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There's so much to learn about sex toys: what they are, how they function, and what you need to know before buying them. This video is a great starting point for your curiosity and includes a special deal from our sponsor so you can get playthings for you and or your friends.
Dr. Lindsey Doe: Sex Toys are literally Sex Toys, toys to sex, sexy playthings! Just like the toys of your youth, these toys are designed to entertain you and the friends you share them with. I want to tell you all about them with the sponsored support from Adam and Eve - the many products, their purposes and your safety.

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Here's a chart of all the kinds of sex toys available. Cock rings, which I've already taught you about, vibrators, dildos, kegelcizers, anal play - that's your beads, plugs, and cones - there's furniture, BDSM gear, pumps, sleeves, dolls, and accessories! All for your sexuality's fun!

Dildos, like this one, are used for penetration and the sensation of "fullness." They're made from all sorts of materials generally shaped to look like penises. These materials are body safe; these materials are body unsafe. This is a wooden erotic sculpture from Nob Essence. This is a wooden pillow that belonged to a 15th century nun with a wooden dildo hidden inside. This one has medical grade coating. I can choose the design and the wood. It's easy to clean and long lasting. Like this glass one - durable and hygienic, but rigid. Which is why many people are attracted to rubbers or jellies that feel more like skin, even though their tiny pores trap germs and ooze toxins. 

In the US, sex toy companies are not regulated. there's no FDA sex toy division making sure any of this is body safe. Manufacturers can and some DO use ingredients to make these that are prohibited for use in childrens' and dogs' toys. Carcinogens, which cause cancer, Teratogens, which cause birth defects, and Endocrine Disruptors that mess with your hormones. Not to mention they make people feel sick, cause burning and itching.

My suggestion, with any of them is to wash them before play, cover them in a condom, then wash them again before storing them safely. 

Specifically non-lubricated or water-based lubricated condoms because silicone and silicone do not mix well. Better yet, check out reviews from these three: LoraxofSex, HeyEpiphora, Dangerous Lilly, Sex toy critics who care deeply about your parts and know how to write. They will tell you if it's likely to leech chemicals into and onto your mucus membranes, or whether it's worth your time and money.

This all applies to vibrators too. The difference is that they move. Push this button, move it around, twist this nozzle and the toy shakes intensely! Vibrators were originally designed as a medical device to treat "hysteria" - a disease plaguing women in the 1800s, which we would now call "sexual dissatisfaction". Treating hysteria meant administering paroxysm - the doctor massaging the patient to orgasm. But so many women in need of regular treatments, because mind you, it couldn't be cured, doctors' wrists were getting tired. 

The solution? invent the vibrator. This 1869 model, by Doctor George Taylor, was steam powered. Now they're fashioned differently, and not with the same system that moves a train. These are versions of the most classic vibrators: the wand, rabbit pearl, magic bullet, butterfly. 

Sex toys have become a really common household item, so reinventing the look and function is good for business. You get advancements like this sleek vibrator - vaginal vibrator, clitoral vibrator, cock ring vibrator, cellphone app vibrator, desktop ornament vibrator.

I'll show you how to use them on this doll, which is another type of sex toy. Clitoris, perineum, inner thighs, anus, back. Best way to test out sensation is over clothing. If your body is like "YES, more of that here please" then try more direct contact. If your body is like "get that away from me!" that's cool too. Can't feel it at all? Ferticare and Viberect are prescription only vibrators that can be used for people with spinal cord injuries to get erections and/or ejaculate. Instructional videos are here and here. I appreciate their products, but the prices... someone please engineer specialized sex toys for people with disabilities and Make Them Affordable!

The rest of what I describe is really difficult to use if you don't have the mobility of your hands. Like pumps - they make them for penises, vulvae, clits, breasts, nipples, and assholes - mostly to pump blood into an area, a suction that causes swelling. In the case of a rectal pump, it's to expand the rectum. 

Then there are the toys that play out the sensation of NO blood. Well, LESS blood - Clamps! These would fall under the category of BDSM gear - anything for bondage (like handcuffs and spreaders), Discipline (like paddles and canes), Dominance (like leather), submission (like collars), sadism (maybe vampire mitts) and masochism (clamps!). There are even toys like playgrounds for those who are really into it!

Ramps and cushions for people to better situate their bodies, hot seats, sex stools, sex slings, and sex swings!

Now let's talk about These. These are called: sleeves; strokers; male masturbators; artificial vaginas, mouths, or anuses - depending on the shape of the mold. This one in particular dominates the market. The Fleshlight. 

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Yes, it's supposed to look like a flashlight. So discreet. Remove the cap, remove the sleeve, soak in warm water, Run the stream through the middle for about 5 minutes until it feels more like warm flesh. Apply lube on the outside and a little on the inside, then insert it into the container and put penis here! The elongated part of any of these is for your hand or your partner's hand to move the sleeve back and forth on the shaft. Instructions for cleanup - rinse with water and set out to dry. Unless you're using something like a jelly rubber sleeve, in which case it's really hard to clean, so just wear a condom, and for that matter a glove.  

This doll can be considered part of the stroker category too, but being as there's a body around the parts of interest, it's more likely called a sex doll, love doll, or dakimakura - meaning inflatable love pillow. These are Real Dolls on display at the Museum of Sex in New York City. They're older versions. The new ones are made from silicone with bendable metal skeletal structures for them to change and hold positions. This one costs about $20. It's vinyl, printed with an image of - I'm not sure whose face this is - and it's made mostly of air. The real dolls are around $6000 - quality and customization! the customer can choose genitals, fingernails, lip color, skin color, hairstyle, clothing, shoe size, etc!

It's like shopping for a pro-racing bike except the freckles cost an extra $300, not the tires. Real Dolls are really fascinating to me, however we have a lot more to cover and we don't want to get behind.... or do we?

Anal Toys! Dildos can certainly be used anally, so long as there's a cord you're hanging onto or a flared base. That goes for prostate massagers, butt plugs, anal beads, and cones.

Anal cones - you set on their base, then lower the anus onto them. The further down you sit, the more it spreads the anus - and some vibrate.

Prostate massagers, another medical device turned sex toy, are designed so that they fit in the anus like this, with this finger-like curve here pressing on the prostate, this was pressing on the perineum, and this one which helps remove it easily. With a good squeeze of the PC muscles, this moves this that stimulates the prostate. It's a hands-free way to massage or milk the prostate. Should you do it? Ask your doc first - there's conflicting views on whether it's harmful or helpful. What I can tell you is that the shapes of these are more difficult to cover with an "On condom" so you definitely want to consider their material makeup, or use an "In Condom" to separate them from you.

Anal beads are especially prone to germs because the cords between the beads are like rectal bacteria runways. It's a one-time use product. If you want reusable beads, go with something like this or this. The beads go in the anus one after the other with lots of breathing and communication, and come out the same way - either slowly like this, or faster like this, depending on what the person with them inside wants!

Let's move onto balls, which are like beads, they can go in the anus or the vagina too, to tone the muscular structure around them. These are "Ben Wa" balls. They're a type of kegelcizer that strengthen the PC muscle. I wore a pair of these to the movies once. I cannot remember what the movie was, but I do remember my friends, who knew about my inserts, scooping me up by the arms and skipping down the block to the theater. There are balls inside the balls that rattle, causing the body to sense something is loose and clamp down. I talk about it here.

Is there more to learn about sex toys? Yes, of course! That's why you stay curious! I will again recommend: LoraxofSex, HeyEpiphora, and Dangerous Lilly. there's also this book By Dr. Sadie Allison - Toy Gasms! Because this video was sponsored by Adam and Eve, you get 50% off the highest priced item in your shopping cart when you enter promo code: DOE at

Maybe something like this puts you in the holiday shopping mood: little doors open each day of the month to suggest a new sexual instruction - like a sexy advent calendar!

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Do I look ridiculous? Excellent! 

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