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In which Hank spends some time being stupid (sorry) and then approaches the threshold of GlaDOS's chamber. WOOO!
Hello and welcome to Hank Green plays Portal. I am playing Portal and going deeper and deeper, and I feel like the outside is so close, but you know, I've only god a portal gun. I can only do so much.

(0:16) Um, into the Aperture Science Laboratory system. Um, I am frightened of what I am standing in, but apparently it isn't that, that phosphoric acid stuff. I don't know what's going on. Oh, there's a current that seems to be moving me with it. I don't know what's going on. What am I doing? I felt like I should explore this, maybe not. 

(0:55) Oh geez! I should have stayed down there. Okay. I found a place to hide. That was good. Yup, there are a lot of you. Oh, that's where I just came from. That's too bad.

(1:24) Aah! Nope. Yup. (Turret: Target lost) You are so lost. Buhhhhhh. Let's go down there. Oops. You never saw me. (Turret: Please put me down) I will put you down, but you won't break!

(1:53) There you go. Aaah! That was dumb that was dumb that was dumb that was dumb! Oh my God oh my God oh my God, stop! Huaaaah. That was dumb. That was dumb dumb dumbdy dumb. 

(2:09) (Turret: Put me down!) Yes. I will put you down. Are you coming out of there? Is that where you're coming out of? Hello? Hello little friend. Yes, that was where you were coming out of. (Turret: Uh oh!) Uh oh is right. I don't see any more laser beams! No, there's one more, I see one more laser beam.

(2:35) (Turret: OwOwOwOwOwOwOw!) (mimicking turret) Ahalalalalala. Oh, there's one up there. You got a long way to fall, my friend. But you're pretty, pretty uh, you got quite a bit of - oh

(2:57) So that's that's where I have to go I guess. I guess. Oh, not good. Where am I going? Oh, I landed right on it, but it was no use to me.

(3:22) So that's where I have to land - if I had only shot it in time. So - oh, I didn't make it. Ballsack! Okay. Aaah! Too late. Aaaaagh! Come on! Ugh. Ah, totally missed. Of course I totally missed. No fun if you get it.

(4:12) Yes! Wait what? Wait what? What did I do wrong, what did I do wrong? Wait what did I do wrong? I thought that was exactly what I needed. I'm confused.

(4:34) Did I keep the portal up there at least? No, I didn't. Balls! Agh. Uuuum. Uhm. No! What do I - ah. My brain is not functioning correctly. Nope, wrong freaking color.

(5:11) Yes! Yes! I don't really know, that was clearly not - aaah - the way I was supposed to do that, but. Hello. That's a long tunnel to run through unprotected. There we go. Ah, there's another one. There's always another one. Sweet! I killed you! Go away! (laughing) Oh, yeah. It's funny. Okay, where am I going? Hop through. Through and through and through and through forever. 

(6:04) Okay, steam, some steam vent things, nothing to shoot though. It appears as if there is nothing to shoot. So let's go back through here and see if there is anything through these fans - nothing through the fans. Is there anything up there that I can get to? Appears not. It appears not.

(6:30) I'm going to have to - this is annoying, go away. You, go away, I don't need you. Get out of the way. I would prefer if you were not around. Also these portals. Okay, so, am I really going to have to make a portal here and then jump through that, and then, like, shoot myself up into the air? Is that really what I'm going to have to do? Is that what you're telling me game?

(7:03) Okay. Oh my God. Oh. Come on come on come on come on come on. Well at least I'm back in here. Okay, this time, I will have much more air, and much more time. Yes!

(7:32) Hello, where am I going? What is going on? Nope, wrong portal. Okay, I'm here, I am - this is a big place, what do you use all this space for Aperture Science? What is it for? What is - what do you do here?

(7:54) I'm just going to go straight across, I'm not going to worry about any of this stuff. I don't care. Oh, oh. There's a lot of space. There's a lot - the walkways go on forever. Infinite walkways! Danger high voltage, lots of portable area. Back into the office space where all the office people work. More Aperture Science billboards - billboards? PowerPoints - about how they're going to kick Black Mesa's ass.

(8:28) What is this? Why is there so much room to move around - I don't know. Where am I going? What is in here? Nothing. I can't go there. Wha - it's kind of creepy. Okay. Okay. Oh, that's GLaDOS. I found - I'm having goosebumps.

(8:52) Okay. I'm - I-I-I'm not going to I'm not going to take GLaDOS on this episode. I-I have to - I'm sorry, it's short, but if I start this it's going to take another 25 minutes, so I-I need to not combine those two episodes. So this - you will not see me and I will not see you, but you will hear me, next time on Hank f-