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Adam & Eve generously sponsored another video for us to answer your sex toy questions.


What about strap-ons?
Ah yes, this is a dildo that can be worn with a harness, that makes it a strap-on. I would wear this if I wanted to penetrate someone's vagina, or mouth, or anus, or if I wanted to sword fight, or if I had a penis, but I wanted two penis shapes or a different penis shape. Cover them with condoms.

How do I go about cleaning sex toys?
Here's a chart of sex toy materials and the various ways to clean them, including those that cannot be disinfected. If the toy has a motor, use the chart and read the special instructions. Ask the retailer what's best for your particular toys and make sure they're completely dry before storing them.

What's the best way to store sex toys?
This toy box from! Promo code: Doe. You can also use Tupperware, tackle boxes, shoe boxes, gift bags...Just keep them cool and dry and separated from each other. 

Where's a good place to hide them from your children?
This one has a combination lock. I want to suggest not hiding them though. There's no shame here. Treat it like a kitchen appliance. They know what the stove is and not to touch it. Now if you don't trust their sticky fingers or want privacy, then you can hide them in the wall, on the shelf, or my very own life hack, a grocery bag draped over a hanger with a shirt on it. 

Why do sex toys sometimes say "for novelty use only"?
So the companies that sell them aren't to blame for the harms or pleasure that come from actually using them as sex toys. If they didn't specify novelty, a lot of these would be judged as medical devices and have to go through a long, expensive, and challenging process to get FDA approval. They'd be healthier, yes, but also harder to access, less diverse, and more expensive. 

What's the most unorthodox/out-of-the-ordinary sex toy you've ever seen?
I remember seeing a fucking machine in the library of my school (it was a sex school) that was shaped like a saddle and had a track for a dildo to move back and forth, kind of like this, but a much older version. It's called a Sybian. All fucking machines are fascinating to me.

How do we get the best sex toy experience possible?

What if insertion hurts?

What's the worst that can happen with a sex toy?
Ted Marsh's story comes to mind. He was a ventriloquist selling things door to door when a friend suggested he get into the prosthetic phalluses business, making dildos. From carving a prototype at the dining room table, to developing a 350 product, 5 million sold business, Ted operated one of the leading sex toy manufacturing companies in the world. Which is all great until one of his sex toys was being used anally, and the internal wire that gave it an erect shape busted out of the plastic and tore apart the user's colon. Which is horrible, but made even worse by him having to pay a $14 million settlement that cost him his business.

What is that weird, chemically-sounding P word that toys boast being free of?
P-h-t-h-a-l-a-t-e-s. Phthalates are chemicals that increase the flexibility, transparency, durability, and longevity of many, many things. The effects of these is still being researched in sex toys, so I would suggest minimizing your exposure. Remember, sex toys aren't regulated in the U.S., so you need to a responsible shopper.

So how do we get the FDA to regulate this kind of thing? Should we all start writing our Senators about sex toys?
Yes! I love the idea of all the Senators and Congresspeople receiving letters about the joys and hazards of sex toys. And additional suggestion from Peter of Sex Geekdom is having research to back up having safer sex toys. So support funding into scientific research, become a scientist, go to school for organic chemistry, and apply for grant money to research sex toys.

How do you properly dispose of a sex toy after it's no longer usable?
Well, depending on the toy, it may be classified as hazardous or electronic waste, in which case your local trash companies can answer the question. Can you tell me how to properly dispose of a battery-powered rubber vibrator? A handful of retailers have a recycling system where you can pack up your unwanted toys, send them in to their stores and get credit. They do the getting rid of/careful recycling for your old friend for you.

What should I do with sex toys after a breakup?
Use them to pleasure yourself. Breaking up can be painful, and sex toys are fun. Since you listened to Dr. Doe and covered them in condoms and cleaned them properly, there's no reason that you can't hang on to them for solo use or future relationships. The same way you don't have to replace your genitals after a breakup.

How big can dildos be without hurting or causing harm to the user?
Adam & Eve's biggest dildo is the King Dong at 2" wide, 15" long. This one, they stress, is for novelty use only. There are extra large products intended for penetration of the anus, like this one at 18" tall with a 12.5" girth. Granted, it's called the XXXL Annihilator. I think this infographic by Jon Millward shows a nice comparison of the plugs available. Almost as tall as four stacked pop cans, actually wider than a CD. Still, I've seen larger objects inserted into the body; I just don't know to what degree they harm the body. 

Do sex toys make it harder to climax without toys later?
They can if you condition your orgasm to certain sensations. Mix it up! Stay curious!

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What is the best sex toy to have? What is the best way to toy store sex toys? I should make that English.
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