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Rage Game, Maverick Bird: Today Hank Green plays Maverick Bird! It's a Flappy Bird rip off but maybe even WORSE!
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Game Played:
(0:00) Hello, and welcome to Games with Hank, I'm Hank! Today we're going to be playing a game that's not going to involve the Oculus Rift, what? And it's part of one of my favorite genres of games, and not Flappy Bird ripoffs -- it is a Flappy Bird ripoff, to be clear -- just general Internet flash games. I've been playing them since I was a wee babe. If you are interested in seeing me play something else that's not an Oculus game, we're interested in that, we'd like to do that. Leave it in the comments. Without further ado, this is Maverick Bird.

(0:30) Oh yeah! Okay, well we've done poorly to start. I got zero. But I like the music! Okay. Zero. Zero again. Oh my god. Fr-ahh. I don't think -- oh my god! I don't think that the music helps. No, no! Okay. AHHH. Okay. I got four though! OHHH-AHH. AHHH!

(1:00) No! God! Ah! (laughs) Ah! Okay. Take a breath. This music is like 2000s, like, sci- -- I can't think! What is happening? Why would you do that? No! I don't like the noise it makes when you lose! I'm screaming because it's loud in my ears. (laughs)

(1:30) Ah! Okay. Stop. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yeah! Ohhhh. Well, I'm really good at getting one, and maybe, and sometimes two. Ah! You drop like a little rock, you little rock thing! Oh, how the frick are you supposed to get through that? Okay. We're going to be careful. This time. This is the time.

(2:00) No! NO! Why did I do that? How are you supposed to do that? What happens after the first challenge? That's what I want to know. Oh, nine! Nine, motha! I think the music makes it way harder.

(2:30) Okay. That was great. I just died like eight times in a row with zero. Well, I can confirm that I am bad at this game. Oh! Yes! No! NO! Twelve. Twelve! Twelve!

(3:00) I'm fine. . . (laughs, puts head down and hits volume control with forehead) I was muting it with my forehead, that was nice. No, no, no, no stop. I want to see somebody do this game well. I just really, like, that, this is remarkably difficult. AHHH! I'm not going to end this until I do well. I'm going to end it doing well. By my standards, not by anyone else's. Ahh! I'm done. I'm done.

(3:30) It's -- me and this game are -- it's over. I don't -- I don't want to play anymore. It's over. I'm so finished with this. To intentionally make me angry -- some -- I'm -- I'm done playing. Oh come on!

(3:43) Well, that was -- ohhhh, man. Maverick Bird! That wasn't fun! And yet, I didn't want to stop. I kind of want to start playing again right now! So that's -- an insight into how the human brain works. Thanks for watching this episode of Games with Hank. If you want me to do something else, well, not anything else -- If you've got an idea for a game for me to play, tell me in the comments. We'll be looking. DFTBA.