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Today's Episode: High Five Day
Hey Nerdfighters! The DFTBA Warehouse is back! Join us every business day in April for a behind the scenes look at the warehouse and a look at some new products!


Hawk Screech Sound Effect:
Rachel: Hey guys, it's Thursday, April twenty first, and it's another day of VEBDA. 

R: Today is national high five day, so we figure we just high-five everything we do.

R: Ooh, I like your DFTBA activewear, high five!

R: Ah, Nerdfighter Chris, Nerdfighter high five!

R: Ah, using a refillable water bottle I see, that deserves a high five.

Chris: Fear the beard!

R: Eagle punch high five!

C: Hey Rachel, Hanklerfish high five.

R: It's also national Have a Poem in your Pocket Day, so I thought I'd read the one that's in my pocket right now. Bananas, milk, bread,
coffee, apples, cheese... wait a minute this is wrong.

R: Thanks for joining us today, hope you had some good high fives, see you tomorrow and don't forget to be awesome.