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Em Dial (they/them/theirs) reads their poem, "Narwhal Talk."

This poem was first published in changing wxman collective (April 2020):

Em Dial:

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My name's Em Dial, and today I'll be reading my poem "Narwhal Talk."  Before I begin, I'd like to give a content  warning for adult language. a bitch is lonely most of the time seagulls circle but they’re just looking for the tusk mom warned me bout that they don’t know i got ears cuz all they see is the point Hunted cunt Hunted cunt Hunted cunt Caw-caw Caw-caw Caw-caw i know what they mean when they say pretty they always draw me beluga white even though a bitch is mottled and freckled i know what


means wonder of nature // freak of nature just tell me i don’t belong here and get on with it rare aka exotic aka other aka none of this earth can be yours tantalizing extraterrestrial seductive un/natural phenomena prehistoric Jezebel marvel of evolution the ocean’s cut and paste accidental siren HE

ADLINE: Part-Whale, Part-Unicorn, All-Parts Allure HE

ADLINE: Captain Ahab’s New Side Piece Surfaces Off Greenland HE

ADLINE: Not Safe For Work You Won’t Believe This Picture of a Unicorn of the Sea Unicorn of the Sea i can have either a name or a home // never both curse of the incongruent body makes me eternal comparison last time a man asked what i was i said narwhal he said No i said what i meant is Part rubber receptacle

Part silence with

Just a hint of sword you should have seen  the way his lips hooked into a smile jaw of lampoon teeth all pointed at me