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In which Hank and John go to the beach and have a chat.

The Art Assignment:
Hank: It’s the beach!

John: A couple of nerds at the beach.

Hank: We’re actually quite far away from the ocean 'cause there, there’s sharks in there.

John: Henry’s very nervous about orcas. He keeps being, like, “Is an orca going to eat me?” and I’m like “Well not if you’re eight inches in the water”.

Hank: Good morning John.

John: Good morning Hank.

Hank: It’s Friday.

John: Yeah, it is Friday.

Hank: Uh huh, ahh… how are your hot dog legs. The infernal day star is shining its radiation down upon us, I can feel it giving me cancer.

John: Light is the visible sign of the invisible light. That’s T. S. Elliot.

Hank: It’s lovely but it, it doesn’t mean anything to me.

John: When I ask Henry what light is he always says in his cute little four year old voice “It’s the visible sign of the invisible light”. I find that very adorable. Question Friday, the day that we answer real questions from real Nerdfighters. We took our laptop down to the beach because that’s how we roll. Am I on the screen? I’m a little worried that you’re cropping me…

Hank: You’re there!

John: I’m worried that you’re cropping me out.

Hank: Yeah, it’s a really wide lens.

John: Alright.

Hank: Melissa wants to know “When is the Art Assignment going to premiere?”

John: The first episode of the Art Assignment comes out late February. Subscribe, link in the dooblydoo.

Hank: She also wants to know “Who the eff is Hank?”

John: Ohhhh!

Hank: You weren’t prepared for this?!

John: I waah, ahhh, ahh, I’m never ready! Hank is the second largest ocean on Earth!

Hank: I don’t even know which one that is.

John: That’s this one!

Hank: Oh.

John No, I think this is the gulf, but whatever.

Hank: If you two were fighting and your only weapons were the object to your left, how would you use them and who would win?

John: You have a chair.

Hank: Either that or you. I could just beat you with you. Why are you hitting yourself?

John: I just have the sand.

Hank: Nah ha! It's a computer!

John: I would sand Hank’s computer because there is nothing that would upset him more. He would panic.

Hank: Danny want to know “How come Dave Green is never in the videos?”

John: Who’s Dave?

Hank: The third unsuccessful brother. Dave has been made up by Tumblr.

John: How did this happen and I didn’t even know about it? Suddenly I have an imaginary brother.

Hank: Amy wants to know “Why is love so hard?” (Singing) What is love?

Both: (Singing) Don’t hurt me, no more.

Hank: That was really not even close.

John: People on the beach are looking at us funny by the way.

Both: (Singing) The people on the beach they think that we’re crazy. The people on the beach they think that we’re crazy.

John: It should always be a little bit of work because it matters.

Hank: Yeah, If you th… Yeah, that’s true.

John: Anyway, there’s all different kinds of love.

Hank: There’s all different kinds of farts.

John: This is a really good YouTube video. We should, we should do this, we should do this more often.

Hank: In comments tell me all the different kinds of farts.

John: No, in comments tell us about Dave Green.

(John tries to put shell on nose)

Hank: Just… I need that. No I need that John. We need that for the rest of video.

John: I know.

Hank: So… So go get some glue. Beautiful. Wendy wants to know “Which of you has the worst glasses prescription?”

(Try on each other’s glasses)

John: I don’t know. Let’s take a switcheroo here. Definitely me.

Hank: Yeah, definitely you. Wow!

John: Wait until you’re old.

Hank: I am on acid right now. Well yours is very sharp but none of the things are lining up.

John: You know, your left, your left eye is almost identical to my left eye. Your right eye is…

Hank: Yeah the right eye.

John: Super weird. Who looks better in the others glass…?

Hank: Do I look like a naughty professor?

John: Who looks better in the others glasses?

Hank: Is that, is that a thing? Naughty professor?

John: I don’t think so. I think you made that up. It’s a… What is it? It’s nutty. A nutty professor. That’s what you were thinking of.

Hank: Oh, I wanted to ask, uh, if you could tell me anything about The Fault in Our Stars Trailer.

John: Ahh, umm, grrr, umm, mmm. It will come out soon in the next few weeks and, um, yes. I have seen it. I thought it was truly excellent. I hope other people like it too. I’m very nervous for everyone to see it but hopefully soon.

Hank: John, thanks for being on a… question video with me.

John: Oh no thanks for…

Hank: And taking me here to Florida where I probably got a sun burn just in the last twenty minutes.

John: I have sunscreen on.

Hank: I didn’t do that.

John: Best wishes. We need to wrap up this video.

Hank: I need to go because I’m… I may actually not survive this. Uh, I’ll see you on Tuesday.

(Beach montage)

Hank: How’s it going?

John: Oh boy! We got a fish!

Hank: This is a very small ocean you’ve put me in.

Hank: I don’t think so.

John: So you’re our entertainment?