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Broke Millennial gives you a four-pronged strategy to become a stellar negotiator and get that well-deserved raise.

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Erin: Hi, I'm Broke Millenial for The Financial Diet. Welcome to the 3-Minute Guide, brought to you by Skill Share. Today we're going to talk about how to ask for more money. Personally, I made the most common negotiating mistake... I didn't bother to negotiate. I'd just accepted my first job out of college. I just remember feeling so excited I'd found a job that the idea of countering the offer and potentially losing the opportunity was terrifying. 

Two years later I had another chance. I applied to join a start up company and when the co-owners asked me how much I wanted to make, I said $50,000! And they said "okay", no discomfort about the number, no discussion, that was it. And that was when I knew I had undervalued myself. This is pretty typical which is why "Learn Your Value" is the most common and obnoxiously vague piece of negotiating advice.

In order to actually figure out my value, I started talking and researching.  First, I asked the awkward question to colleagues, "What do you make?" but be careful with this tactic, as some employers might take issue. Besides, your colleagues might not want to answer you directly. 

So another thing that you can do is ask people who work at a similar company, doing a similar job, in the same city to account for cost of living. I also use sites like and to investigate some more. 

Second, I created a success folder on my desktop (1:12)