enjoyable. Ow. Okay, I'll let you dig in your blanket now. Alright. (whispered) There you go.

Hi buddy, do you wanna come hang out? Oh you like the camera don't you? (whistles) Hi bud. Just coming and just being with the animals is really important for bonding, our relationships. Very enjoyable for me to. You want some pets? Happy cavy. Are you a happy boy? Yeah? Whistling is really happy happy. (Whistles) It's called wheaking I guess but I can only make it as a whistle.

Cheeks really likes boxes, so I thought I'd give him a new box, we had one, what do you think? Mmm, ooh. That's a good box huh? It's your box. He rubs himself all over it, scent marking it. Oh that's a good box. I also have a treat for you. I think this might be one of the best in the world - feeding Cheeks a banana. Look at him, it's just so enjoyable. One of the things that i enjoy the most is seeing my animals enjoy things and so he's really enjoying his banana peel, and box so that makes me really happy.

Hey Yucca. How's it going? When I come enjoy the animals I like to focus on just enjoying them, there's always things to do, I mean, there's poop on the floor, there's dirt places, I can trim nails, I can clean enclosures, I can do a million things but it's just, it's important just to take the time and just enjoy them. And right now Caitlin's here and we're filming and so I'm showing you what I would do, but I come and enjoy the animals at all times of day - sometimes at midnight, with the nocturnal animals and sometimes at closing at 5 in the evening. And that's probably Yucca's favorite time is evening, she will, right now it's morning, but in the evening she'll come over and seek out attention and she will rub herself - if you don't give her attention she'll come over and, like, start rubbing her shell on your foot saying "Give me attention." Kind of like a cat or a dog would. Like y'know "Hey, I'm here".

Hey Blueberry, how are you? Have you been shedding? Look at all that work you've been at. Hey Blueberry. So even though her enclosure could desperately use a changing because she has shed, she's still shedding so I'll give her another day to get it all done and then I'll change it out. But right now the focus is just to enjoy, enjoy. Moving about, what do you smell? Oh we spend time with the animals, I'm always looking them over like a physical exam as we work with them y'know give them a massage and I just make sure that their toes are all doing fine - which of course y'know her's are not - but they're doing fine from when we got her - she's missing all of her toes because she wasn't taken care of properly before we got her but she's retained her one and a half toes since we got her. And she doesn't have any weird scars or tumours or retaining any skin shed scales. She's doing pretty good. Pearl do you see her, you got someone looking at you Blueberry. Down she goes.

That's so mean you wanna step up?

Hey guys, that was a lot of fun. I enjoy spending time with animals, just hanging out, and sometimes it doesn't always go to plan. Uhm, Chopsticks, quaker parrot, he was not in the mood to come out and play he just wanted to eat my finger which, y'know, it's his choice. But Chili Pepper loves attention and the armadillo was doing great, she got all feisty, she actually explored her enclosure for quite a while after we played with her. And Yucca was having a good old time and so was Blueberry. So it's just, it's really fun to just get out and just interact and enjoy the animals and I hope that you guys enjoyed enjoying the animals with me and enjoy your animals at home. Just enjoy the season and I will see you next week. Merry Christmas.


Welcome back to Animal Wonders. A while back I did a how to on how to get a smaller bird to step onto your finger and stay safely perched. Well we had two follow up questions and I'd like to tackle them now.