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This week's questions:
1:54 Most regular painkillers can be dangerous to use for people with IBD (colitis & crohn's). What over the counter medications are considered less harmful?
3:40 Are there actual ways to relieve sore muscles (after workout soreness) or are all home remedies basically useless?
6:01 I've always heard the foster care system is hard on kids. Do we know the long term health and mental outcomes of foster care children vs non-foster care children (like children living with parents).
8:13 Have you seen any studies on Kombucha tea? It claims to be probiotic, but I'm hesitant after all we've been through (over and over) with the live cultures in the yogurt.
9:35 What is the latest best treatment for a skin burn, where the blister has popped. Cover or not cover?
11:11 Thoughts on MIT RNA programmable vaccines?
14:08 Friends have been post a video on Facebook claiming chemotherapy does not work 97% of the time, (work is not defined) and is only being used because it is profitable. I'm assuming this is misleading at best and was wondering what the real probabilities of positive outcome are with chemotherapy.
17:18 How do insurers justify refusing to pay for drugs that are FDA-approved but still "experimental"? Is it too cynical to think "experimental" is code for "not cheap yet"?
18:32 Is it safe for non-smoking Ulcerative Colitis patients to use nicotine patches (as additional medication for UC) or are there negative effects in the long term?
21:00 Is there any evidence supporting the use of enemas for matters other than constipation (e.g. general health and well-being)?
23:23 Is there a limit to how many calories the body can absorb when gorging such as on a cheat day?
24:47 What are your views on the use of propaganda to address non-compliance and public health objectives?  STD/STI fear-mongering, anti-drug programs, and programs that espouse particular social or religious aims that align with public health objectives still seem commonplace.  Does intentional infliction of shame, fear, uncertainty, and doubt have ethical usage?
27:46 Disregarding political issues, what are your thoughts on the effectiveness of regulating advertising of junk foods compared to other measures to reduce its consumption?
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