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Good Morning John, The Project for Awesome is happening 1 week from today!

It snuck up on us. Here it is!

Surprise! Every year since 2007 we’ve done a charity livestream, 48 hours long, lots of guests, many goofs, it is very fun, and it is starting a week from now here on the vlogbrother’s channel at.!

And maybe you’re thinking “I know all this, I know all about the Project for Awesome, I don’t need to watch this video.” Please watch this video! We’ve changed things! It’s gonna be different this year than it ever has been, and I want you to know about it.

First difference, we are going to be using a new platform for our fundraising portion of the event, it’s called Tiltify. It’s designed explicitly for charity livestreams! Because that’s the world we're in now.

This is exciting! A huge portion of the money we raise for the Project for Awesome is people donate money and in exchange they get perks! And that will all happen on Tiltify now.

The Tiltify will be open on Wednesday of next week, you can start seeing all the perks that are available then, though it won’t be everything. I wrote a short story for the Project for Awesome this year called “Bonker Doesn’t Die” in which April May, the main character from my books, goes to Vidcon and has to rescue a pig, a celebrity internet pig. Because I can do that!

So head on over there next Wednesday, it will be open during the entire Project for Awesome of course. These are all things that are only available during Project for Awesome, and during some portions of the event your donations will be matched, so you might give $10 for my Tiktok drafts, but it’s going to become 30 dollars for charity. Money raised during the first half of the Project for Awesome will go to Save the Children and Partners in.

Health, two organizations that are very effective at decreasing the overall amount of suck in the world. During the second half of the Project for Awesome, money will go to organizations voted on by you! Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.

There are 4 ways you can participate in the Project for Awesome. Number 1, you can come and join our livestream, tell people about it, change your twitter bio, make sure everybody knows and they come and they hang out and it’s fun. Number 2, you can donate money, You can do that on the Tiltify which will open on Wednesday and you’ll get perks in exchange for your donation.

Or you can just donate money at Or if you want to give a larger amount and you want to be part of our matching fund, you can email us at Foundation to Decrease World Suck at

Matching funds can only come in until 12pm EST on February 10th so email us before then. 3rd, you can make a video promoting a charity that you are excited about and believe in. Previously we opened submissions for those videos the day that Project for Awesome began. We are not doing that anymore.

That was a relic of the time we were trying to game the Youtube algorithm which hasn’t been a thing for like 10 years. So to give our volunteers time to go through the videos and decide which ones we want to feature during the livestream, we are getting those submitted early this year. So make a video talking about the impact the organization has, and it has to be made specifically for the Project for Awesome, and you can submit it at

We have tips for how to make great videos there, we got graphics you can use. But you have to submit them by noon EST on February 10th, so you have less than a week to do that. But hey, every vlogbrothers video is made in less than a week.

And finally, at during the livestream you’ll be able to vote on your favorite charities to determine which ones are going to get part of the money raised during the second half. It is the most wonderful time of the year. Thank you in advance for joining us whether you do one or none or all 4 of the things, thank you for being part of this community.

I’ll see you during the livestream, it’s going to be a very silly time starting on Feb 12th at noon eastern time. John, I will see you on Tuesday and I will also see you next Friday. Err!

I’m trying to dab! I can’t! There’s some invisible force that’s preventing me from dabbing.

Oh well. That’s probably just age. Can’t do it.