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Super Smash Brothers Wii U: Today Hank Green and 7 of his friends transform into the Wii Fit Trainer! It's an epic 8 player smash showdown!
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Game Played:
Hello, and welcome to "Games with Hank."  I'm Hank, and the game is Super Smash Brothers Wii U. In addition to Hank, we have BUTTS, SSJKSIC, JEFF, KA- I'm Jeff... KATELYN, Matthew GAYDOS, KEVIN (who I'm married to), HANK (who is Stefan), and ARANDA (who is Aranda).

We should all be the Wii Fit Trainer.

Everyone - oh, we - okay, we're gonna play a match where we're all the Wii Fit Trainer.  

I agree that this is a good plan.

Oh, jeez.

Everyone, migrate now. *laughing*

Oh, look at this adorable Pikachu.

I don't wanna be a man.

Awww, Pikachu's got a headband.

Ohh, come on Pikachu, you have to be - you have to be a Wii Fit trainer.

Just one game.

I can't find it.

No, I don't wanna be.

It's where everyone is!

I can't find it either!

What the frick is Shulk doing?

Kevin! *laughing*

Ohh, I can change my...

Well, that's worth a thousand--


Nooo, I don't wanna be a yellow man!

Women vs. men, let's go!

Yoga!  Yoga!  Yoga!  Yoga!  

Which one am I?  I'm Jeff.  Okay.  

Oh, jeez.


... really fast.

I predict green is going to win.

Everybody - everyone do corpse pose.

Corpse pose?

Downward dog!

Get the...

Get the hammer!  How do I get the hammer?

I don't understand what is happening.

That doesn't seem very peaceful.

I thought I was Jeff this whole time.

No, Kevin, I'm Jeff.

Hahahaha.  You're Kevin.  Hank.

Stop meditating around.

Stop kicking me, me.


Video games don't work out.


Oh, what is happening?

I don't know where I went!

We all look the same.  

What is this?  What the frick is this?


I'd seen that.

I have a lightsaber.


Okay, I'm dead.

You died already?

Yes, I died already.

You're out, out?



I thought I was Jeff for the first half.

That would - that would.

I jumped off.

Ahh, who jumped?

Ahh!  I have a lightsaber.


Okay everyone.


Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, come back, Wii Fit Trainer.

I keep thinking Hank is Hank but he's not.

Yes, excellent stealth.  So much yoga.

So much how am I alive?

Go, go, go!

I want it.  I want it.

I gots it.

Why, why?


I just - I'm so happy about my lightsaber; it's turned out really well for me.

How do you use the stuff once you grab it?

Ohh, that sucks.  Wait, am I still alive?

Yes - still alive, 95%!

What?!  I threw a lightsaber at you.  How are you still alive?

No, I need to meditate.

Noooo, no, no, everybody!

Oh, nooo!

OHHHHH!  So many poses!   

OH!  We got trained!

So many poses!  

I'm gonna get you.

A basketball?  Or a soccer ball?

Don't come back.

We don't know sports.

Jeff, stop it.  

Don't come back.  How about, instead, you just don't come back.

I got a lightsaber now.  Now, I know the power you felt earlier.

I did feel a lot of - it does - it extends quite a lot.  

It does.

Did you just throw a soccer ball?

Yeah, I think.

Oh, I kicked something and it made me dizzy.

I think that's how you lose.

Oh no, my hula-hoops.

Cheese!  Oh, it's pie, it was pie!  I love pie!

Why did you get pie?


It just fell out of the ground.

Why is that ice?  

I was meditating, you can't throw balls at someone who -

You threw a shell at me.

I'm so happy that worked.  

All right, who's 132% Wii Fit Trainer?  I need that person.

Am I still playing or am I dead?  I can't tell.  

Why am I attacking an invincible person???

This is a bad decision.


Ohhh, Jeff is going at it.

Jeff vs. Gaydos.

What, really?

Jeff vs. Gaydos!  

Ahhh, fire!


Hula-hoop fire!

What happened?  

Yoga gives you tails.

Oh man, I have no idea how I'm alive.

Yoga gives you tails.


Come here, du--gahhh, why is he running away?

Get him.

Ohhhh, uh-oh, uh-oh

Hey, Jeff's gettin' good.

--yoga mat?

Ahahahaa ohhhhhh, ohhhh


What is that thing?



--bein' nothing!

--used the shield.

Oh man.  

Check me out.  You can't take a piece of this.

Clap for me, other yoga instructors.  

So we are all good losers, whereas Hank is not a good winner.

Thank you for watching this episode of Games with Hank, I have been Hank, and the rest of these people have been the rest of these people.  Thanks for pushing like buttons if you're interested in that, and DFTBA.
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