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Lizzie: Lydia is still keeping to herself, which is understandable considering that every time mom sees her she asks how that magnificent George fellow is doing. And one of us has to distract her until Lydia can make a break for it.

Dad and I have shattered three plates and a mug in the last two days. He's been good about keeping everything from mom. I don't know how long that will last. Hopefully forever. But he and I talked about my videos, and, you know, it was nice to be able to talk to him again. So that's good, at least.

My name is Lizzie Bennet, and no, things aren't okay. But we'll get through this.


Lizzie: So, lately, we're giving Lydia space, like she needs. And, you know, we'll go from there. I thought I knew how to be a big sister. I mean I know how to do all the dumb stuff, like take her out to a bar for her birthday and fight over who does the dishes, and give her a hard time about... everything. There's a lot more to it than that, isn't there.

One more day 'til that site goes live. Valentine's Day, I mean could he be any worse? We're ready. As ready as we can be. And Lydia knows that we're here for her. Me and Jane and Dad and Mary. And I think that's all we can do. We've tried everything else. And I think that Lydia knows that we're here for her and believes it, and that's important.


Lizzie: Come in.


Lydia: Hey.

Lizzie: What's going on?

Lydia: Um, it's gone. The website, it's not there anymore.

Lizzie: What? Really, it--

Lydia: Yeah.

Lizzie: What happened? How? Ho--

Lydia: I don't know, I-- It's just gone, I guess somebody took it down.

Lizzie: Oh, thank you. Whoever you are, whatever you did, you are a wonderful person, and I can't thank you enough.

I'm sorry. I know that's not all. I know there's more than that, but... I'm really glad it's gone.

Lydia: Me too. Thank you, whoever did that. Thanks. I'm sure your viewers will be glad your videos can stop being so ridiculously emo, now, huh.

Lizzie: Hey. I'm all about the drama, remember? Although maybe we should get Kitty more comfortable on camera so I can make some filler videos now that things aren't going to be so crazy.

Lydia: The Internet does love its cats.

Lizzie: Lydia, I want you to know... how sorry I am for the things I said to you, on and off the Internet. I don't think I really... I didn't really know you, I guess.

Lydia: I didn't really let you. And I'm sorry, too. But you are still kind of a nerd.

Lizzie: All right. I will accept that title and wear it proudly. And you are still... my baby sister.

Lydia: Wow. Good comeback, sis.

Lizzie: Hey, it's true, isn't it?

Lydia: Um... um, Lizzie, do you--do you think I could ask you a favor?

Lizzie: Of course.

Lydia: I've just, I've been kind of away from everyone else a lot lately, and I, I worry that. You know, maybe I'm--I'm not so good at dealing with things the right way sometimes, and I just think, you know, maybe I shouldn't be too... by myself, for now?

Lizzie: Yeah. Whatever you need.

Lydia: I mean, I know you're really busy, with school, and stuff, and that's fine. And like, I don't want to get in the way of that. Um, but, you know, just if you're like, around, and, and not doing those things--

Lizzie: Hey. Look at me. I have my entire life for those things. This is about you and me right now. Okay?

Lydia: Okay.

[outro plays]