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Thanks for attending and for watching. You can watch our signings video here:
And our overview video here:
Hello, I'm Hank Green, co-founder of VidCon. So your child is going to this convention thing and you're coming along because you're a good parent, and you want them to have a good time and you want them to be safe. We want those same things so here's some questions to answers you might have. No, backwards.

First, what is VidCon? It's just a convention for people who love and create and support online video. There's a bunch of YouTube employees, there's a bunch of fans, there's a bunch of creators, there's, like upstairs, you might see ad sales people or people who want to get into the industry of online video. Online video, what this is, is just sort of a new form of video that is specifically tailored to the internet and that basically means that it's sort of a more engaged form of video, because when you're at a computer or looking at your phone, you're in a more engaged state of mind than if you're sitting in your couch watching TV. That often requires faster paced, shorter content that's more engaging and that engagement leads to the creation of communities that are interested in doing more than just watching. Which is likely why your child is so enthusiastic about this.

It's most likely that you have community passes that give you access to all the downstairs stuff. There's like 6 stages downstairs that have more than 1000 person capacity. There's 3 main things that are happening on those stages. We have concerts, which mostly happen either in the festival area or in the KIA arena, which is an actual arena. And then we have panels and interviews and Q&A's and we sort of lump all that stuff together and then we have the signings. We have a whole video on signings if you want to know more about how that system works. I encourage you to watch that. 

So as for you're duties as a parent, if you have a VidCon badge, then you can go everywhere your child can go, and if your child is under the age of 13, we require you to go everywhere with them. The only area that some community pass people have access to that others don't are specific signings because we ticket every individual signing. And you cannot accompany your child if you don't have a chaperone wristband. While you're registering, if you have a child under the age of 13, the person should give you a chaperone wristband. If they don't, please ask for one because you will need that. You don't need that chaperone wristband to go anywhere else in the conference, as long as you are also registered. VidCon has a great deal of on-site staff and security; If you see anything going on that doesn't look proper, just tell them about it. We also have a 24 hour security line that is available to all attendees to call at a moments notice, anytime. If anybody has any dietary restrictions, we've done our best to have a very wide variety of different kinds of food available, though mostly that food comes out of trucks... There's a lot of food trucks.

And of course, outside of VidCon, Anaheim has a great deal to offer, including Disneyland and traditionally people who attend VidCon go to Disneyland on Sunday, we call that "Disney Day." We have about 2 or 3 thousand VidCon attendees going to Disney that day. That's really exciting fun. The Marriott recently doubled the size of it's lounge, so even if you don't have a VidCon registration badge, there's a place to hang out. But if you do have a badge, I encourage you to check out what's going on, see our expo hall and maybe some of the content. Just see what the heck this is all about. 

Thanks for watching and for being a good parent and we hope that you have a good, if weird, time this year at VidCon.